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Northern Lights Fund Trust II Announces Fund Closure

NEW YORK, 2022-Dec-30 — /EPR FINANCIAL NEWS/ — Northern Lights Fund Trust II announced today that the Amberwave Invest USA JSG Fund (Cboe: IUSA) will close. The Northern Lights Fund Trust II Board of Trustees approved the closing and subsequent liquidation of IUSA. The fund’s last day of trading will be January 13, 2023, which will also be the final day for creations or redemptions by authorized participants. The fund will cease operations, withdraw its assets, and distribute the remaining proceeds to shareholders on January 20, 2023.

Carefully consider the Fund’s investment objectives, risks, and charges and expenses before investing. This and other important information may be found in the prospectus, which may be obtained by calling 1-888-926-1931. Read the prospectus carefully before investing.

IUSA is distributed by Northern Lights Distributors, LLC.


Media contact:
(888) 926 1931

Amberwave Partners Announces IUSA Transferring to Cboe BZX Exchange, Inc.

NEW YORK, 2022-Dec-08 — /EPR Network/ — Amberwave Partners (Amberwave) — an asset manager developing financial products based on U.S. jobs, security, and growth (JSG) — today announced plans to transfer the listing of the Amberwave Invest USA JSG Fund (IUSA), an exchange-traded fund (ETF), managed by Amberwave from NYSE Arca, Inc. to the Cboe BZX Exchange, Inc. The transfer is expected to occur on or about December 23, 2022. No shareholder action is expected because of this change, nor is the transfer expected to affect the trading of fund shares.

Amberwave Partners Research and Management, LLC is an SEC registered investment advisor and serves as IUSA’s investment advisor. IUSA is available to investors through most individual brokerage firms.

To learn more about Amberwave Partners and JSG investing, visit their website at amberwavepartners.com.

Important Risk Information: While the shares of ETFs are tradeable on secondary markets, they may not readily trade in all market conditions and may trade at significant discounts in periods of market stress. ETFs trade like stocks, are subject to investment risk, fluctuate in market value and may trade at prices above or below the ETF’s net asset value. Brokerage commissions and ETF expenses will reduce returns.

There is no guarantee that the IUSA (the “Fund”) will achieve its objective. The universe of acceptable investments for the Fund may be limited as compared to other funds due to the Fund’s JSG (jobs, security, and growth) investment screening. Because the Fund does not invest in companies that do not meet its JSG criteria, and the Fund may sell portfolio companies that subsequently violate its screens, the Fund may be riskier than other mutual funds or ETFs that invest in a broader array of securities.

Investors should consider the investment objective, risks, and charges and expenses of the Fund before investing. The prospectus contains this and other information about the Fund and should be read carefully before investing. The prospectus may be obtained at http://www.jsgfunds.com/iusa-etf or by calling (888) 926-1931. The Fund is distributed by Northern Lights Distributors, LLC, member FINRA / SIPC. Amberwave Partners and Northern Lights Distributors, LLC, member FINRA / SIPC are not affiliated.

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ITFX GROUP launched the ITGFX development strategy plan and entered the Asian market

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, 2021-Apr-17 — /EPR FINANCIAL NEWS/ — As a high-tech company ITFX GROUP INC has an algorithm system and advanced IT infrastructure providing large-scale development and various services. With the development prospects of the foreign exchange industry becoming more and more favored by investors, the company launched the ITGFX development strategy plan began to move towards internationalization and now has an international foreign exchange business.

Our team of experienced programmers has developed a lot of software for the foreign exchange market, CFD and cryptocurrency market. The solution developed exclusively by our experts is combined with the current largest liquidity provider (quotation). It is designed for arbitrage trading and provides a complete solution for arbitrage of products such as foreign exchange, CFDs and cryptocurrencies, allowing you to easily obtain Profit.

ITFX GROUP INC is one of the few financial technology companies that directly connect to exchange data. Therefore, our customers can get the fastest, most reliable and most accurate quotation. In addition to its own use, the solution has also become a trusted arbitrage trading tool for many large institutional traders. ITGFX’s high-quality, reliable and outstanding customer service has created a good reputation. Due to our persistence in technology excellence, we are currently the most trustworthy foreign exchange company.

ITGFX technical support includes commercial and non-profit organizations and customer groups all over the world. The persistent pursuit and attention to quality has allowed the company to achieve more than 15 years of continuous profitability, which is rare in this highly competitive industry. Relying on the professional background of the investment research team, unique and objective value concepts, and a mature and complete research system, a number of well-known overseas funds have been launched to assist high-net-worth clients to obtain stable returns, avoid the risk of RMB depreciation, and achieve global asset allocation.

In order to comply with the strong market demand and development, in Southeast Asia, Malaysia set up an ITGFX operation center to serve the Southeast Asian market and operate the foreign exchange business. To fully expand the global market, ITGFX welcomes you to join us. We are committed to serving every high-quality partner and creating an industry benchmark.

NOW! ITFX GROUP launched the ITGFX development strategy plan and entered the Asian market. 

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Digi Communications N.V. AGM 2019 will be held in Amsterdam on 30 April 2019

BUCHAREST, Romania, 19-Mar-2019 — /EPR FINANCIAL NEWS/ — The Company would like to inform the market and its investors that today, 19 March 2019, the Board of Directors of the Company convenes the general shareholders meeting (the “GSM”) of the Company (Digi Communications N.V.), to be held on Tuesday, 30 April 2019 at 12:00 p.m. CEST, at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Amsterdam – Schiphol (Municipality of Haarlemmermeer), Planeetbaan 2, 2132 Hz Hoofddorp, The Netherlands.

The main topics for the GSM are the following:

  • discussion and approval items on the Annual Report 2018 (including the annual report, the financial statements (consolidated and stand-alone) and the auditor report);
  • approval for the distribution of a gross dividend of 0.50 RON per share; ex-date – 15 May 2019, reference date – 16 May 2019, and the payment date on or around – 29 May 2019;
  • release from liability of the members of the Board of Directors;
  • appointment of the statutory auditor for the year ending 31 December 2019;
  • designation of the Board of Directors as the competent body to repurchase own Class B Shares;
  • appointment of Mr. Emil Jugaru as a non-executive member of the Board of Directors.

We kindly invite the market to visit the Company’s website at
http://www.digi-communications.ro/en/general-share-holders (for English readers) and at http://www.digi-communications.ro/ro/aga (for Romanian readers) to review the documentation package for the GSM.

The above-mentioned section from the Company’s website also contain the English and Romanian complete versions of the 2018 Annual Report, the 2018 Consolidated and Stand-alone Financial Statements of the Company, as well as the Independent Auditor’s Report.

The document named ‘Agenda and explanatory notes’ contains detailed descriptions regarding the items for the GSM.

Any shareholder interested in attending or voting at the GSM needs to follow the procedures set out in the articles of association of the Company (available at http://www.digi-communications.ro/en/corporate-governance) and on the ‘Convocation Notice’ available at http://www.digi-communications.ro/en/general-share-holders).




  1. Opening
  2. Annual Report 2018
  3. Board report 2018 (discussion item)
  4. Application of the remuneration policy in 2018 (discussion item)
  5. Dividend and Reservations Policy (discussion item)
  6. Adoption of the 2018 Annual Accounts (voting item)
  7. Distribution of dividend (voting item)
  8. Release from liability of the members of Board of Directors (voting item)
  9. Appointment of Statutory Auditor – Proposal to appoint Ernst & Young Accountants, LLP, Netherlands as the statutory auditor of the Company for the financial year 2019 (voting item)
  10. Designation of the Board of Directors as the competent body to repurchase Class B Shares (voting item)
  11. Appointment of Emil Jugaru as non-executive member of the Board of Directors
  12. Close of Meeting


The agenda for the AGM and the explanatory notes thereto together with the Annual Report 2018 is available on the website of the Company (www.digi-communications.ro) from 19 March 2019 onwards and is, with effect from the same date, available for inspection and obtainable free of charge at the offices of the Company (tel. +40314006505 and address: Dr. N. Staicovici 75, fourth floor, Bucharest, Romania).

Record Date

Shareholders (which for the purposes of this notice includes holders of rights of usufruct and pledgees with voting rights) are entitled to attend and vote at the AGM (either in person or by proxy) if they (i) are registered in one of the (sub)registers as described below on the 28th day prior to the AGM and therefore on Tuesday, 2 April 2019 (the Record Date) after all debit and credit entries have been handled and (ii) in addition have notified the Company of their intended attendance at the AGM in the manner mentioned below. The designated (sub)registers are the administration records of the Romanian Central Depository (Depozitarul Central S.A.), and the shareholders’ register of the Company.

Notification of Attendance

Class A shares: holders of registered class A shares (which for the purposes of this notice includes holders of rights of usufruct and pledgees with voting rights in respect of these shares) who wish to attend the AGM (either in person or by proxy) must notify the Company of their intended attendance, which notice, accompanied where applicable by written power of attorney (see below), must have been received by Mrs. Carmen Otelea, the company secretary of the Company (address: Dr. N. Staicovici 75, fourth floor, Bucharest, Romania and e-mail digi.gsm@digi-communications.ro) no later than by Tuesday 23 April 2019 at 5.00 pm EEST. Duly registered shareholders will receive a receipt confirmation supplied by the Company which together with a valid identification document will also serve as admission ticket for the AGM.

Class B shares: holders of class B shares (which for the purpose of this notice includes holders of rights of usufruct and pledgees with voting rights in respect of these shares) who wish to attend the AGM (either in person or by proxy) must notify the Company by registering via the Evo-platform of ING Bank N.V. (www.ing.evo-platform.com/digi) no later than by Tuesday 23 April 2019 at 5.00 pm EEST. Duly registered shareholders will receive a receipt confirmation supplied by ING Bank N.V. which together with a valid identification document will also serve as admission ticket for the AGM.

Representation by Proxy

Shareholders (which for the purpose of this notice includes holders of rights of usufruct and pledgees with voting rights) who choose to be represented at the AGM may grant a proxy to a person to vote at the AGM on their behalf as follows:

Class A shares: holders of registered class A shares (which for the purpose of this notice includes holders of rights of usufruct and pledgees with voting rights in respect of those shares) may grant a proxy to (i) a third person or (ii) to Mrs. Carmen Otelea, the Company’s corporate secretary, and to Mrs. Eliza Popa, legal counsel of the Company (address: Dr. N. Staicovici 75, fourth floor, Bucharest, Romania), any of whom to individually and alternatively (and not collectively) execute the given proxy in which case such proxy must include unequivocal voting instruction(s). The holder of shares A will notify the Company of an electronic copy of the proxy at the following email address: digi.gsm@digi-communications.ro no later than by Tuesday 23 April 2019 at 5.00 pm EEST.

Class B shares: The holders of class B shares may grant a proxy, where applicable with voting instructions, to a third person via www.ing.evo-platform.com/digi when registering for the AGM no later than by Tuesday 23 April 2019 at 5.00 pm EEST.

E-voting Class B Shares

Only holders of class B shares (which for the purpose of this notice includes holders of rights of usufruct and pledgees with voting rights in respect of those shares) may also give voting instructions via www.ing.evo-platform.com/digi no later than by Tuesday 23 April 2019 at 5.00 pm EEST.


Persons entitled to attend the AGM (which includes persons granted with a proxy in the manner as described above) will be requested to identify themselves at the Registration Desk prior to admission to the AGM and are therefore requested to bring a valid identity document.

Issued capital and voting rights of the Company

At the day of this convocation, the Company has an issued share capital of EUR 6,810,042.52 consisting of 64,556,028 Class A Shares, each having a nominal value of EUR 0.10 and 35,443,972 Class B Shares, each share having a nominal value of EUR 0.01. 4,409,361 Class A Shares and 857,450 Class B Shares are held by the Company in its own share capital (in treasury). No votes may be cast for shares held by the Company in its own share capital. Therefore, the total number of voting rights at the day of this convocation amounts to 636,053,192.

For additional information, please visit the Company’s website at: www.digi-communications.ro

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Digi Communications N.V. €200M 5.0% additional senior secured notes due 2023 admitted to the Main Securities Market of the Euronext Dublin

BUCHAREST, Romania, 12-Mar-2019 — /EPR FINANCIAL NEWS/ — In connection with the Company’s €200,000,000 5.0% Senior Secured Notes due 2023 to be consolidated and treated as a single class with €350,000,000 5.0% Senior Secured Notes due 2023 (the “Additional Notes”), which were issued by the Company in February 2019, we would like to inform the market and its investors that, on 11 March 2019, the board of the Irish Stock Exchange (the Euronext Dublin) approved the admission of the Additional Notes to listing on the Official List and trading on the Main Securities Market of the Irish Stock Exchange.

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R.W. Chelsea Holdings Ltd mandated BMI International Europe Limited as Sole Global Coordinator to arrange a series of fixed income investor meetings in Europe

R.W. Chelsea Holdings Ltd mandated BMI International Europe Limited as Sole Global Coordinator to arrange a series of fixed income investor meetings in Europe

LONDON, 11-Feb-2019 — /EPR FINANCIAL NEWS/ — R.W. Chelsea Holdings Ltd (the “Issuer”), has mandated BMI International Europe Limited as Sole Global Coordinator to arrange a series of fixed income investor meetings in Vienna, Zurich, Geneva and London, commencing on 11 February 2019.

The road show will be starting in Vienna on the 11th, following Zurich on 12th, Geneva on 13th and the European part will be finished in London on the 14th-15th. This will be followed by investor meetings in Hong Kong and Singapore on the 19th-22nd of February.

A proposed Regulation S only offering of Euro-denominated Global notes (the “Global Notes”) of the Issuer will follow, subject to market conditions and investors’ interest. The Global Notes are expected not to be rated. FCA / ICMA stabilization applies.

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Digi Communications priced EUR 200M 5.0 percent additional senior secured notes due 2023

BUCHAREST, Romania, 8-Feb-2019 — /EPR FINANCIAL NEWS/ — The Company would like to inform the market and its investors that on 7 February 2019 it successfully priced €200,000,000 5.0% senior secured notes due 2023 (the “Additional Notes”) to be consolidated and treated as a single class with the existing €350,000,000 5.0% senior secured notes due 2023 (the “Original Notes”) – the “Offering”.

The Additional Notes are expected to settle on 12 February 2019.

The Additional Notes have a yield to maturity of 4.578% and the gross proceeds of the Offering are €203,500,000 plus interest deemed to have accrued from (and including) October 15, 2018 (the last date on which interest on the Original Notes was paid) to 12 February 2019 (the settlement date).

Citigroup Global Markets Ltd. acted as the Sole Global Coordinator and Physical Bookrunner in relation to this Offering.

SOURCE: EuropaWire

Citigroup Global Markets Ltd. will act as the Sole Global Coordinator and Physical Bookrunner Digi Communications N.V.’s additional €125 million senior secured notes

BUCHAREST, Romania, 6-Feb-2019 — /EPR FINANCIAL NEWS/ — Digi Communications N.V. (The Company) would like to inform the market and its investors that, on 6 February 2019, it decided to offer (the “Offering”) additional €125,000,000 5.0% senior secured notes due 2023 (the “Additional Notes”), to be consolidated and treated as a single class with the existing  €350,000,000 5.0% senior secured notes due 2023 (the “Original Notes”, and, together with the Additional Notes, the “Notes”) issued by the Company under the Indenture originally dated October 26, 2016 and supplemented on June 8, 2017 and June 28, 2018 (the “Indenture”), which are currently listed on the official list (the “Official List”) and trading on the regulated market (the “Main Securities Market”) of the Irish Stock Exchange plc (trading as Euronext Dublin).

The Additional Notes will be offered solely to (1) “qualified institutional buyers” within the meaning of Rule 144A under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “U.S. Securities Act”), or (2) Non-U.S. persons purchasing the Additional Notes outside the United States in reliance on Regulation S under the U.S. Securities Act. The Additional Notes will not be offered to any person or in any jurisdiction if this would be unlawful or would require any approval.

Citigroup Global Markets Ltd. will act as the Sole Global Coordinator and Physical Bookrunner in relation to the Offering.

The Additional Notes will be consolidated and treated as a single class with the Original Notes. The minimum denomination of the Additional Notes will be, as for the Original Notes, €100,000. The Additional Notes will have identical terms and conditions in all respects as the Original Notes, including, without limitation, with respect to payments of interest, waivers, amendments, redemptions and offers to purchase. The Additional Notes will be fully fungible with the Original Notes, subject to certain temporary restrictions designed to ensure compliance with applicable provisions of the US law.

For more information, please visit the original release on EuropaWire.

INFINOX CEO Robert Berkeley: we raised our additional clients’ money insurance to £1M

LONDON, Jul-17-2017 — /EuropaWire/ — Based in the City of London and authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority since its founding in 2009, INFINOX (infinox.com/en) has decided to expand its client funds insurance policy to £1,000,000. The insurance policy is underwritten by QBE Underwriting Limited and other participating syndicates and comes as standard, at no cost to INFINOX’s retail clients.

It is the second time during this year for the retail broker to raise the threshold of clients’ insurance above the standard £50,000 compensation per customer, per claim, provided by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) for customers of firms authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), in case of a firm not being able to meet its financial obligations due to insolvency. In January 2017, INFINOX announced covering each retail client individually with such additional insurance up to £500,000.

Robert Berkeley, CEO of INFINOX, comments on this step: ‘INFINOX has built a reputation as a major player in the Forex industry, through underpinning dynamic products with competitive trading parameters and a premium customer experience. At INFINOX, our core value is treating every single client as a partner. In the move to ensure even higher security and the confidence of our clients, we decided to raise our additional clients’ money insurance to £1,000,000 from the previous £500,000. This is our way to show what best practice is, and what integrity and premium client service actually means’.

This type of additional insurance becomes important under extreme circumstances of a firm’s insolvency and where a firm is unable to meet its financial obligations or claims made against it, and enables clients to either claim against Infinox Capital Ltd or the insurance provider. Therefore, this insurance policy provides investors far greater investor protection and compensation rights than ever before.

For more information, visit https://infinox.com/en/client-funds-insurance

SOURCE: EuropaWire

Un leader innovativo nel trading forex online Orbex annunciato una partnership strategia con l’Università LUM Jean Monnet

CYPRUS, 24-Aug-2016 — /EPR FINANCIAL NEWS/ — Orbex, un leader innovativo nel trading forex online, ha annunciato quest’oggi una partnership strategia con l’Università LUM Jean Monnet, un’università privata italiana, conosciuta in tutto il mondo e altamente stimata come centro di formazione economica. La partnership unirà l’esperienza di Orbex nelle soluzioni di trading e nell’analisi di mercato con l’approccio scientifico avanzato della LUM nello sviluppo economico.

Questa partnership risponde alla domanda nel settore di professionisti di alto calibro in materia di trading e soluzioni di investimento multi-target di prossima generazione, qualità che possono essere sviluppate solo tramite progetti di ricerca collaborativa.

L’iniziativa di Orbex è una risposta olistica alle sfide che il settore pone. Orbex espanderà il programma formativo del Master in Analisi finanziaria e di borsa e contribuirà con la sua conoscenza pratica dei mercati internazionali. Gli specialisti di Orbex hanno preparato un programma speciale per gli studenti del Master, che prevede anche seminari teorici e pratici e webinar. Inoltre, gli studenti avranno libero accesso a tutto il materiale formativo della società, trasformando così il centro formativo Orbex in un polo di innovazione e scambio di idee.

La comunità di trading, a sua volta, avrà l’opportunità unica di attingere direttamente dalle conoscenze degli studi scientifici più recenti e di imparare dai più autorevoli docenti di economia.

Kira Vessiari, Content Manager di Orbex, è convinta che “Orbex sta compiendo un passo significativo nel realizzare la propria visione di diventare la destinazione online preferita per una formazione nel trading di qualità. Questa partnership con l’Università LUM ha il potenziale di dare vita a nuovi approcci verso il trading e siamo entusiasti delle nuove opportunità che questa collaborazione offrirà a Orbex per avanzare progressivamente.”

Edoardo Ciampelletti, Desk italiano di Orbex, ha dichiarato: “Abbiamo osato unire quella che è sempre stata vista come una sfera strettamente accademica con una sfera giudicata puramente pratica e tecnologica. Credo proprio che grazie a questa collaborazione possiamo dare vita a una vera e propria rivoluzione nella formazione del trading.”

Professor Adriano Carenza, Università LUM: “Il Master mira a formare professionisti che possono offrire supporto a istituti finanziari, in prevalenza banche, SGR, SIM e SICAV, nel processare e monitorare piani operativi finanziari e strategici, così come sistemi di organizzazione e riconoscimento dei rischi degli strumenti finanziari. Orbex ha voluto riconoscere la qualità e la visione di questo progetto formativo firmando una partnership con la Scuola di Management della LUM, che attraverso lezioni, webinar, seminari ed esercizi, si pone come obiettivo uno sviluppo sostenibile del mercato globale dei servizi di trading online e di creare un nuovo tipo di operatore finanziario. Completando il corso, i nuovi professionisti avranno acquisito capacità versatili nel settore della finanza pura.”


SOURCE:  EuropaWire

Ukrainian Energy Exchange: volume of supply spot trading of oil products reached $US 88.6 million in 1H2016

KYIV, 18-Jul-2016 — /EPR FINANCIAL NEWS/ — For the 6 months of holding spot electronic trading on the electronic trading platform of the Ukrainian Energy Exchange Public company PJSC “Ukrgasvydobuvannya” has managed to significantly increase the level of competition on its resource by bringing a larger number of participants. The Exchange has a well-established system of using security deposit and the online queue. All this had a positive impact on results of trading of company’s products – The State Company sold oil products and liquefied gas with total amount of 88.6 million USD. This was reported by CEO of Ukrainian Energy Exchange Oleksandr Kovalenko, summing up the result of trading on the UUEX on Thursday, June 30, 2016.

According to experts of the fuel and energy market, additional yield of PJSC “Ukrgasvydobuvannya” has made more than 6,8 million USD.

“We plan to introduce futures on some petroleum products next year. This will make the market more active and attract more investors. The same vector we chose for other markets: coal and natural gas. The development of the exchange market is a reflection of the economy development of each country,” – said CEO CEO of Ukrainian Energy Exchange Oleksandr Kovalenko.

“We are pleased with the use of Commodity Exchange Ukrainian Energy Exchange. This mechanism of trading has enabled us to generate additional profit that will be used for investment in production and will improve the overall energy independence of our country”, – said Commercial Director of UGV Serhii Fedorenko.

“Of course, the appearance of the price indicator(https://www.ueex.com.ua/eng/exchange_quotations/) of petroleum products on the domestic market has a positive impact on the market. First, this indicative is for the end user, who now has guidelines for fuel purchases. Second, the publication of prices makes the work of the manufacturer transparent. If we are talking about “Ukrgasvydobuvannya” state-owned business transparency should be one of the main tasks”, – said the analyst consulting company UPECO Oleksandr Sirenko. According to expert, similar trading for imported fuels, which share reaches 80% should be brought for a more dynamic competition in the Ukrainian market of petroleum products.

All contracts were executed in full and on time. None of the bidders have lost a security deposit. Experts of the exchange conducted huge number of training seminars and tutorials. Ukrainian Energy Exchange has designed and implemented functionality for distributing of exchange quotations, which is completely free and available without any restrictions.

SOURCE: EuropaWire

Leading global forex broker Orbex with ‘Best Customer Support’ award from Forex Report

LIMASSOL, Cyprus, 06-Jul-2016 — /EPR FINANCIAL NEWS/ — Orbex, a leading global forex broker, is celebrating its 4th international award this year. Orbex has been recognized as the ‘Best Customer Support’ provider by one of the most authoritative industry’s websites – Forex Report, which has selected the winners in each category according to the strict criteria and traders’ feedback.

This prestigious award demonstrates the strength of Orbex customer-centric approach, as well as its leadership in responsible trading services. The focus on customer experience is a major guideline, aligning all the company’s activities and concentrating on protecting the best interests of the traders.

Orbex continuously improves the quality of the customer care and invests in new technological solutions, meant to reduce the waiting time and expand the growing set of support capabilities. Following the high ethical standards allows building long-term and sustainable relations with the traders.

“For us, the key element in supporting our clients is “Response Time,” as we understand how valuable time is for our traders. No matter which communication channel clients use, live chat, emails, call backs, social media, they get a response instantly. We align our interests with those of our clients by taking their needs to a personal level, and implement them,” commented Zaid Alkhatib, Head of Back Office & Support Department.

SOURCE: EuropaWire


Exchange auction for the sale of liquefied gas production of PJSC “Ukrgasvydobuvannya” held on Ukrainian Energy Exchange

KYIV, 30-Jun-2016 — /EPR FINANCIAL NEWS/ — On Thursday, 23rd June 2016 on the trading floor of CE “Ukrainian Energy Exchange” an exchange auction was held for the sale of liquefied gas for the domestic market, production of PJSC “Ukrgasvydobuvannya”. In the end of the auction were sold 5 630 tons for a total amount of 59,324 million UAH on the basis of delivery “Poltavagasvydobuvannya”, gas processing plants Bazylivschyna, Iablunivka and “Shebelynkagasvydobuvannya” with the type of shipment – motor transport and railway.

Specialists of the exchange note price growth (https://www.ueex.com.ua/eng/exchange_quotations/) on all the exposed positions in the corridor from 14.59% to 26,02% in comparison with the previous auction. The largest increase in prices observed for PBA(propane-butane) with shipping by railway. Additional income of PJSC “Ukrgasvydobuvannya” is more than 11 million UAH.

“Live interest is explained by the increase in demand of small customers, who are fighting for the resource. This is an indication of high competition in the marketplace. For us it is a real indicator and a visual demonstration of what a transparent competitive bidding in Ukraine can form a fair price for resources that allows the state to earn decent money,” – said after the auction, CEO of Ukrainian Energy Exchange Oleksandr Kovalenko.

Reference: Trading in energy resources of PJSC “UKRGASVYDOBUVANNYA” on the trading floor of the Ukrainian Energy Exchange takes place on a regular basis. The auction is attended by some of the largest traders of the domestic market.


SOURCE: EuropaWire

The Choice Of His Broker Binary Options

The choice of his broker of binary options can sometimes be very complex, especially if we begin and if we do not still know the world of the on-line investment. The strategie-binaires.com site helps you to make the best choice.

Before beginning to trade by means of the binary options, it will be necessary for you to pass by an indispensable stage, the choice of your broker or on-line broker. Now, the brokers proposing this type of investment being more and more numerous on internet, the choice can sometimes turn out complicated, especially when we begin. It is then to help you to make the best possible choice that the strategy-options.com site decided to help you by explaining to you what are elements important to compare between each of the offers. Know besides that strategy-options.com also realized a comparative degree of the main brokers with for each of them precise explanations regarding their advantages and inconveniences.

In the meantime, here are some rules simple to apply during the choice of your partner broker of binary options:

The general characteristics of the brokers of binary options:

Before interesting us in the technical details, it is essential to have a particular attention on the general characteristics proposed by the broker whom you will choose.

According to your budget, you will also have to look at the conditions of deposits and at the minimum amount asked for each of the proposed options. Useless indeed to ruin you in a single investment there where other brokers will ask you for a less important amount of transaction. Once this detected information, you can also take into account offers of welcome proposed by the quasi-totality of the on-line brokers. These offers can take various forms (bonus of deposit, refund of the losses) and asks an in-depth study to determine which one is the most interesting. For that purpose, consult the present general conditions on the concerned sites. Do not also forget to verify expenses connected to the cash withdrawal and the extensions announced in this direction.

Finally, to guarantee you a legal resort in case of dispute, think of choosing only the brokers being approved by the European authorities in on-line investment and in brokerage.

The technical characteristics to be verified:

Once the general characteristics were studied and the best offers were brought out of the lot, you can proceed to a study of the technical constituents of each of the brokers. For that purpose, you have to know the main platforms of trading proposed on the market or inquire with the broker when this one developed only the technical solution. Among platforms the most spread on the market, we find very qualitative Metatrader who offers possibilities of evolution and very interesting programming for little that we are able of establishing complex strategies.

In every case, opt even there for a platform completely translated or developed in English to guarantee you an optimal use of each of the given tools.

Concerning these tools, their number and their quality also varies from a platform to the other one. To know which one of these platforms will offer you the services which you really need, think of determining in advance a list of indicators which seem to you essential in good investments. Useless indeed to block you of superfluous tools which will finally return your transactions less intuitive and more complex, especially if you are novices in trading. Before choosing a broker of binary options, think of testing systematically their platform thanks to the accounts of demonstration.

To know the main brokers of the market and their advantages and inconveniences, consult our evaluations on www.strategy-options.com.

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SGOFX Visitors and Culture Center

Singapore Options and Futures Exchange (SGOFX), today announced its plans for the construction of its new Visitors and Cultural Center facility. The center will be located the SGOFX office and will greatly expand the footprint of the exchange space. The facility measures 1200 square meters and includes raised flooring, provides 24×7 climate control through grade air handling units and provides electrical power redundancy through a combination of Uninterruptible Power Supplies and diesel back up power generator. The SGOFX Visitors and Cultural Center will offer visitors a variety of presentations, in English, on the main aspects of the Securities, Commodities and Futures Exchange, its markets, trading systems, projects, indices and statistics.

SGOFX Visitors and Cultural Center is due for opening in April 2011 and is expected to receive 350-400 visitors a day. Here, visitors can watch 3-D institutional videos, lectures and simulations of trades carried out by a brokerage, in addition to learning about the history of the Exchange.

The space will as well provide visitors with the opportunity of enjoying works of art by renowned foreign artists and exhibitions of historic value.

“We are extremely pleased to announce the upcoming 2011 opening of our new Visitors and Cultural Center facility. This project is a major undertaking and our entire team handles the transition professionally and we now look forward to providing our customers an even better experience and understanding of the commodity markets and exchange insights”, said Mr. Samuel D. Brown, SGOFX press officer.

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Financial press releases

Trade in Gold – Risk Free

Is it really possible to invest in the gold market completely risk free? Well according to Best Invest in Gold the answer to that is a resounding yes. In conjunction with the launch of their new website, www.bestinvestingold.com, they are offering an incredible incentive to attract new investors.

With international offices in Milano, Italy, and Frankfurt, Germany, Bestinvestingold.com has been professionally branded for the retail investor in almost any country, be it the United States or the United Kingdom, to have access to information and trading platforms dealing in gold futures contracts not typically available through their brokerage accounts. In addition to the company’s new logo, it has selected as its tagline, “Trading Your Gold Futures”, to indicate not only its known expertise in trading the gold futures and gold options contracts, but also to communicate its message that in today’s economic environment, commodity and other type investors can look at gold trading as another alternative investment vehicle to build their future portfolios.

A spokesman for the company said that with gold currently trading in the US$1,200 area, and having tripled over the past eight years, he sees no reason for this trend to end. However, f r o m a trading perspective, it does not really matter which direction gold is moving as the company uses sophisticated trading models to lever up the investment for maximum returns by following short-term trends occurring on different exchanges in response to fast moving market conditions as they happen.

“It may not be uncommon for a U.S. based gold commodity investor to be familiar with The Chicago Board Of Trade or The Chicago Mercantile Exchange, but, just as an example, how many have taken advantage of the opportunities on the Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchanges which has historically been an international hub for the physical trade of not only gold, but also many other commodities? Being specialists based in Europe, we have been making these platforms available to American and European investors since 2005.”

In addition to receiving newsletters and updates regularly, Bestinvestingold.com has their unique first trade strategy for new clients. The firm will match you dollar for dollar in your investment and guarantee to absorb any loss through its tightly controlled risk management trading strategies. If the market moves in the planned direction, through the use of futures and options contracts, each dollar invested becomes more valuable by $1,000. Should the market move against you, the traders will sell out the position and send you back your investment plus ten percent (10%).

Thus, as the company boasts, “You really do have nothing to lose. When introducing a new client, we want them to know we are confident in our ability to make money for them as they deploy risk capital,” In conjunction with the release of the Bestinvestingold.com video website, the company is currently offering a free downloadable report titled, “The Five Reasons Gold Will Hit $5,000”.

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Financial press releases

Saxo Bank Acquires A 40% Stake In Initto

Saxo Bank, the online specialist in trading and investment, has announced the acquisition of a 40% stake in Initto, the Danish owned software and IT services provider. Initto has around 200 employees based mainly in India and Ukraine and the acquisition of Initto will enable Saxo Bank to continue to support and speed up the development of its trading systems.

Saxo Bank Acquires A 40% Stake In Initto

Designed to meet the varying needs and demands of financial investors and traders, Saxo Bank has developed four specialised and integrated trading platforms; the downloadable SaxoTrader, browser-based SaxoWebTrader, compact SaxoMiniTrader and phone-based SaxoMobileTrader.

Mikael Munck, CEO of Initto, commented: “Initto provides a wide range of customized IT services and software engineering solutions to clients. We have been very successful in offering and integrating our services into the organisation of our clients. We offer access to a wide range of international specialists that focus entirely on delivering high quality solutions to our clients’ allowing them to focus on core competencies, freeing up time for innovation and value creation. This is the secret of our success which we are certain Saxo Bank also will benefit from”.

Since its establishment in 2003, Initto has grown by an average of 50% per year and expects to enhance its service offerings with the support of Saxo Bank as a strong financial partner. Initto is headquartered in Ballerup near Copenhagen with a representative office in Oslo. Initto will continue to develop software and provide services to its existing client base.

In a joint statement, Kim Fournais and Lars Seier Christensen, Co-CEOs and co-founders of Saxo Bank, said: “We are thrilled to have acquired this stake in Initto, which has great synergies with Saxo Bank and fit perfectly with our business model. The acquisition is in line with our ambition to acquire fully developed businesses and utilize their expertise to develop and strengthen Saxo Bank’s products and services. Over the next few years, we will be working with Initto to further increase the value we offer our own clients. Initto’s current and future client base will also benefit from our commitment as client and shareholder. We want to remain a first class service provider and we believe Initto can help us achieve this goal.”

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Financial press releases

New Forex Strategy To Strengthen Portfolios And Reduce Volatility

Trading Floor has unveiled a new Forex Portfolio Model created by Saxo Bank’s strategy team. The Portfolio model offers a way to reduce total portfolio volatility in the wake of the stock market rally that saw many investors turn away from Forex trading.

“Many investors are staying out of the Forex market – either because they lost money and have given up, or because they simply don’t know where to put their money,” said David Karsbøl, Chief Economist at Saxo Bank and Trading Floor commentator. “The Saxo Bank Forex Portfolio Model is a way of re-activating this idle money by applying them in a low-cost and relatively low risk fashion.”

The portfolio model is based on the Saxo Bank Fundamental Indices that measure the underlying economic strength (contraction or expansion) of 10 currencies: NZD, AUD, CAD, JPY, EUR, GBP, USD, CHF, SEK, and NOK. This should give a theoretical 45 possible currency crosses, but the model subtracts the12 most illiquid and expensive to trade and looks at 33.

The allocation signals are generated by the spreads in the fundamental indices and the idea is to always allocate more capital to the currencies with a relatively strong economic activity (and positive rate outlook) and fund the positions by going short on the currencies with weak economic activity (weak rate outlook).

The model allocates capital after changes in the spreads between the fundamental indices. For example, if the Eurozone Fundamental Index suddenly drops relative to the US Fundamental Index, the model (everything else being equal) would reduce exposure to EURUSD. Additionally, positions are scaled up or down according to the volatility of the currency crosses in question so that the expected risk-adjusted return for positions in EURCHF is the same as for positions in EURCAD.

“The model is always well diversified and is always in the market,” said David Karsbøl. “It is therefore not exposed to timing issues.”

The model doesn’t use stops, since the overall volatility of returns tends to be low (especially on single leverage). One particularly interesting feature is that returns tend to be almost completely uncorrelated to returns in stock markets (correlation = 0.1) and other risky asset classes (correlation to the CRB Index is 0.11).

In back testing since 1991, the model has produced annual returns of 5.34% using single leverage, 10.58% using double leverage and 15.67% with triple leverage.

“Therefore, if the back-testing is indicative of future returns, it would make a lot of sense to use part of one’s portfolio to allocate to the FX Model and thereby decreasing overall portfolio volatility without lowering returns too much or at all, depending on the leverage used.”

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Saxo Banque Wins Banking Innovation Award 2009

Saxo Banque, the French division of the online trading and investment specialist Saxo Bank, has been awarded the “Prix de l’Innovation 2009” (Banking Innovation Award), by the Investment Forum for its TradeMaker service. The innovative and free-of-charge service enables the bank’s customers to translate an idea into an order, to be kept informed of opportunities, and to compare results from trading ideas proposed by analysts.

The Award ceremony took place on 10th October at the Palais des Congrès, in Paris. Each year, a panel composed of financial journalists and editors from publications including La Tribune, Le Revenu and Investir are convened by the Forum’s organizers to present the innovation award. In the category of ‘Informed Investors’, the panel awarded the 2009 prize to Saxo Bank’s new TradeMaker facility.

TradeMaker was developed in response to two of the obstacles facing both futures traders and more general investors. Firstly, TradeMaker addresses the feelings of confusion that often arise from an overwhelming abundance of information. Secondly, TradeMaker facilitates the application of this information, allowing the investor to employ the resultant data in their trading.

TradeMaker publishes the results of proposed trading ideas. Customers can subsequently choose the issuer with the best performance for a given product. TradeMaker then uses text and graphics to explain trading ideas before pre-completing order forms which include such considerations as Stops and Limits. Relevant trade data, which is not always easy to assimilate, is translated into an order by the issuer. The customer need simply choose the value of his or her investment before validating the order with a click of the mouse. Advice, Trading Assistance and Transparency are the three major advantages of the TradeMaker tool.

Pierre-Antoine Dusoulier, CEO of Saxo Banque, declared: “It is a real honour for Saxo Banque to win an award such as this. It is reward in particular for our engineers who work hard all year on the development of new services to grow the platform and deliver increasingly innovative solutions to our customers. Saxo Banque is an independent bank, we create our own products by way of a dedicated technology research unit.”

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Video Content From Saxo Bank’s Team Of Experts Added to Trading Floor Blog

Trading Floor, the forex, equity and commodities blog written and run by Saxo Bank’s strategy team, is now adding regular video comments throughout the European trading session.

The comments on macroeconomic indicators, financial issues and earnings releases will complement the Daily Trading Stance video released every morning and the weekly forex options and equity update released every Friday.

Videos are recorded in the studio on the Saxo Bank trading floor, minutes after the news is released. Saxo Bank’s chief economist, David Karsbol, said: “The advantage of video is that it fills in the gap between reporting the headlines and the more detailed research notes we publish.

He added: “We comment on macroeconomic indicators or earnings or central bank decisions in a way that is fast, but also allows us to give more detail in a way that allows our blog visitors to get to know us a little better.”

Trading Floor has been running since May 2009 and features expert commentary starting every morning with The Daily Trading Stance that Saxo Bank’s strategists distribute to clients giving a rundown of the main themes of the day in FX, equities, FX options and commodities.

The commentary is prepared by David Karsbøl, Equity Strategist Christian Tegllund Blaabjerg and forex expert John Hardy. Commodities expertise is provided by Ole S Hansen and Alan Plaughmann. Also commenting are Market Strategist Mads Koefoed and Research Analyst Robin Bagger-Sjöbäck.

The Daily Trading Stance, daily commentaries and Weekly Forex and Equities Update are available on the Trading Floor web site and on Trading Floor’s dedicated YouTube channel.

About Trading Floor:
Trading Floor is run by Saxo Bank – a global investment bank specialising in online trading and investment across the international financial markets. Trading Floor provides up to date forex news and market place analysis.

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