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Digi Communications N.V. to host H1 2021 Financial Results conference call on 13 Aug 2021

BUCHAREST, Romania, 6-Aug-2021 — /EPR FINANCIAL NEWS/ — Digi Communications N.V. (“Digi” or the “Company”) announces that on 13 August 2021 at 14:00 UK time/ 16:00 EEST (Romania local time) it will host a conference call to discuss the H1 2021 financial results.

To participate please follow the instructions from our website: and pre-register for the call. The deadline for pre-registration is until 12:00 UK time/ 14:00 EEST (Romania local time) on 13 August 2021.

A recording of the conference call will be available on our website for 30 days:

SOURCE: EuropaWire

Digi Communications N.V. releases its financial results for the first quarter of 2021

BUCHAREST, Romania, 14-May-2021 — /EPR FINANCIAL NEWS/ — Digi Communications N.V. (“Digi” or the “Company”) announces that the Q1 2021 Financial results are available on the Company’s website. For more details, please see

Also, on 17 May 2021 at 14:00 UK time/ 16:00 EEST (Romania local time) it will host a conference call to discuss the Q1 2021 Financial Results.

To participate please follow the instructions from our website: and pre-register for the call. The deadline for pre-registration is until 12:00 UK time/ 14:00 EEST (Romania local time) on 17 May 2021.

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Digi Communications N.V. published its Q3 2020 financial results

BUCHAREST, Romania, 13-Nov-2020 — /EPR FINANCIAL NEWS/ — Digi Communications N.V. (“Digi” or the “Company”) announces that Q3 2020 financial results are available on the Company’s website.

For details, please see:

SOURCE: EuropaWire

Digi Communications NV 1H-2020 Financial Results now available

BUCHAREST, Romania, 14-Aug-2020 — /EPR FINANCIAL NEWS/ — Digi Communications N.V. (“Digi” or the “Company”) announces that H1 2020 financial results are available on the Company’s website.

For details, please see:

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Digi Communications NV 1Q2020 Financial Results now available

BUCHAREST, Romania, 15-May-2020 — /EPR FINANCIAL NEWS/ — Digi Communications N.V. (“Digi” or the “Company”) announces that Q1 2020 financial results are available on the Company’s website.

For details, please see:

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Digi Communications N.V. recommends its shareholders not to attend the AGM 2020 in person due to COVID-19

BUCHAREST, Romania, 14-Apr-2020 — /EuropaWire/ — In light of the public health risks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictive measures implemented in the Netherlands and elsewhere concerning the gatherings of people, Digi Communications N.V. (the Company) recommends its shareholders not to attend the annual general meeting of shareholders (the “AGM”) in person. In order to cast their votes:

Class A shareholders: holders of registered class A shares (which for the purposes of the AGM includes holders of rights of usufruct and pledgees with voting rights in respect of those shares) are advised to send the notice of attendance indicating that they will not participate in person to the meeting and instead will grant a proxy either to (i) a third party or to (ii) Mrs. Andra Gunescu and to Mrs. Madalina Elena-Lungu, any of whom may individually and alternatively (and not collectively) execute the given proxy, in which case such proxy must include unequivocal voting instruction(s).

Class B shareholders: holders of class B shares (which for the purposes of the AGM includes holders of rights of usufruct and pledgees with voting rights in respect of those shares) are advised to either (i) send the notice of attendance indicating that they will not participate to the meeting in person or be represented by their own representative and thus grant a power of attorney to Mrs. Andra Gunescu who will be authorized to, on behalf of the relevant holder, with the right of substitution, to attend the AGM, to sign the attendance list, to speak and to cast a vote at that meeting on the voting items on the agenda in accordance with the voting instructions provided by the relevant holder; or (ii) give voting instructions via the Evo-platform of ING Bank N.V. (

For further details, please refer to the convening notice for the AGM, available on the Company’s website, at Company acknowledges that constraints caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, particularly the restrictions to the physical presence of shareholders at the AGM and thus to ask questions at the meeting. For this reason, shareholders who wish to submit questions regarding items on the AGM agenda, are encouraged to do so by e-mail to until 12:00 pm CET on Monday, 27 April 2020, (13:00 pm in Romania).

The e-mail must include the name, surname, number of shares held by the shareholder on the record date for the AGM and the AGM agenda item to which the question relates.

SOURCE: EuropaWire

Digi Communications published instructions on the 2018 share dividend payment

BUCHAREST, Romania, 7-May-2019 — /EPR FINANCIAL NEWS/ — The Company (Digi Communications N.V.) would like to inform its shareholders and the market that, on 7 May 2019, were made available the detailed instructions regarding the payment of the dividend in gross amount of 0.50 lei per share, as approved by the Company’s general shareholders’ meeting from 30 April 2019. The detailed instructions on the payment of the dividend are available on the Company’s website, at the relevant „GSM” section.

SOURCE: EuropaWire

Resolutions of Digi Communications N.V.’s general shareholders meeting held on 30 Apr 2019

BUCHAREST, Romania, 30-Apr-2019 — /EPR FINANCIAL NEWS/ — The Company would like to inform the market and its investors that today, Tuesday, 30 April 2019, at 12:00 p.m. CEST, at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Amsterdam – Schiphol (municipality of Haarlemmermeer), Planeetbaan 2, 2132 HZ Hoofddorp, The Netherlands, took place the Company’s general shareholders’ meeting (the GSM) with respect to which the Company informed its shareholders and the market through the Convocation notice released on 19 March 2019 (the Convocation Notice).

The GSM was attended – either in person or by representative – by shareholders representing 75,01 % of the total number of shares with voting rights, respectively 71,094,938 shares.

Following the debates, the GSM has adopted the following decisions regarding the points included on the agenda, in accordance with the Convocation Notice:

2. The Annual Report of the Company for 2018 (item 2 from the Convocation Notice):

d. Adoption of the 2018 Annual Accounts

e. Distribution of dividend – based on the approval, the Company will distribute a gross dividend of 0.50 RON per share, ex-date – 15 May 2019, reference date – 16 May 2019, with the expected payment date – 29 May 2019

f. Release from liability of the members of Board of Directors

3. Appointment of Statutory Auditor – Ernst & Young Accountants, LLP, Netherlands

4. Designation of the Board of Directors as the competent body to repurchase own Class B Shares – based on this approval, the Board of Directors shall have the authority to acquire class B shares in the share capital of the Company through stock exchange trading of otherwise, in accordance with the applicable legal provisions for a period of 12 months from the date of the GSM and therefore up to and including 30 April 2020. The authority of the Board of Directors shall be limited to a maximum of up to 10% of the issued class B share capital at the close of trading on the Regulated Spot Market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange on the date of the GSM, 30 April 2019. The Board of Directors intends to appoint an independent specialized trading / brokerage firm to execute any such buy-back.

5. Appointment of Emil Jugaru as non-executive member of the Board of Directors – based on this approval Mr. Emil Jugaru was appointed as non-executive member of the Board of Directors of the Company for a term of one (1) year ending on the day of the annual general meeting of the Company to be held in 2020.

The voting results of the GSM, as well as other relevant information on the GSM and the related documents are available on the Company’s website at the section dedicated to the GSM:

Digi Communications N.V. also informs shareholders and investors that the approved Annual Financial Report for the year ended December 31, 2018 is available starting 30 April 2019, on the company’s website (, at section Investor Relations.

SOURCE: EuropaWire

NexBoom Continues Campaign With Heroes For Humanity

Lou Zant President of NexBoom Universe,, a wholly owned subsidiary of NexBoom Universe Group,, announced today that the continuing arrangement with Heroes For Humanity,, is progressing very well. Originally developed in 2001, Heroes For Humanity is an internet media company that celebrates the hero in the full spectrum of humanity. The organization draws stories from people from all over the world, and in all walks of life. Knowing everyone has something of value to offer others, and that the particular journey of any one person can offer inspiration and encouragement to a variety of other people, Heroes For Humanity seeks stories from the man on the street.

The global effort of Heroes For Humanity is to provide positive and inspirational stories from a broad spectrum of humanity – from well-recognized, higher profile people as well as those as yet unknown. With the perspective that, ”There’s a hero in each and every one of us”, this campaign presents to the general public the opportunity to assist individuals in bringing interesting stories of “Good News” and the empowerment of others to a broad array of people.

The Heroes for Humanity organization presents a variety of thought-provoking stories from many celebrated people. The stories of those well-known as well as lesser-known but inspiring people bring motivation and great encouragement to a wide and diverse audience. With a growing library of more than 400 inspiring interviews available for perusal, Heroes for Humanity presents material that is frequently able to motivate people and catalyze their dreams and intentions into substantial and significant achievements.

With the primary focus of celebrating and creating positive influences for ‘the man on the street’, Laurel Barrett, Founder and CEO, states, “Our mission is to empower people and to inspire leadership throughout the world.” Those who participate in the Heroes For Humanity project are encouraged to go to the Heroes For Humanity website,, to nominate the people who have been positive influences in their own histories, their own lives. It’s a unique opportunity for people to publicly acknowledge their own personal heroes.

NexBoom, in conjunction with Heroes for Humanity, uses various publications and personal development programs to feature those who have created extraordinary achievements in their lives, and who have inspired others through their actions of excellence. It is hoped that this will encourage those people who are associated with this common purpose to contribute to the continuing efforts to bring this program of hope to a larger audience.

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NexBoom Arrangement With My Day 1 Progresses

NexBoom, subsidiary of NexBoom Universe Group, announces advancement with their ongoing arrangement with My Day 1

Lou Zant, President of NexBoom Universe a wholly owned subsidiary of NexBoom Universe Group, announced today that the continuing arrangement with My Day 1 is progressing well. My Day 1 is purpose-driven company, which aims to serve their associates as well as to serve the needs of others. My Day 1 is emerging as a leader on the playing field of cause-related marketing – helping to develop innovative business opportunities for the new breed of citizen consumers.

In the currently shifting economic state of affairs, a home-based business is an excellent option for many people. Whether used as a second source of income to amend one’s basic earnings, or as the basis for a creative personal business and self-directed source of income, the pioneering business structure of My Day 1 aims to fill an emerging group of people. Their business model can help people to save money with the unique, innovative and often exclusively obtainable products they offer. Another exceptional element of the My Day 1 group is in the business structure that enables the My Day 1 Associates to donate a chosen part of their revenue to causes dear to their hearts and minds. The intention of My Day 1 is to provide positive and inspirational business opportunities as well as give participants an opportunity to easily share the wealth with causes they believe in.

With the My Day 1 Linear Pay System, consumers are able to choose from three levels of participation. The general public can simply purchase the available products from an online associate. Or, people can choose from two other levels: Charity Partners, or Preferred Consumers. Charity Partners and Preferred Consumers have the right to purchase all of the products in the unique My Day 1 product line at wholesale prices. The Charity Partner and Preferred Consumer levels also have an opportunity to receive bonuses.

One of the dietary products unique to My Day 1 is Dr. Max’s Raw Superfood Mix. Coming in three flavors and two sizes, it is a high protein, high fiber, vitamin enriched superfood mix that is also grain-free, gluten-free, and plant-based. This product is formulated to fit a variety of lifestyles and dietary philosophies, including Vegan, Organic and Paleo. And because every ingredient is sustainably-green, and cultivated in its most natural state, it is very easy for the body to digest – which helps people to create and maintain a healthy weight, and also provides blood sugar balance throughout the day.

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Masterseek Estimated IPO Soars to 18-20 USD Per Share, Could Reach 35

With the success of business search engines and business profile sites, startups have become like rabbits out of a magician’s hat. How many of these companies have the database and programming acuity to really make an impact though? The answer is few and the reasons are varied from poor functionality to vague address names, bad marketing and a basic lack of interest from those who would post a profile. The truth is, as we’ve seen with the dominance of sites liked LinkedIn, it only takes a couple of good ones to corner the market and all others more or less fall by the wayside.

There is one site to keep your eyes on when it comes to giving LinkedIn some real competition, and some stock analysts are already starting to pay attention. is an extensively successful B2B search engine already, the largest online with over 100 million business profiles and growing much faster than any of the competition. Recently financial experts have valued it at 18-20 USD per share and this could easily reach 35 very soon according to most forecasts. This new evaluation is coming on the coattails of rumors that will be joining the likes of LinkedIn, Xing, Google+ and Facebook with a professional profiles section added to their already massive database.

How much truth is there to the rumor? It’s been confirmed that they’ve already compiled a database of 150 million professional profiles. That puts them right on par with LinkedIn and ahead of LinkedIn in sheer numbers when you include international profiles. Recently in another interview Masterseek President Rasmus Refer would not comment on the timing of this release; “We are working on many new activities with the objective to become the largest global provider of business information, but cannot tell you more about our plans right now.” They may be playing their cards close to the vest for now, but it appears the new release of a professional profile site is immanent.

You’re probably asking, what would make this different than the dozens of other professional profile sites that tried to go up against LinkedIn and failed miserably? There is a lot that sets Masterseek apart, even when compared to big time LinkedIn competitors like Google+. Here are just a few of the reasons Masterseek’s professional profile section will give LinkedIn a run for its money:

Masterseek already has a larger database than LinkedIn. LinkedIn is estimated to have around 125M profiles where Masterseek has 150M. A deeper look at these numbers shows that LinkedIn still has more U.S. profiles, but as we’ll show you that is likely to change fairly quickly after release. Add to that the growing number of business professionals actively seeking expertise from around the globe and being majority U.S. based is not necessarily a good thing anymore.

Masterseek uses an entirely different platform. Anyone familiar with their business listings already knows it is probably the most functional platform on the internet. It is easier to use, offers more customization and gives individuals and businesses full control over their own profile.

Masterseek has search capabilities far superior to any B2B search engine, and when compared apples to apples to the search functionality of the most popular consumer-based search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, even these juggernauts could learn a thing or two about relevant, fast and customized search results.

It’s free. While the big ones always are, it’s one of the sure signs of a professional profile site’s impending failure that they believe people will actually pay to be listed or that companies will pay for the information contained therein. Masterseek keeps their service free, which online is almost always the smart financial choice in the long run.

Perhaps most important of all, Masterseek is not going to be strictly a professional profiles website. Google+ attempted in its release to bridge the chasm between email, social network and professional business profile. It appears the gap is too great. After all, how many want to mix their business profile with pictures they send family and friends or their personal email? The same is true for Facebook’s professional profiles. Many a job has been lost because an employer found out what employees were up to on their social network. People don’t like to mix business and personal. LinkedIn on the other hand has had more success concentrating on one thing and one thing only, professional profiles. Masterseek by contrast is attempting a far more symbiotic relationship; a massive business search engine combined with professional profiles. Presumably this will be in large part employees and decision makers within those businesses already listed, contractors seeking work, freelancers and more. It will be a virtual hub of business activity. This just makes more sense. The more pressing question is why on earth has it not been attempted prior to this?

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Saxo Bank And ICAP Shipping Involved In World’s First Electronic Container Freight Swap Settled In USD

Saxo Bank, the trading and investment specialist, and ICAP Shipping, the shipping arm of ICAP plc, announced on Thursday that they were involved in the execution of the world’s first electronic, voice-assisted trade of a container freight swap agreement settled in US dollars.

The counterparties to the trade were Saxo Bank in Denmark as the buyer and a Netherlands-based trading house as the seller. ICAP Shipping was the broker of the trade. The container freight swap agreement was executed on ICAP’s Webtrader platform, with manual input from ICAP Shipping brokers and cleared by LCH.Clearnet.

The trade was executed by rugby star Lawrence Dallaglio during ICAP’s 19th annual Charity Day. On ICAP Charity, all ICAP revenues are donated to a selection of 200 charities and celebrity patrons are invited to help close deals. Mr. Dallaglio attended ICAP Charity Day in support of Cancer Research and Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Container freight swap agreements lock in the freight exposure for standard containers transported from Asia to Europe, Mediterranean countries and the United States. Cash flow for this sort of freight exposure has been unpredictable for retailers, importers and logistic companies in the past and the concept of pricing container freight against indices and using swap agreements to manage the risk has attracted many industry participants over the last year. Screen execution with the added surety of voice broker assistance was a key requirement of customers.

Henry Liddell, CEO ICAP Shipping said: “The execution of the world’s first electronic container freight swap agreement is an important milestone in the on-going development of the container swaps market. This youngest segment in the shipping industry has seen a rapid growth over the last decade and will become an even more important risk management tool in the current economic environment. Container swaps are a hedging tool for the container industry to manage the price volatility of the physical market.”

Johan Gade, Freight & OTC Derivatives, Saxo Bank said: “We fully support electronic freight derivatives trading and believe that going forward container swaps will be a valuable addition to the electronic dry bulk and tanker freight derivatives offering we are about to launch.”

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Saxo Bank Comments On Eurozone Sitation Ahead Of EU Leaders Summit

Saxo Bank has released a new macro view video with Steen Jakobsen, Chief Economist, commenting on the situation for the Eurozone ahead of the EU leaders’ summit and in light of the major global central banks’ intervention to boost liquidity. The concerted central bank action has effectively resulted in the US printing money for Europe seeing as the European Central Bank will not, says Steen, adding that it’s like flying in a jet with one engine only – hardly a safe scenario.

The surprising joint intervention by the world’s largest central banks to make it cheaper for financial institutions outside America to borrow dollars has had a positive effect on risk sentiment, but is not expected to last long. For an extended rally or to just sustain gains something more needs to be put on the table, like better fundamentals, plus structural changes and real commitments to toing the line in Eurozone nations, says Steen. The reason being that the severe solvency issues in Europe and deep rooted growth problems are still very much plaguing outlooks.

One could argue that with the central banks having joined forces the pressure is now more so on European politicians to implement lasting austerity and commit to cleaning up their backyards and follow standard rules. The question is whether EU leaders will be able to set things straight once and for all when they meet for the seventeenth time to solve the issues. Steen remains doubtful.

In the meantime, the central bank action has resulted in the cost of emergency dollar funding being cheaper for European banks than US banks. Therefore there is increased expectation now that the Federal Reserve will lower its discount rate by at least 25 basis points before the new dollar swap rate kicks in on December 5. A deeper cut is also possible, he says but that would mean the Federal Reserve is virtually letting go and committing to printing money forever.

Steen also commented on the global macro situation, in particular China, following the Reserve Requirement Ratio cut amid a slowing growth scenario and in terms of timing in a global context. Meanwhile US data continues to please for now at least but he warns that the better numbers may be petering out.

The full video can be viewed at

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Saxo Bank Releases New Asia Focus Video

Saxo Bank, the online trading specialist, has released a new Asia Focus Video which features Andrew Robinson, Forex Analyst for Saxo Capital Markets in Singapore, analysing the People’s Bank of China’s decision to lower its reserve requirement ratio, whether it’s a taste of more cuts to come and how much it is a clear signal that the world’s second-largest economy is really slowing after all.

The unexpected People’s Bank of China’s announcement that it will lower its reserve requirement ratio on December 5, representing the first cut in three years, initially surprised markets and started a risk-on sentiment, particularly in equities and incited market hunger for more monetary easing.

As such, reserve requirement ratio cuts rarely come in isolation and more are likely soon, probably as early as next month, confirmed Andrew Robinson, FX Analyst, Saxo Capital Markets. He said the timing of this easing has to do with the flow of data of late which has pointed to a slowing in the economy and that it was acknowledgement of this situation. Furthermore it pre-empted the latest purchasing manager index data which confirmed a contraction scenario for the economy.

Commenting on the recent data from China, Andrew said: “Last month’s data was looking particularly soft and the expectations for this month are not particularly encouraging. If we look at the data that’s been coming out recently, it’s certainly suggesting that the market is slowing down.

“I think this is a pre-emptive move by the PBOC and they’re looking to continue it and build the economy.”

The focus in the coming days will now shift to inflation data with more declines in the consumer price index and an even greater drop in the purchasing prices index seen. Combined, this confirmation of a softening in price pressure effectively removes a hurdle the People’s Bank of China was facing in terms of the freedom to continue to ease monetary policy.

The video can be viewed at, with many other forex videos available on the Saxo Bank site.

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Saxo Bank Enables Online Islamic Trading

Saxo Bank A/S, the online trading and investment specialist, has enabled its clients to identify and trade Islamic compliant stocks and ETFs on more than 25 exchanges worldwide. The Bank selected IdealRatings Inc., a leading global Islamic compliant fund management service provider, as the most reliable source for identifying Islamic compliant instruments globally.

The compliance reasoning is based on commonly accepted and transparent Islamic guidelines defined by IdealRatings and Shariah Review Bureau with operations in Jeddah, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia and Manama. More than 12,000 stocks and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are screened and researched on a monthly basis by IdealRatings.

Jakob Beck Thomsen, Regional head of Middle East and CEO Saxo Bank (Dubai) Ltd., said: “Islamic finance is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world today and we are excited to enable our clients to identify and trade Islamic compliant stocks online. IdealRatings is the industry’s most trusted brand for identifying and researching Islamic compliant stocks and we are confident in offering their data to our clients.”

Mohamed Donia, CEO of IdealRatings, added: “Saxo Bank A/S has always been an innovator and market leader in providing its clients with quality financial services and we are delighted to partner with them to provide this reliable information for their discerning investors.”

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The Choice Of His Broker Binary Options

The choice of his broker of binary options can sometimes be very complex, especially if we begin and if we do not still know the world of the on-line investment. The site helps you to make the best choice.

Before beginning to trade by means of the binary options, it will be necessary for you to pass by an indispensable stage, the choice of your broker or on-line broker. Now, the brokers proposing this type of investment being more and more numerous on internet, the choice can sometimes turn out complicated, especially when we begin. It is then to help you to make the best possible choice that the site decided to help you by explaining to you what are elements important to compare between each of the offers. Know besides that also realized a comparative degree of the main brokers with for each of them precise explanations regarding their advantages and inconveniences.

In the meantime, here are some rules simple to apply during the choice of your partner broker of binary options:

The general characteristics of the brokers of binary options:

Before interesting us in the technical details, it is essential to have a particular attention on the general characteristics proposed by the broker whom you will choose.

According to your budget, you will also have to look at the conditions of deposits and at the minimum amount asked for each of the proposed options. Useless indeed to ruin you in a single investment there where other brokers will ask you for a less important amount of transaction. Once this detected information, you can also take into account offers of welcome proposed by the quasi-totality of the on-line brokers. These offers can take various forms (bonus of deposit, refund of the losses) and asks an in-depth study to determine which one is the most interesting. For that purpose, consult the present general conditions on the concerned sites. Do not also forget to verify expenses connected to the cash withdrawal and the extensions announced in this direction.

Finally, to guarantee you a legal resort in case of dispute, think of choosing only the brokers being approved by the European authorities in on-line investment and in brokerage.

The technical characteristics to be verified:

Once the general characteristics were studied and the best offers were brought out of the lot, you can proceed to a study of the technical constituents of each of the brokers. For that purpose, you have to know the main platforms of trading proposed on the market or inquire with the broker when this one developed only the technical solution. Among platforms the most spread on the market, we find very qualitative Metatrader who offers possibilities of evolution and very interesting programming for little that we are able of establishing complex strategies.

In every case, opt even there for a platform completely translated or developed in English to guarantee you an optimal use of each of the given tools.

Concerning these tools, their number and their quality also varies from a platform to the other one. To know which one of these platforms will offer you the services which you really need, think of determining in advance a list of indicators which seem to you essential in good investments. Useless indeed to block you of superfluous tools which will finally return your transactions less intuitive and more complex, especially if you are novices in trading. Before choosing a broker of binary options, think of testing systematically their platform thanks to the accounts of demonstration.

To know the main brokers of the market and their advantages and inconveniences, consult our evaluations on

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Saxo Bank Receives Best Active Trading Tools Award At Shares Awards

Saxo Bank, online trading and investment specialist, has won the award for ‘Best Active Trading Tools’ at the annual Shares awards in London.

The Shares awards aim to recognise those organizations providing both innovative and high quality of service to the world of retail investment. The awards provide a platform for traders and investors to voice who are the best in the business.

Henrik Dyrholm Holst, Head of Platform Management at Saxo Bank, commented on the win: “Saxo Bank is proud to have been awarded for providing the industry’s leading trading tools. Saxo Bank is renowned for our online forex trading but SaxoTrader is a multi-product trading platform offering clients a wide range of opportunities to trade the world’s capital markets, from FX Options and Futures to CFDs on stocks, indices and commodities as well as popular investment products such as Stocks, Bonds and ETFs. We have continuously focus on making the trading experience for all types of traders as positive and intuitive as possible, and clearly guide users through the broad range of features on the platform. In 2011 we have also upgraded the platform with winners/losers stock in intraday real-time across all 23 stock exchanges covered by Saxo Bank. In addition, we continue our investment in optimizing and adding new trading tools and are happy to announce the imminent launch of our cutting edge trading apps for both Android and iPhone.”

Saxo Bank’s trading platforms have defined the company’s success in the online trading space for over a decade. Since introducing the SaxoTrader in 1998, Saxo Bank has enhanced and improved its platforms to meet the evolving needs of forex traders and investors in a continuously changing industry.

Shares is the leading weekly publication for stock market professionals and private investors and as such is read weekly by thousands of analysts, fund managers, stockbrokers, company directors and private investors. The Shares’ team of expert writers is highly regarded in the City and their comment frequently influences the market’s view of individual companies and their underlying share price. The magazine’s easy-to-read style and depth of analysis has made it the indispensable weekly read for those actively investing in the UK stock market today.

A full list of awards can be found at

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Saxo Bank Releases New Video Commenting On Eurozone Crisis

Saxo Bank has released a macro view video featuring Steen Jakobsen, Chief Economist, analysing the situation for the Eurozone in light of heads rolling in the hot political seats of troubled nations, namely Greece and Italy. It goes without saying that despite the impending appointment of new heads of state the burdens in these nations are so heavy now that they can hardly be shrugged off.

Clean-up in both countries is a major task. While Greece is in the bailout phase and is undergoing a leadership change, the main focus is on Italy now which still has a chance to save itself. And it must as there is hardly a hand large enough to help the Eurozone’s third-largest economy. With the situation worsening by the hour though and the markets having clearly demonstrated a looming doomsday, with perilously high bond yield spreads, prompt action must be taken.

The problem in Italy is one of liquidity not solvency, unlike Greece, though it seems the difference hardly matters now in the eyes of investors. It is interesting to note that it only took Portugal, Greece and Ireland 14 days to ask the International Monetary Fund for help after their 10-year bond yield spread to German bunds passed 6.5 per cent, said Steen. Italy’s has been above 7 per cent for a few days now. So the pressure is definitely on Italy’s politicians in charge – whoever they might be – to activate reforms, move through austerity and create a credible plan. Until then the EURUSD is expected to remain under considerable pressure.

The full video, as well as other forex videos, can be found at

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Saxo Bank Releases New Asian Focus Video

Saxo Bank has released new Asian Focus video featuring Andrew Robinson, correspondent for Saxo Capital Markets, analysing the effect of the Bank of Japan’s latest yen intervention and the sustainability of further actions before year end. He also commented on the Reserve Bank of Australia’s decision to cut rates, the first flow of PMI data in Asia and the noise surrounding the Chinese leader’s visit to Europe this week.

Japan’s Finance Minister Jun Azumi put his money where his mouth was with unilateral intervention to weaken the yen. This is the third intervention this year with estimates suggesting it is the largest one of the three. So far it has had the intended effect with the USDJPY holding at around the 78.0 level. History however shows that it could be a longer term struggle to keep it there as after the previous two interventions this year it took only about five days for the rate to drop back to pre-intervention levels. Concerning other action it is unlikely the Bank of Japan will instigate other measures like a trading floor for the pair, similar to the Swiss National Bank’s action, Andrew said.

The timing of the intervention ahead of the Group of 20 leaders initially took the market by surprise but in hindsight as Finance Minister Azumi had in recent weeks spoken almost daily about the problem of the strong yen it was ultimately only a matter of time before the Bank of Japan took action.

Meanwhile the Reserve Bank of Australia cut the official interest rate by 25 basis points for the first time since April 2009. Whether this is the beginning of a whole series of cuts or just a one-of is another story though and will depend largely on the development of the local economy and the degree of uncertainty globally. How effective the passing on of the cut by commercial banks to consumers will be on their spending behaviour will also remain to be seen.

Monthly Purchasing Managers Index data in the Asian region paints a mixed picture about the health of the manufacturing sectors with most attention on China and somewhat different stories being told by the official Chinese data and private sector equivalent report.

China is also drawing attention from its leader Hu Jintao’s visit to Europe during the lead up to the G-20 summit. Expectations are increasing that China will commit to supporting the European Financial Stability Facility but any announcement is hardly likely to occur before the G-20 meeting.

Further information and additional forex videos can be found at

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Saxo Bank Releases New Video Commenting On Eurozone Meetings And Greek Referendum

Saxo Bank has released a new macro view video featuring Steen Jakobsen, Chief Economist, Saxo Bank, taking a look at the expectations for three key meetings this week: the Federal Open Market Committee, the European Central Bank and the Group of 20 leaders. He also addresses the implications of Greece’s surprise referendum on its aid package and austerity programme.

Jakobsen commented that the G-20 meeting (November 3-4) needs to deliver actions rather than more supportive talk for the troubled Eurozone. Focus will be on the announcement of concrete financial measures of commitment via the International Monetary Fund in order to appease the prevailing uncertainty.

This uncertainty was exacerbated by Greece’s call for a referendum on its new aid package and austerity measures, thereby possibly threatening European leaders’ attempts last week to secure the Eurozone’s future.

Prior to G-20 the Federal Open Market Committee meets. Despite a spate of moderately encouraging US data of late the committee is expected to merely confirm a supportive wait and see approach and possibly only allude to a third round of Quantitative Easing.

The European Central Bank meeting, also this week, which is the first to be chaired by the new President Mario Draghi will be interesting to watch to see if he already now cuts rates and thereby reverses the apparent error of his predecessor.

Jakobsen commented that being Italian and with much focus on his troubled homeland, there is an expectation that Draghi will be even tougher on ensuring that Italy shapes up, particularly considering a disappointing bond auction last week which indicates the increasing problem Italy has in financing its debt.

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