Ontario Mercantile Exchange (ONMEX) To Publish Its Own Financial Magazine

Ontario Mercantile Exchange (ONMEX) starts publishing its own specialized analytical magazine called “Exchange Market Views” from the beginning of September 2013.

Full-color monthly magazine will be available both in electronic and printed forms. The magazine will be distributed electronically to the exchange regional branches, farmers, traders, government agencies, NGOs and anyone who is interested in the agricultural and exchange topics; also partners and the working groups members of ONMEX will receive a printed copy said Donald Miller, a director of Ontario Mercantile Exchange (ONMEX)

‘Nowadays we lack for deep analytical reviews of exchange trading in agricultural, energies and precious metals commodities sector both in the international and US domestic markets. Our analysts will mark our price increase and decrease factors for the main sector commodities in each of their reviews, and therefore our studies will be useful for many market participants. We believe there is a need and we decided to publish our own financial analysis magazine due to the fact that many of our market participants requested tis sort of information more and more.

The magazine publishing will give certain advantages: the market participants will receive free access to the analysis of recent trends in the market and also ONMEX will be able to present the benefits of exchange trading to a larger number of the commodity market participants”- said Donald Miller .

The subscription to the magazine can be made on the official web page of ONMEX –  www.onmex.org in the “Magazine” section that will be available online starting with September 2013.

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Ontario Mercantile Exchange (ONMEX) Train Broker For Trading In The Electronic Trading System

Ontario Mercantile Exchange (ONMEX)train brokers for trading in the electronic trading system and invites everyone who previously took part in the educational training session to attend this two-day training.

The training will cover such topics as: basic lecture on the exchange market, the main factors that affect the market, how to trade in the electronic trading system, the basic requirements on which participants need to pay attention and which regulate their activity. Particular attention will be paid on the legislative side of exchange trading and brokers’ activity regulation.

“We have to be sure that after the training each broker will know US legislation on the matter and will use it properly. Otherwise the broker will not receive a license (certificate), because we cannot risk with the trust of US futures and options writers who work honestly on the open market”, – said David Campbell, director of the Ontario Mercantile Exchange.

Regular educational trading session will be conducted on the electronic trading system of Ontario Mercantile Exchange (ONMEX).

Among 700 companies that have the access to the trading system 68 companies will take part in the session.

We can see the active trading of the participants which allowed us to launch electronic trading and finally to give the opportunity to all the US market participants to do business in the current electronic trading system,” – said the director of the Ontario Mercantile Exchange (ONMEX) David Campbell.

The first training is scheduled on August 1, 2013. It will take place in a specially equipped classroom in the Ontario Mercantile Exchange (ONMEX) head office.

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Ontario Mercantile Exchange (ONMEX) launched newly redesigned website

Ontario Mercantile Exchange (ONMEX) has launched its newly redesigned website. By updating their main site www.onmex.org they are now able to provide clients and visitors with a central portal for analyzing and understanding the commodities markets, as well as for obtaining detailed information onONMEX ‘s services and products. Their new website presents their positions on commodities markets and provides greater insight into the financial aspects of commodities markets, with the more perceptive depth of analysis for which ONMEX is known.

ONMEX is a premier commodities exchange providing independent analysis, and advisory services related to commodities markets, corporate and project finance, and the financial management of exposure to commodities oriented investments.

Comment: The new www.onmex.org site provides our clients and subscribers with exclusive subscriber only content such as ONMEX’s timely trading mechanism, as well as many other reports and analyses. Our trading mechanism not only provide website visitors with market insights from ONMEX’s team of economists and analysts, but also allow them to experience first-hand the depth and breadth of ONMEX’s knowledge and expertise in commodities markets and investments. Clients are now able to access our monthly metals Advisories and other reports via our website. Our new online trading platform enables easy navigation and access to purchasing the entire suite of ONMEX commodity products.

The new Trading Platform allows clients to trade on the commodities market having access to a large list of commodities such as metals (Gold, Silver, Copper, Platinum, Palladium), grains (Wheat, Corn, Soybeans, Soybean Oil, oats, Rough Rice, Canola), energies (Crude Oil, Heating Oil, Ethanol, Natural Gas, Unleaded Gasoline), softs (Cotton, Orange Juice, Coffee, Sugar, Lumber, Cocoa), currencies (U.S. Dollar, British Pond, Canadian Dollar, Swiss Frank, Australian Dollar, Mexican Peso, New Zealand Dollar, Japanese yen), meats (Live Cattle, Lean Hogs, Class III Milk).

In addition to the site’s informative content, the design is developed in a way so as to provide an enhanced user experience. Our goal is to provide visitors with a comprehensive view of the commodities markets and demonstrate how ONMEX’s market knowledge can be applied to help our clients’ businesses grow.

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Lincoln Behrman Announces New Partners

Lincoln Behrman today announced that it has invited 59 individuals to become Partners of the firm.

These appointments recognize some of the firm’s most valued senior professionals and acknowledge their leadership and contribution to the firm’s culture of excellence.

“We congratulate all those selected on this important achievement and look forward to their leadership in the years ahead. We are welcoming them to enroll in one of the most experienced team of financial professionals where they will thrive and their fresh approach will serve our team to get a different perspective on the markets.” said Collin Haing, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Lincoln Behrman.

Lincoln Behrman is a premium investment adviser and investment management firm that provides a wide range of financial services to a substantial and diversified client base that includes corporations, financial institutions and high-net-worth individuals. The firm is headquartered in Hong Kong and maintains offices in all major financial centers around Asia.

The following individuals will become Partners of the firm as of the start of our next fiscal year.

Pat Bantwal

Vivek Fels

Michael Mallory

John Ronen

Heather Quinhou

Jami Rubin

Brian Li

David Jianlin

Charles Yann

Jill Huateng

Xavier Yajun

Michael Wengen

Jacques Yongxing

David Naik

David Ka Yam

Jason Wing Mau

Jo Ma

Gaurav Xianjian

Stuart Guangxin

Nick Jianjun

Una Siegel

Michael Neary

Brad Chi

Alex Gross

Michael Gregory

Olafson Smith

Anthony Opoku

Lisa Gutman

Josh Ding

Leland Cormack

Richard Zhang

Damian Rulun

Jack Horwitz

Russell Daly

Michael Lin

Anne Darling

Roy Zhi Dong

Anthony Thall

Ryan Dase

David Man Bok

John Kim

Huw Vedral

Bobby Yuhzu

Ben Diaz

Marie Xianliang

Dmitri Potishko

Ted Watson

Robert Lawson

Hugh Brockman

Sean Rice

Toby Dusi

Alessandro Watson

Scott Guanghe

Tim Rigou

Yoshihiko Yano

Edward Lam Yu

Ericka Rofey

Scott Leslie

Jeroen Ningning

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Lincoln Behrman Announces $1 Million in Donation to Establish Disaster and Relief Fund

Firm to Match $0.5 Million in Hong Kong City Funding for Small Business Relief Loans and $0.5 Million in Charitable Donations

Lincoln Behrman today announced that the firm and Lincoln Behrman’s Gives will donate $1 million to Hurricane clean up and recovery efforts and the firm will provide $0.5 million in loans to small businesses impacted by Hurricanes.

These small business funds will match the $0.5 million in Hong Kong City funding for small businesses affected by the hurricane. Both the capital from Lincoln Behrman, through its Urban Care and Investment, and from the City will be made available through the Hong Kong Business Development Corporation, a non-bank lender which will then make the end-loans to the small businesses.

The funds will be loaned to businesses throughout Southeast Asia and other areas where there have been power outages and severe flooding, and the funds are expected to flow to borrowers on an expedited basis, five to seven days after application. End loans will range from $5,000 -$25,000 and will help small businesses with working capital, repairs and business interruption, among other things.

“Many small businesses in our communities have been devastated by the natural disasters, and fast access to capital will help them get back on their feet more quickly,” said Peter Wok, Chairman and CEO of Lincoln Behrman. “This funding will reinforce our on-going initiative, Helping Small Businesses, which supports small business owners in the Hong Kong metro area and other cities across Southeast Asia”

In addition to financial contributions, Lincoln Behrman’s employees will be volunteering with a number of area community groups to aid in clean up, food delivery and rebuilding in the coming weeks and months. The first volunteer projects will be conducted with Hong Kong Lincoln Behrman’s Charitable Foundation to provide urgent volunteer assistance throughout the affected areas, with additional volunteer projects for relief and rebuilding efforts forthcoming.

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Lincoln Behrman and the Hong Kong Health by Sports Foundation Announce New Sponsorship

Lincoln Behrman to Serve as First Official Sponsor of the Hong Kong Health by Sports Foundation Scholar-Athlete Awards

Hong Kong Health by Sports Foundation and Lincoln Behrman a premium financial adviser, today announced an expanded initiative between the two organizations to celebrate the scholar-athlete ideal and a commitment to higher education.

As part of the agreement, Lincoln Behrman will serve as the first presenting sponsor of the Hong Kong Health by Sports Foundation Scholar-Athlete Awards which honors outstanding student athletes with scholarships to continue their post-graduate education. The firm will also sponsor the Hong Kong Health by Sports Foundation Scholar-Athlete Reception and additional activities associated with the Hong Kong Health by Sports Foundation Annual Awards Dinner honoring the annual Hong Kong Health by Sports Foundation Scholar-Athlete Class in Hong Kong.

“Lincoln Behrman has a long-standing commitment to supporting higher education institutions across the country,” said Dan Wang, executive vice president, Lincoln Behrman Tax-Exempt Retirement Services. “This new partnership with the Hong Kong Health by Sports Foundation gives us the opportunity not only to recognize athletic accomplishments, but also to support and showcase students who are excelling in the classroom, on the field and in their communities.”

Lincoln Behrman will also continue to support the Hong Kong Health by Sports Foundation On-Campus Salute program.

“Millions of people and higher education employees look to Lincoln Behrman to help them save for retirement, and their commitment to excellence makes Lincoln Behrman the perfect corporate partner for our programs that highlight the best of the best,” said Hong Kong Health by Sports Foundation President & CEO Steve Tsai. “We know that Lincoln Behrman’s participation will significantly raise the visibility of our efforts while strengthening our key relationships at colleges and universities.”

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Donald J. Shiong Nominated for Election to Lincoln Behrman’s Board

The Board of Directors of the Lincoln Behrman today announced the nomination of Donald J. Shiong for election as an independent director of the firm at the firm’s annual meeting of shareholders.

If Mr. Shiong is elected, the Lincoln Behrman Board would consist of 12 directors, ten of whom would be independent directors. Mr. Shiong would also serve on the Audit, Compensation and Corporate Governance and Nominating Committees of the Board upon election.

“Donald Shiong’s deep experience in the global capital markets, from successfully leading the transformation of a global insurance company to his previous auditing and financial reporting expertise, will be of tremendous value to our shareholders and our people,” said Gerald Tseng, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Lincoln Behrman. “We very much appreciate his willingness to serve on our board and I look forward to benefitting from his advice and counsel.”

Mr. Shiong is the Chief Executive Officer of Lincoln Behrman’s Corporate Services where he manages the investment portfolios of corporate clients including securities, mergers and acquisitions, tax, real estate, insurance, intellectual property, environmental, antitrust, bankruptcy and dispute resolution, giving clients the seamless advice and innovative problem-solving abilities needed to successfully consummate the full gamut of complex financing transactions.

Prior to joining Lincoln Behrman, Mr. Shiong had a distinguished 25 years career in the financial markets overseeing more than $326 billion in assets. He is also active in a number of professional, international and non-profit organizations and honorific director of Lincoln Behrman’s Charitable Foundation.

Mr. Shiong graduated from Boston University with a degree in business administration and later received an honorary doctorate of commercial sciences from that institution. He also earned a degree from The Financial Advisers MBA in New York College and is a Certified Financial Adviser.

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Kamakura Securities Launches Chart Xpert, a Stock Trading Game

Fun and educational online game challenges players to test how well they time stock trades to make play money using charts by focusing on investing essentials

Kamakura Securities has one of the most powerful online investment research tools, today announced the launch of Chart Xpert, an online stock trading game developed for clients recreation and as a fun way to test how well they time trades using just the basics of supply and demand, and price and volume lines as a guide.

Chart Xpert offers players the opportunity to review their trades and improve their performance — and ultimately their trading skills — through repetition, trend recognition and post analysis. Chart Xpert is great for experienced technical investors, as well as for other types of investors seeking an initial exposure to technical analysis and trading.

“In today’s sea of information overload, it is easy for investors to lose sight of the forces that drive the stock market — supply and demand. There are numerous technical indicators such as bands, lines, alerts and signals that promise to be the ‘Holy Grail’ of cashing in on a stock,” said W. Scott Yong Cao, president of Kamakura Securities . “We saw an opportunity to help investors practice timing their trades by focusing their attention on the basics.”

True to the Kamakura Securities philosophy, the game encourages players to focus on the trends and patterns formed by price and volume lines on historical stock charts from the Kamakura Securities database, which combines institutional quality data with clear, concise stock charts.

“Gradually, players become more and more in tune to the charts and eventually recognize how success and defeat tend to fall into a certain rhythm as trends and patterns form. Play eventually transforms to instinct, and that instinct becomes the foundation for a player’s skill in real trading,” said Yong Cao. “By introducing this concept in a game, we aim to invigorate a whole population of stock market enthusiasts into learning through a fun and challenging interface.”

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Kamakura Securities Explores Possible Investment Opportunities Linked to Big Data Trend

Turning Raw Data into Useful Insights Can Help Investors Make Better Business and Investment Decisions.

Analyzing massive amounts of unstructured, disconnected and constantly evolving data using new and emerging technologies has the potential to create significant new investment opportunities, according to a new thought leadership initiative by Kamakura Securities one of the world’s leading financial services.

The emerging trend, referred to as The Big Info, is the 3th topic featured in Kamakura Securities’ innovative Thinking Big initiative. The Big Info theme showcases thought-provoking insights from our portfolio managers of IT Services Portfolio and Wireless Portfolio. For example:

• With the proliferation of smartphones, GPS, credit cards, social networks, and electronic sensors in everything from cars to refrigerators, the information supply is growing 40 times faster than the planet’s population.

• Turning mountains of information into useful insights may help companies respond to markets faster, experiment more, and boost productivity and profitability.

• Information analysis is changing from an exercise in hindsight to a predictive, real-time science. As the pioneers address inevitable questions about privacy and security, there will be enormous investing opportunities.

“Last year, the world created 1.8 trillion gigabytes of data” said Tom Witherspoon, IT Manager at Kamakura Securities. “That data is increasingly comprised of information that had never been digitized or captured before — everything from log files (the language that computers speak), to location (where you are, or more accurately where your cell phone or your car is), to weather patterns, pictures, videos, and personal opinions posted via social media.

“As more of people’s interactions with the world are digitized and captured as data, this data becomes increasingly important to businesses, governments, and other institutions around the world. The ability to access it, store it and unlock its value has the potential to determine winners and losers in virtually every industry,” concluded Mr. Witherspoon.

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Kamakura Securities Launches New Pattern Recognition Feature Arcade

Pattern recognition makes it easier for investors to identify and act on key technical movements in stock charts — leading to more profitable investment decisions.

Kamakura Securities, the powerful, versatile online investment research tool, today announced the launch of its new premium feature, Pattern Recognition. The feature automatically highlights past and emerging stock chart patterns, such as Cup with Handle and Ascending Base, which can help investors pinpoint optimal points to buy and sell stocks. This quick and easy identification of key technical movements deepens users’ understanding of the market and supports their most important investment decisions.

“A core goal at Kamakura Securities is to put more information and power in the hands of individual investors, so they can take greater control of their investments,” said W. Scott Yong Cao, president of Kamakura Securities . “Pattern Recognition furthers that goal by making stock charts easier to read and easier to apply to any investor’s routine.”

Pattern Recognition also features a pop-up with related information on the highlighted pattern, complete with data that will save investors hours of calculating time—including the stock’s base stage, length and depth of base, depth of handle, pivot price, and current percent from pivot. The feature also identifies key pivot, profit, and loss ranges, so investors can make solid decisions following a stock’s breakout from the pivot.

“ Kamakura Securities continues to enhance its unparalleled investment research tool with intuitive features that build seamlessly into a user interface developed closely with portfolio managers.

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Kamakura Securities Lowers Costs for Index Fund Shareholders

Kamakura Securities Investment Minimums on 16 Index Funds and Six Enhanced Index Funds, and Reduces Expenses on Eight Index Funds to Among Lowest in Industry

Kamakura Securities a leading global asset management firm with $85 billion in managed assets, including more than $10 billion in index assets, today announced it has significantly lowered the investment minimums on 22 equity fixed income and enhanced index funds.

Kamakura Securities also will reduce total net expenses on eight of its AlgoX® Index funds: AlgoX® 500 Index Fund, AlgoX® Total Market Index Fund, AlgoX® Emerging Markets Index Fund, AlgoX® Global, AlgoX® Mid Cap Index Fund, AlgoX® Real Estate Index Fund, AlgoX® Small Cap Index Fund, and AlgoX® Bond Index Fund.

“Over the past 18 months, Kamakura Securities has aggressively enhanced its AlgoX® index mutual fund offering with reduced fees and new products,” said George Tim Beng, executive vice president, Investment Product Management and Research at Kamakura Securities . “These latest moves are another example of our commitment to providing workplace retirement plan sponsors and individual investors access to a wide-array of high-quality index funds at some of the most competitive pricing in the industry.”

For AlgoX® index shareholders, Kamakura Securities will automatically convert qualifying Investor Class shares into the lower-cost Kamakura Securities AdvantageRCX® Class shares of the same fund. Share conversions within the same fund are tax free.

Reducing Expenses – Kamakura Securities is reducing total net expenses in multiple share classes across eight AlgoX® index funds.

“Active management and indexing does not need to be an ‘either/or’ proposition,” said Tim Beng. “Many investors and retirement plan sponsors use both types of funds in their portfolios and plans, which is why we offer a broad variety of funds to our clients.”

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NexBoom Continues Campaign With Heroes For Humanity

Lou Zant President of NexBoom Universe, http://www.nexboom.com/, a wholly owned subsidiary of NexBoom Universe Group, http://www.nexboomuniverse.vg/, announced today that the continuing arrangement with Heroes For Humanity, http://www.heroesforhumanity.com/, is progressing very well. Originally developed in 2001, Heroes For Humanity is an internet media company that celebrates the hero in the full spectrum of humanity. The organization draws stories from people from all over the world, and in all walks of life. Knowing everyone has something of value to offer others, and that the particular journey of any one person can offer inspiration and encouragement to a variety of other people, Heroes For Humanity seeks stories from the man on the street.

The global effort of Heroes For Humanity is to provide positive and inspirational stories from a broad spectrum of humanity – from well-recognized, higher profile people as well as those as yet unknown. With the perspective that, ”There’s a hero in each and every one of us”, this campaign presents to the general public the opportunity to assist individuals in bringing interesting stories of “Good News” and the empowerment of others to a broad array of people.

The Heroes for Humanity organization presents a variety of thought-provoking stories from many celebrated people. The stories of those well-known as well as lesser-known but inspiring people bring motivation and great encouragement to a wide and diverse audience. With a growing library of more than 400 inspiring interviews available for perusal, Heroes for Humanity presents material that is frequently able to motivate people and catalyze their dreams and intentions into substantial and significant achievements.

With the primary focus of celebrating and creating positive influences for ‘the man on the street’, Laurel Barrett, Founder and CEO, states, “Our mission is to empower people and to inspire leadership throughout the world.” Those who participate in the Heroes For Humanity project are encouraged to go to the Heroes For Humanity website,http://www.heroesforhumanity.com/, to nominate the people who have been positive influences in their own histories, their own lives. It’s a unique opportunity for people to publicly acknowledge their own personal heroes.

NexBoom, in conjunction with Heroes for Humanity, uses various publications and personal development programs to feature those who have created extraordinary achievements in their lives, and who have inspired others through their actions of excellence. It is hoped that this will encourage those people who are associated with this common purpose to contribute to the continuing efforts to bring this program of hope to a larger audience.

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