Umbrella Company Tarpon Comment On The Recent Announcement That MSC Investigations Have Risen Significantly

Under the freedom of information rules, it has been confirmed that the government are clamping down on tax avoidance arrangements through the use of Managed Service Companies (MSCs) legislation. The legislation enables the government to recover tax and National Insurance Contributions, and has caused investigations to treble in a short period of time. The news will no doubt be of interest to those working within both employment and financial industries, including UK umbrella companies such as Tarpon UK Ltd.

The company which submitted the Freedom of information requests to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) was recruitment law specialist, Lawspeed. The information revealed that the number of MSC tax avoidance arrangement enquiries had risen from 216 to 860, in the space of 7 months.

Lawspeed make it clear that since there has been 142 debt transfer notices issued since April 2011, recruitment supply companies that work with service providers should be very cautious.

The MSCs legislation defines Managed Service Companies as any contractor company that pays its worker more than employed levels of income. If HMRC discovers recruiters using companies that chose to avoid tax and National Insurance, this may result in the outstanding tax and National Insurance debt being transferred to them.

The director of Lawspeed, Adrian Marlowe, explains that the the law in this area is very complex and technical. He also stated that, “agencies should be careful to independently check the service providers they work with to assess the level of exposure to tax and national insurance transfer.”

A spokesperson from leading UK umbrella company Tarpon commented on the recent discovery:

“Although the number of investigations has risen dramatically, it’s vital that freelancers who are umbrella company employees do not panic. This news will only affect those who continue to avoid paying tax.

“Tarpon are proud to be 100% compliant to all tax legislation, which ensures safety not only to contractors and freelancers, but also clients and agencies.”

“Because there are numerous laws and regulations that must be followed when freelancing and contracting in the UK, we believe that it is up to umbrella companies to provide a genuine employment solution that helps create peace of mind for all employees.”

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Pinstripes For Banksters And Justice For All. It’s Only Right.

Peaceful restoration of our freedoms and justice for all is what all of us want. Over two hundred years ago when we fought against tyranny for our independence, many lives were lost, some of those were innocent people but in that instance it was necessary, today we hope that our govenrmnet comes to it’s senses and realizes that they can’t and mustn’t favor one class of people over others and justice should be doled out equally to all if a law has been broken-we must not just tolerate crime and look the other way for certain people.

Turn off the TV, don’t let them divert your attention any longer, wake up because your freedoms are slowly and surely being stripped from you. It won’t be long before they knock on the door to your home, they tell you to surrender your guns and issue a decree that you are no longer authorized to protest in any way against the government. This will also include postings online, speech and that your opinions and dissent must be kept to yourself or you will be imprisoned for inciting violence against the government or should I say, the monarchy.

The banks and the government created this financial mess but the citizens, taxpayers and homeowners have had to take the brunt of it and it’s now weighing so much on our shoulders that we can’t tolerate in any further. Stop the insanity now, these people have the misconception that they are Gods, perfect in every way and they put it across to all of us in an arrogant and belittling way. All of us deserve better, we deserve a media that reports the truth, not what the government authorizes or we aren’t any better than Venezuela, where Hugo Chaves controls the media in every way and tries to keep the people uninformed and preoccupied with news and reports of a mundane nature so no one will catch on that he’s fattening his vault just as the leaders of all of the countries in the Middle East that have fallen already to the uprising of the people. If you recall when you read the bible last that Jesus only got angry with one group of people-they were the moneychangers and he cast them out, this is what we must do without hesitation.

The people of this country fought the second World War and defeated two dictatorships that wanted to control the world, but the U.S. men and women of that generation got the job done, everyone worked together, over 20 million men joined the armed forces, while the women took their places in the factories and that’s how it’s done. A peaceful resolution is what we all want but we must leave all options on the table as the government and the banks have already bought the police and they will be utilizing the returning troops to stand guard over all of us but we have hopes that they would not shoot us down like dogs as they may be killing their own loved ones, friends and co-workers at the behest of the real animals that are threatening the values, democracy and economic structure of this country.

If we are going to restore the freedoms and stop the fraudulent bankers from pilfering and betting on our economy and threatening our futures than we deserve what we get, otherwise, let’s get together and demand a stop to his treachery and debauchery orchestrated and implemented by Washington D.C. and Wall Street elitists. Their plan is simple, financial destruction of the multitudes.

Justice for all, no exceptions and If the bankers commit fraud, they must be treated as any other citizen no matter what, including prison sentences if the crime is serious enough to warrant it.

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