Payday Loans Specialist Strengthens Its Credentials As A Responsible Lender

WageDayAdvance, one of the UK’s leading online payday loans providers, has announced the appointment of a new risk analyst manager, as part of a move to reduce risk and promote responsible lending.

The company employs more than 150 people at its head office in Yorkshire, and helps people across the UK to find cost-effective borrowing solutions every day.

Abhishek Khurana, a specialist in risk analysis, will help the company to maintain and reinforce its reputation as a responsible lender. By drawing on his extensive experience in the financial analytic industry, Abhishek will work to improve WageDayAdvance’s ability to understand which customers can actually afford to borrow, and streamline the firm’s lending strategies. He will also help to make sure that successful applicants have agreements that fit their personal circumstances, allowing them to make affordable repayments on time.

Abhishek said: “I am delighted to join WageDayAdvance at this exciting time of their development. The company is now one of the leading payday lenders in the UK and is growing rapidly.

“I will be looking to build a high-performance analytics team that will work with each functional area within the business to build a set of standardised reports or dashboards, and analyse key information to provide usable insight into the business that can influence major management decisions.”

Abhishek is an MBA graduate from Leeds Business School and also holds a M.Sc. in Management Consultancy. He joined WageDayAdvance in March from The Lewis Group, where he was employed as a senior MI analyst. Abhishek has nine years’ experience working in analytics, collections and call centre environments.

Ross Chapman, Business Development Manager at WageDayAdvance, said: “We’re excited to have Abhishek as part of the team and know his experience is sure to prove invaluable in helping the company to further strengthen its responsible lending practices and ensure that we’re always providing a first class service for our customers.”

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Experian Reveals Mortgage Fraud Increases For Fifth Successive Year

Experian Identity & Fraud has revealed that fraudulent applications for mortgages increased by eight per cent in 2011, marking the fifth consecutive year in which the rate of mortgage fraud has increased.

Around 34 in every 10,000 applications for mortgages were found to be fraudulent in 2011, compared to just 15 in every 10,000 in 2006.

The overall rate of fraud at the point of application across the UK’s financial services sector increased by four per cent in 2011 to just over 17 in every 10,000 applications. In addition to record mortgage fraud figures, this overall increase was also driven by growth in insurance and current account fraud.

More than 90 per cent of attempted mortgage fraud in 2011 was down to individuals misrepresenting their personal information on applications. Typically, these first party frauds involved falsifying employment status or financial information, and, most commonly, attempting to hide an adverse credit history.

Experian’s demographic insight revealed that Mosaic groups, the Terraced Melting Pot – young, poorly educated individuals living in small towns – and the Suburban Mindsets – predominantly middle aged, middle and skilled working class individuals – were both responsible for around 15 per cent of first party mortgage fraud cases in 2011. The young, well educated professionals of the Liberal Opinions were also prone to attempting first party mortgage fraud, being responsible for 13 per cent of cases.

Nick Mothershaw, UK&I director of Identity & Fraud at Experian said: “About 70 per cent of financial services application fraud in the UK fraud is down to first parties misrepresenting their circumstances, and the products such as mortgages and insurance that have seen fraud soar over the last year have a significant first party fraud element to them. This kind of fraud tends to originate from financially stressed segments of society.”

Looking at other financial products, Experian found that insurance fraud UK rates reached 11 in every 10,000 applications and claims in 2011, an increase of 23 per cent over the last year. 89 per cent of insurance fraud was first-party led with the Terraced Melting Pot, Suburban Mindsets and Liberal Opinions demographics responsible for the most instances. Combined they accounted for 43 per cent of cases.

Current account fraud increased to 36 frauds in every 10,000 applications in 2011, up from 23 in every 10,000 in 2010. 60 per cent of current account fraud in 2011 was committed by first-parties, almost a quarter (23 per cent) of which was down to the Terraced Melting Pot demographic. The remaining 40 per cent of current account fraud attempts were down to third-party identity fraudsters seeking to open accounts as a springboard to obtain other credit products or for money laundering purposes.

Not all financial products saw fraud rates increase in 2011. Credit card fraud continued to fall, from 19 in every 10,000 applications in 2010 to 12 in every 10,000 in 2011. Automotive finance providers have also seen fraud rates fall. 23 in every 10,000 applications were found to be fraudulent in 2011, down from 38 in every 10,000 during 2010. 85 per cent of these frauds were first party.

Experian’s Fraud Index utilises data from the National Hunter and Insurance Hunter fraud prevention systems, which Experian manages on behalf of its clients. These systems enable financial companies to analyse applications alongside previous ones and highlight inconsistencies which may be indicative of fraud.

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247 Payday UK Launches New Payday Loans Website with a Conscience

Payday loans website, 247 Payday UK launched at midnight on April 24th 2012. The message is clear that this new online lending facility wants to be ”a little bit different” in comparison to other payday lenders currently operating in the somewhat saturated payday loans market within the United Kingdom.

With a new website fresh out of the wraps, a dedicated marketing team and an ethical approach to lending, it is hoped that the future could be bright for 247 Payday UK.

Richard Painter, 247 Payday UK’s operations manager explained, ”from the outset we have wanted to be clear with our customers around issues such as payday loan repayment costs and implications of taking on this type of loan arrangement”. Although the website is in its infancy 247 Payday UK has focused on transparency, providing a payday loans guide that Richard added, ”will continue to be built upon and developed over time to ultimately create a hub of information for new and existing customers”.

Richard has over 5 years’ experience within the UK payday market and stated that he has seen a shift in recent times to a more competitive sector, but would like ”more transparency and openness between the lender and the customer”.

His involvement with various payday loans operations all over the UK has enabled Richard to see the positive and negative aspects of the industry. Richard is clearly excited at being part of the new team and explained, ”we have sourced some experienced payday loan specialists, with a blend of youth and experience, to hopefully create a winning formula in helping to promote our fresh and innovative payday site”.

With 247 Payday UK coming into an already tough financial sector, it may well be a bumpy road ahead for Richard and his team. It is however evident that they are not attempting to reinvent the wheel, but to be open and honest with their potential customers and this could ultimately be a winning formula.

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Payday Loan Company Continues Partnership With Build Africa Charity

Online payday loans provider Payday Express is continuing to support the Build Africa charity as part of an ongoing partnership.

Payday Express currently sponsor the charity’s Village Savings and Loan Associations project, which is made up of self-managed groups of people whose members pool savings to help those in need. These groups receive no external capital and use what they have to provide members with a safe place to save their money, access to loans, and a place for them to contribute to a welfare fund.

Payday Express believes that the charity gives families the opportunity to save and invest their way out of poverty. The online payday loans company makes payments every two months, which will help to establish six Village Saving and Loan Association (VSLA) groups in a year.

Kristina Winch, administrator at Payday Express, said: “The donations we provide to Build Africa helps communities transform their futures.”

And success has already come as a result of this sponsorship, with money going towards helping Top Ten – a new savings and loan group set up by Build Africa in a poor rural village in Uganda. The Top Ten group has 30 active members, one of whom is Suzan.

Suzan saves 5,000 Ugandan shillings each week (equivalent to approximately £1.20) and borrowed from her group when she and one of her six children became ill. The money was used for medical help which she would otherwise not have been able to afford, and to rent an acre of land on which to grow maize.

Call centre manager at the payday loan company, Carl Mountain, said: “Payday Express staff donate to various charities month to month, but it’s great that in addition to this the company regularly sponsors such a great cause as Build Africa, to help communities in Africa save their way to a better life.”

Find out more about Build Africa’s Village Savings and Loans Associations here:

Find moneysaving and careful spending tips to help you keep control of your finances by joining Payday Express on Facebook.

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More Financial press releases Introducing Virtual Prepaid MasterCard

OKPAY is one of the most dynamically developing financial company nowadays. OKPAY is available to clients worldwide since 2010. Providing a customer-focused, convenient and fully fledged financial services have always been the Company’s credo.

Almost a billion of consumers don’t have a credit card and many who have a card don’t wish to use it because of the various security concerns. In order to provide a solution for these customers OKPAY Company is offering a Virtual Card feature.

Main benefits of the virtual cards are maximum security, no credit assessment, availability for immediate use.

OKPAY Virtual Debit Card Benefits

OKPAY MasterCard provides clients an easy and secure online payment source with several million retailers worldwide. A short time upon card application approval client obtains virtual card credentials (containing primary card information required for online purchases).

Virtual card has a temporary number that can be used for one time or several online purchases. This card number is useless to hackers, because even if the card number becomes uncovered it will not be useful as the card most likely won’t have available funds.

To keep online shopping even safer OKPAY Company recommends transferring funds to the virtual card at the moment when ready to make a purchase. This way the transfer amount can match the checkout price and the card balance will remain empty until next payment.

Identity theft is also a major concern nowadays. The virtual card number does not lead to any real credit card numbers or bank accounts associated with it. OKPAY Virtual Card is a Pre-Paid card, which means that it has a spending limit, which is not linked to a Wallet balance.

It only takes a few days to generate and receive a virtual card number that can be immediately used for purchases as a valid card over the internet. There are over 33 million MasterCard® merchant locations worldwide.

“Our goal is to create an ultimate payment financial service, suitable and convenient for both sellers and buyers. We have celebrated our second birthday not long ago, and we are glad to see our client’s satisfaction and continuous support,” says Konstantin Romanovsky, OKPAY President and CEO. “We are happy to keep improving OKPAY. This time we would like to offer you a great option for secure online shopping – OKPAY Virtual Debit Card!”

For more information on OKPAY Virtual Debit Card solution visit OKPAY News.

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Payday Express Launches ‘Be Fair’ Fair Trade Month For April

UK provider of no fax payday loans, Payday Express, has made April “Be Fair” month and is encouraging staff to think about and use Fairtrade products.

The move follows the success of Payday Express’s “Be Healthy” month, held during March.

The usual tea, coffee, sugar and hot chocolate provided for all employees at the payday loan company have been swapped for Fairtrade equivalents, and the company is aiming to continue the use of fair trade brands and products wherever possible in the future.

Payday Express also bought each of its staff a fair trade chocolate to celebrate Easter.

Sarah Carroll, operations manager at Payday Express, said: “We like to raise awareness of different causes at Payday Express and this month’s focus on fair trade is going down well. Staff are learning things they did not know about the types of fair trade products they could buy and the value they can add to the lives of producers.”

The staff notice board, situated in the kitchen, is adorned with posters and information about Fairtrade products, including food, beauty products and cotton. The board also displays information about what Fairtrade is all about and how it helps farmers to earn a fair price for the products they produce and export. Information about the cost of Fairtrade produce is also provided, along with a price comparison with non-Fairtrade products, which shows that there is often little or no difference between the two.

The online payday loans provider already holds a dress down day every Friday and collects £1 from all employees, with the money collected being donated to the chosen charity of the month – this month’s chosen charity is the Fairtrade Foundation.

Marketing administrator at Payday Express, Cigdem Husseyin, said: “The Fairtrade Foundation is a very worthy charity, helping farmers acquire a better deal for their produce, to consequently help give them and their communities a better life.”

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More Financial press releases Reveals An Extra £4bn Is Being Spent On Life Insurance By Uk Men has revealed that men across the UK are paying far more for their life insurance than women. Currently, men are paying an average of 26% more per policy, per year than women. The average British male will incur additional life insurance costs of £1,366 over their lifetime which equates to a shocking national figure of £4bn being paid. To make matters worse, revealed that 1 in 4 men admit they never shop around for anything better.

The research also revealed that many people spend longer considering the purchase of a holiday or a car than choosing life insurance, with 54% of men saying a new car is a more important. The top reason for not having life insurance is because people don’t feel they need it (28%), and more than 1 in 4 of the UK are put off by the cost. Over 1 in 5 of people haven’t purchased life insurance because they don’t understand what it’s for.

Despite recent research showing that the majority of people (55%) feel worse off than in 2007 it appears that they’re not taking adequate measures to cut their costs. Over 1 in 4 policy holders confess to buying the first policy they come across, with men more likely to buy the first policy than women. It appears that people are reluctant to help themselves, as 40% of people don’t take advantage of price comparison websites when looking for life insurance quotes.

With the March 2011 European Court of Justice ruling taking effect from 21 December 2012, insurers will no longer be able to charge different prices for men and women when it comes to insurance. It is unlikely that men who already have a fixed policy will see any reduction in price.

So, making the effort to find a new or better value policy will become more important than ever as these changes begin to take place, but the research reveals that this might not come naturally to men, 65% of whom have never changed their life insurance provider.

Across all aspects of their lifestyle men generally don’t like shopping around, with an overwhelming 78% of those surveyed admitting to buying clothes without trying them on first, compared to only 25% of women. At Christmas men constantly fail to get the best bargain, with 39% of women shopping for presents from January onwards, compared to nearly 1 in 5 (19%) of men who leave it until the week before, resulting in inevitable overspending.

Matthew Lloyd, head of Life Insurance at said: “Life insurance doesn’t seem worth the effort to many men, however they could be saving money by shopping around. Life insurance is about allowing your family to maintain their lifestyle if you were no longer around, and shopping with a price comparison site means you can compare prices from major providers in one place allowing you to find a good deal. The difference between men and women’s premiums means it’s even more important for men to make sure they’re getting the best deal possible.”

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More Financial press releases Launches Vote Match Tool has partnered up with Unlock Democracy, the people behind Vote Match, to help the public make those difficult voting decisions.

The London Mayoral Election will be taking place on 3 May 2012 and, the leading car insurance price comparison site, has made it easier to work out who to vote for through the Vote match tool:

Vote Match is a free online application that was launched in 2010 and has been voted the Online Innovation of 2011. The application asks people questions regarding their opinions, interests, and certain life choices. The application then collates all the answers that are given and matches them to an election candidate which seems to most suit their opinions. In this case the candidates for the London Mayoralty Election. is providing people with an impartial, online destination that concerned Brits can visit to make up their minds on voting issues using an unbiased, award-winning interactive application.

Peter Facey, Director of Unlock Democracy, said: “Unlock Democracy are delighted that is sponsoring Vote Match as our two brands seem like the perfect match.

“We recognise that often it is not obvious to people which political candidate best represents their views. Vote Match is a fun and easy way for people to compare the candidates and their policies on the issues that matter most to them.

“Unlock Democracy hope Vote Match will help the majority of London’s 6 million electorate for whom the main decision in this election is not who to vote for, but whether to vote at all. Thanks to our partnership, voters need not be confused come polling day.”

Mike Hoban, Marketing Director at, said: “We are delighted to be working with Vote Match to make it easier for people to decide who they want to support in this important election. The new tool makes it easier for people to match their own opinions with that of the candidates. A more informed electorate can only benefit us all.”

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Melbourne Options and Futures Exchange (MOFEX) names He Zhengtang as new President

Melbourne Options and Futures Exchange (MOFEX), one of the world’s leaders market place in futures, today announced the appointment of He Zhengtang as President of Melbourne Options and Futures Exchange all operations, effective this month pending the board’s approval. He will be replacing Russell Holland, the legendary MOFEX president expert, who has also been the driving force of MOFEX from the beginning to where it is now, as a global trading market place. Mr. He Zhengtang comes from a very prestigious Singapore corporation where for nearly two decades he was the head of trading for the corporate division.

During this period Mr. He Zhengtang contributed directly to the creation of two joint ventures. “The rapidly evolving futures markets present new and exciting opportunities, and with the experience of He Zhengtang we will be enabling MOFEX to continue its path to success,” said Peter Cole, Chief Executive Officer at Melbourne Options and Futures Exchange.

“An innovator and accomplished individual, He Zhengtang brings with him a multitude of experience in futures markets for MOFEX. Russell Holland has established a successful start and a path for MOFEX during the beginnings of an industry that has faced many challenges. We would like to thank Russell Holland for his exemplary leadership and contributions, and we along with the organization look forward to working with He Zhengtang”, Mr. Peter Cole also stated.

William Cornel, Managing Director for Melbourne Options and Futures Exchange said,“Russell Holland has absolutely done a fine job in the beginnings and the development of MOFEX. He single-handedly brought success to the organization through his personal involvement and catapulting MOFEX towards difficult times, as well as being professional in managing MOFEX during the most difficult times of this markets. MOFEX and I share satisfaction and pleasure with He Zhengtang as a successor for the growth of MOFEX’s operations.”

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Melbourne Options and Futures Exchange (MOFEX) Launches New Software-Based Service Trading Platform

The Trading Department of the Melbourne Options and Futures Exchange today released a statement regarding the availability of its open source trading platform over MOFEX TECH’S network. The service is specifically designed for high volume traders and provides a high-performance hosted infrastructure with the versatility of an open source platform at a small portion of the cost of on-premise proprietary trading systems.

“The clients of today are requiring the best performance and the most minimal inactivity possible while discharging IT management problems and unneeded costs so that they can focus on what they do best which is to trade,” said He Zhengtang, President of Melbourne Options and Futures Exchange. “With MOFEX TECH by our side, we can provide this solution through a managed hosting platform. Our customers can expect to experience reduced costs of payments, versatility and performance advantages that they need to compete in this era of trading.”

The new service from the Trading Department of Melbourne Options and Futures Exchange gives Trading Companies of different sizes the versatility traders need to pursue alpha at a cost model that only an open source business model can deliver.

The clients begin with the level of capacity that they require and expand seamlessly, making payments on a basis of what they use. MOFEX TECH will host the trading platform as a partnered solution. The customers will be able to access this platform together with other services including MOFEX TECH’s high-performance, dependable and flexible directed order routing capability.“The end-to-end solution available from Melbourne Options and Futures Exchange Trading Department and MOFEX TECH shows our dedication to searching for other methods to attract liquidity and meet the needs of our clients with versatile, open and cost-effective products,” said Jiang Dao Lee, Head of MOFEX Trading Department. “By giving a solution in a secure environment, we can address concerns such as Internet speed requirements, procurement, maintaining market data infrastructure and connectivity so that our clients can spend more of their time focusing on their core competencies”, completed Mr. Dao Lee.

The Melbourne Options and Futures Exchange (MOFEX) is a leading multi-product commodity and currency derivatives exchange.

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MOFEX Names Arthur Hatch to Head Team as Director of Services

MOFEX, one of the world`s most diverse marketplace announced that it has appointed Arthur Hatch, as an executive with over two decades of industry experience, to its team as Director of Services. Arthur Hatch will report to William Cornell, the Managing Director. Arthur Hatch will be in charge for heading the growth, enactment and management of MOFEX interest rate, derivatives, swaps and other product lines. He previously served as Managing Director for a leading Asian banking corporation. “MOFEX proceeds to expand its business and client base all over the world, with our extensive suite of financial products,” said MOFEX C.E.O Peter Cole. “Arthur Hatch’s addition to our executive team, along other key personnel who leads our commodity trading department, and William Hudson who leads our OTC Trading Department, will further enhance the capabilities of our team as we continue to successfully enact our global growth strategy.”

“Our global sales force continues to focus on providing innovative products and clearing services, as well as outstanding customer service, to market participants worldwide,” exclaimed Mr. Hatch. “William`s experience growing MOFEX volumes of almost twice the previous figures calculated, as well as his expertise enhancing our team and our product offering as one of the largest regulated marketplace in the Asia – Pacific, will be of incredible advantage to us, as we expand our on-MOFEX and OTC offerings in our interest rates, credit swaps and other business lines.” Prior to joining MOFEX, Arthur Hatch, acquired nearly two decades’ worth of experience in the global market, most recently as Managing Director, for a leading banking corporation where he was tasked with the development and management of the product platform, trading, technology and structured products offering in the company’s futures options business.

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More Financial press releases Launches Facebook App That Burgles Houses has launched a Facebook video app called ‘House of Horrors’ in order to raise awareness of the importance of home insurance, coinciding with the launch of’s Nectar campaign, where customers can collect 1,000 Nectar points with every home, pet, van, bike and car insurance policy bought through Customers who buy life insurance will receive 3,000 Nectar points.

The app clearly shows why people need home insurance and customers can collect 1,000 Nectar points by simply buying this product through

The app, which was created by A Social Media Agency, forms part of the on-going digital content marketing strategy of and reinforces the importance of having a home insurance policy in place to make sure your possessions are covered against theft.

Once plugged into the video app, Facebook users are presented with a video of a burglar breaking into a home which they quickly realise is in fact their house shown through a Google Maps image of their street that is displayed in the clip. This is made possible as users are required to enter their postcode at the beginning.

The video app takes information from users’ profiles, such as photos, and places this around the house in which the burglar appears to be, to make them feel as though it is their own.

In order to demonstrate the need for home insurance, the app includes eerie music and a threatening ‘burglar’ character that is seen to be handling photos of the app user around the house. A shot of the thief stealing a laptop that displays the users’ Facebook profile and one last shot of the character holding a photo frame containing an image of the user completes the video, with the message ‘cover your possessions at’.

Speaking about the video app, Mike Hoban, Marketing Director at, said:
“We’re looking to spark conversation with this video app and make people understand the importance of having home insurance. With the current challenging financial times, people may stop insuring their possessions just to save a few pounds, but this is false economy.”

Sharon Flaherty, Head of Content at continued: “The integration of information from users’ profiles, especially their photos, is bound to make people feel uneasy as though their home really has been broken into. However, this is a situation which is very much a reality given that the British Crime Survey reported a 5% rise in burglary in the 12 months to September 2011.”

Laura Edwards, Account Manager at A Social Media Agency, added: “We wanted to make the experience of users having their home broken into as real as possible. Building Google Maps into the start to show their street was a big part of this, immediately putting you on edge.”

Known for their success at combining PR, social media and digital marketing, continue to launch original ideas, such as their first video-only newsletter sent earlier this month and the recent Happy Birthday Video App. Social media has become a focus for the company in 2012, with exciting plans to focus on growing their audience in coming months.

The ‘House of Horrors’ app can be found at

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Prudential Study Reveals One In Six Will Retire With No Pension

Prudential’s Class of 2012 study has revealed that one in six people (16 per cent) planning to retire this year will depend on the State Pension to fund their retirement as they have no other pension.

The figures come from Prudential’s Class of 2012 research, which provides insights into the financial expectations of Britons planning to retire this year.

Women are more than twice as likely as men to have no pension; 20 per cent of women retiring in 2012 will depend on the State Pension compared with just 8 per cent of men.

The average person planning to retire this year will look to the State for 34 per cent of their income, with State Pension payments set to rise to £107.45 a week for single people from the 6th April 2012. Company pensions (35 per cent) are the second highest source of income and the remaining 30% comes from a mixture of savings, investments, personal pension savings, part time work and money from family members.

The Prudential research also shows that one quarter (26 per cent) of people retiring this year either overestimate by more than £500 a year what the State Pension pays, or simply do not know.

Vince Smith-Hughes, retirement income expert at Prudential, said: “While the State Pension is a safety net for pensioners in the UK, it should only ever be regarded as part of an overall retirement plan.

“For far too many people, the State Pension has become the default income option in retirement. Even those who have some private provision depend so heavily on the State that it makes up a third of their retirement income.

“Although State Pension levels will rise to £107.45 for single people per week on Friday, this will still only provide relatively low levels of income to people in retirement. It’s a weak safety net for those without any savings and the real income shock for many retirees will come when the gap between their current earnings and the State Pension becomes apparent.

“If people want to maintain their standard of living in retirement it is important that they start to save as much as possible as early as possible, and the vast majority should join company pension schemes where possible. Seeking early advice from a financial adviser should also be a prerequisite to helping people achieve the level of retirement income they want and need.”

Regionally, people retiring this year in the Midlands are the most likely in the UK to rely on the State Pension (40 per cent). This compares with a quarter (28 per cent) of those in Scotland, who claim that they will be the least reliant on the state for their retirement income.

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More Financial press releases Watson Car Insurance Price Index Reveals Women Feeling The Pinch

The latest Watson Car Insurance Price Index has revealed that, after several years of soaring price increases, car insurance prices have fallen. However, car insurance prices are still 61% higher than they were at the end of 2006.

Car insurance prices for women have fallen 3% year-on-year but in some UK regions women are experiencing hikes as high as 9.7%, showing a murky picture across the UK.

For men, the price of comprehensive car insurance has dropped by 1.8% year on year bringing an average policy to £869 at the end of March 2012.This compares with women who were paying £751 in the same period.

However, the Watson Car Insurance Price index also shows that some women have seen more significant rises than men in the 12 month period. These changes are taking place in Leeds and Sheffield, Inner London, Manchester & Merseyside as well as the West Midlands and mostly amongst the 21-30 age group.

In the Leeds/Sheffield area, the Watson car insurance price index shows that the cost of a comprehensive policy for women aged 21-25 increased by 3.4% YoY in Q1 2012, totalling £1,437. This compares with a 2% rise for men of the same age and postcode who in Q1 2012 paid £2,199 for a comprehensive policy.

Women aged 21-25 living in Inner London also took a hit in premiums, experiencing car insurance price rises of 3.9% YoY in Q1 2012, whereas 21-25 year old males living in the same postcode saw a lesser 3.4 per cent hike.

In the Manchester/ Merseyside region, women aged 21-25 were grappling with price hikes of 4.7% as the price of a comprehensive policy rose to £1,820. By contrast, their male counterparts saw a 3.6% rise.

Interestingly, and also in the Manchester/ Merseyside area, those women aged 66-70 were hit with a huge 9.7% rise in their insurance premium, compared with a 5.7% rise for men.

Despite being hit with regional hikes, women are still paying less than men for car insurance because the cost of claims is less for women compared to that of men. The Watson car insurance price index shows that for the first quarter of 2012, female drivers aged 17-20 were paying £1,766 LESS than men of the same age. The average cost of a fully comprehensive car insurance policy in the first quarter of 2012 for a female aged 17-20 is £1,869 compared with males of the same age who pay £3,635.

As well as some women in some regions feeling the effects of car insurance price rises, increases above the rate of inflation (3.4%)* were seen in Oldham, Uxbridge, Bradford and East London. With a price increase of 7.1%, Oldham replaces Bradford as the postcode with the fastest rising prices over the last 12 months.

Gareth Kloet, Head of Car Insurance at said: “Overall we’ve seen insurance prices come down marginally but, some women are seeing significant increases in their premium. The European Union gender equality law bans the use of gender as a factor in calculating the cost of an insurance policy and comes into effect on 21 December 2012. As a result, we expect women everywhere to see hikes to their car insurance costs.”

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More Financial press releases Reveals Men Pay More For Life Insurance has revealed that men across the UK are paying far more for their life insurance than women. Currently, men are paying an average of 26% more per policy, per year. To make matters worse, reveals that a shocking 1 in 4 men never shop around for anything better.

Matthew Lloyd, Head of Life insurance at, said: “Men complain that women take too long shopping, but men need to learn from women if they want to get the best deals – on life insurance, but also day to day items too.”

According to evolutionary psychology, men and women’s shopping behaviours are adapted from the traditional roles of men being hunters and women being gatherers. Men, the hunters, locate their item as quickly as possible, whereas women, the gatherers, spend time analysing the different items in order to get the best deal.

Men fail to get the best bargains especially at Christmas, with 39% of women shopping for presents from January onwards, compared to nearly 1 in 5 (19%) of men who leave it until the week before, inevitably overspending.

When clothes shopping, half of UK men (50%) take less than an hour to buy an outfit, whereas the majority of women (89%) actually take up to 5 hours. An overwhelming 78% of hunter men admit to buying clothes without trying them on first, compared to only 25% of women.

As a quarter of men (24%) default to their favourite shop, 48% of women shop around, before making their final (and best) purchase online or in a sale. This is because the single-minded hunter men don’t like going from shop to shop – 42% buy their groceries in one store, compared to nearly half (49%) of gatherer women who go to several shops, seeking out the best deal.

When it comes to shopping in the sales, men’s aversion to shopping means that they are already lagging behind women’s eye for a bargain, with 23% of men preferring to shop in the sales compared to 31% of women.

Whereas nearly 1 in 3 men don’t shop around for life insurance, there is one thing that they do shop around for: a car. Over 54% of men think that a car is the most important purchase to bargain hunt for, whereas the majority (32%) of women believe that it’s a holiday that matters most. This is because hunter men prefer bigger ‘catches’. Hundreds of years ago this would have been an antelope for dinner, these days it’s a car.

Matthew Lloyd, Head of Life Insurance at continued: “Men are happy to spend the time shopping around for lifestyle purchases they perceive as important, such as a car or television, but comparing life insurance quotes doesn’t seem worth the effort for many. However, they could be saving money by doing so.”

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More Financial press releases Unveils New Promotion With The NSPCC

Expert price-comparison site,, is donating £5 to the NSPCC for every credit card taken out through in April 2012. is throwing its support behind the charity this year as it celebrates the 25th anniversary of ChildLine, the free 24 hour confidential helpline for children and young people, which is a service provided by the NSPCC.

The promotion began on April 1st and will run until 30th April 2012. has been comparing leading credit cards since 2008 and currently displays 245 credits cards. offers the most competitive and market-leading cards from providers like Barclaycard Platinum which offers 0% interest on balances transfers for 22 months, Tesco which is interest free on purchases for 18 months & Capital One World that offers up to 5% cash back. also offers a ‘card matcher’ tool that helps customers identify their chance of getting a card before they apply, without leaving a footprint on their credit profile.

For every credit card taken out through, the price comparison website will give £5 to the NSPCC.

The promotion not only means that customers get competitive rates on credit cards, they also support a charity that can make a real difference to children, by fighting for their rights, providing support and making them safe.

ChildLine joined the NSPCC in 2006.ChildLine is the UK’s free, confidential helpline for children and young people in the UK. Trained volunteers are on hand to provide advice and support, by phone and online, 24 hours a day.

Svetlana Kirov, Head of Corporate Partnerships at the NSPCC said: “The NSPCC is delighted that will be supporting us in celebrating ChildLine’s 25th anniversary. For 25 years, ChildLine has been a trusted friend that any child or young person in the UK can turn to when they need someone there for them. In the last 12 months alone, ChildLine counselled over 265,000 contacts from children who may have otherwise had no one to turn to for help. With your support, we can continue to provide this valuable service for future generations of children and young people.”

Nerys Lewis, Head of Credit Cards at, said: “We are delighted to announce this new promotion with the NSPCC. By just donating £5 from every card taken out at we are helping support the NSPCC’s vision, which is to end cruelty to children.

“For those customers in the market for a new credit card, by using our comparison site, they are not only getting a good deal on their credit card but are also helping a charity who puts children at the heart of their cause.”

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Payday Express Supports Staff Development

Payday Express continues to demonstrate its commitment to staff development with training programmes and mentoring schemes for those looking to build their careers within the company.

The latest to benefit from this commitment to training and development are Laura Kent, Louis Dixon and Lauren Harding – all of whom are or have been seconded to various teams within the business.

Laura Kent started at the payday loan company in May 2010 and spent her first 12 months as a customer support agent. During her time in this role Laura was given the opportunity to get involved in quality monitoring as well as group training for all new starters at the contact centre.

She was singled out as an employee with drive who wanted to progress her career at the no fax payday loans company. She was offered a secondment as a customer relations officer and is now working permanently in this role.

Laura said: “The company recognised my drive and determination and has supported my career path change as a result.

“It has helped me to develop and continue to progress and I really appreciate being encouraged to challenge myself.”

Two other contact centre employees, Louis Dixon and Lauren Harding, are currently on secondment within the training department. They have been on Train the Trainer courses and are getting involved with group training, inductions and quality management on a daily basis.

Payday Express also provides a trainee team leader course to agent-level employees who have leadership potential.

The focus on supporting staff in career development is paramount at Payday Express and new roles are always advertised internally to give employees the chance to progress or to embark on new careers within the company.

Richard Turner, Payday Express’s HR adviser, said: “We support and encourage staff development so that our employees can reach their potential and pursue their chosen career paths. It is always great to see individuals grow within the company.”

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Business Monitor International Highlights Myanmar’s Most Promising Investment Sectors

Business Monitor International (BMI) has released the latest special report “Myanmar Awakens: Unearthing Asia’s Hidden Gem” analysing Myanmar’s recent rapprochement with the West and its promising signs of political and economic liberalisation.

The recent by-election results appear to mark a watershed moment in the country’s recent reform drive, with positive implications for both the political system and the state’s improving relationship with the international community. The impact on Myanmar’s investment prospects will be closely watched, with investors particularly interested in whether or not EU and US economic sanctions will be lifted. According to BMI, Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) has a history of poor market accessibility and many hope that the country will now emulate the success of countries such as Thailand and Vietnam, fuelled by hopes that the country is finally emerging from decades of isolation to join the ranks of Asia’s economic powerhouses.

While a timetable is still hard to pin down, sanctions are expected to be drawn down incrementally over the course of the coming year. The report recognises key political and geopolitical factors that will drive or constrain Myanmar’s reforms for the changing nation and identify the challenges faced by investors as a result of Myanmar’s business environment.

“Myanmar Awakens: Unearthing Asia’s Hidden Gem” assesses the ‘new era’ in sight and as seen in other resource-rich frontier markets, BMI expects a number of key sectors to dominate investor attention in the short to long term, should there be a relaxation of the US and EU economic sanctions.

BMI’s portfolio of products provides comprehensive analysis across emerging market economies and enables global investors, emerging market strategists and decision-makers across the corporate spectrum to assess and evaluate global political and economic risks and aid strategic planning activities over the short, medium and long term.

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Payday Express Employee Raises Money For Harambee For Kenya

Gary Owens, a customer support agent at Payday Express, is travelling to Kenya to help the Harambee for Kenya charity.

Harambee for Kenya works with street children, giving them somewhere safe to sleep and to receive medical attention, if required. As well as providing them with a home, the charity also sends them to school, feeds them and shows them care.

Gary is travelling with the 23rd Bromley Scout Group to a safe house in Kenya, where they will help with maintenance work and spend time with the children, many of them orphaned. The group will also visit another one of the charity’s sites to spend time with children currently enrolled in a feeding programme.

The group will be flying out on March 31 and will return to the UK on April 14.

Gary said: “We are pleased to be a part of this project so that we can help Harambee for Kenya in whatever way they need, and help to provide a caring atmosphere for the orphaned children now living in the safe house.

“We believe this trip will teach English Scouts that there is more to life than what we have here in the UK. It will give them an understanding of the benefit of learning other cultures and helping people,” he added.

Payday Express employees pay £1 each Friday to wear casual clothes to work. They donate the money collected to a different charity each month with March’s donation going to Harambee for Kenya to pay for clothing, schooling and feeding the children on all three projects that Harambee for Kenya currently has.

The charity is also looking to build a new house in another district in a bid to help 40 more children in the short-term, and hundreds more in the future.

Sarah Carroll, operations manager at the payday loan company, said: “I am very proud of Gary and his scout group which is dedicating itself to such a fantastic cause.

“And I am pleased that Payday Express can help contribute by raising money for projects Harambee for Kenya are working on.”

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