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Atos And Travelex Strengthen Partnership With Major New Contract

Atos, the international IT services company, has announced that it has signed a major five year contract with Travelex, the world’s leading specialist provider of foreign exchange and international payments for consumer and business customers.

Under the five year agreement Travelex and Atos Worldline, which represents Atos’s high-tech transactional services, will collaborate to provide enhanced cross-border card payment capabilities.

The partnership will allow shoppers at over 72,000 point of sale machines in Atos Worldline’s participating merchant network in Europe to pay in their preferred currency. Travelex Currency Select enables acquirers to provide shoppers with transparency, certainty and choice at the point of sale.

Atos Worldline has global experience in providing merchant acquirers with payment solutions. Travelex also effectively operates as an acquirer in its own right with its global ATM network as well as its own “direct-to-market” merchant acquiring business.

Atos believes that this expertise in foreign exchange complements Atos Worldline’s position as a leading commercial acquirer in Europe with a significant merchant portfolio, especially in the Benelux region.

Atos Worldline and Travelex plan to deploy the cross-border card payment functionality solution on card-present (POS) and card-not-present e-Commerce channels to European merchants in 2012.

Commenting on this announcement, Peter Jackson, Chief Executive Officer of Travelex said: “This deal demonstrates our ability to develop and deploy innovative foreign exchange payment solutions in growth market segments that are outside our traditional retail sphere. Atos Worldline is the ideal partner with deep expertise in card acceptance solutions and payments in general. We look forward to growing our joint business together.”

Joe Edwards, Senior Vice President for Sales and Marketing, Atos said: “Through our partnership with Travelex, we can provide them with our specialist expertise in electronic transactions, which is essential to the growth of their business. We already have a very solid relationship with Travelex by supporting their e-commerce strategy, and we are looking forward to cementing this relationship further.”

Earlier this year, Atos and Travelex further extended their relationship via a Systems integration (SI) agreement. Atos has been a key supplier of IT solutions and services to Travelex for some years and continues to provide support and delivery capabilities across the Travelex IT estate.

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Never Reorder Bank Checks with ezCheckPersonal MICR Check Printing Software

Personal check printing software has become the more and more popular owing to the efficiency and convenience it provides its users. Anyone fed up with writing checks by hand or complicated check-writing software that takes forever can find new satisfaction in the latest edition of ezCheckPersonal check writing software developed by

New features in the latest edition ofezCheckPersonal make check writing even faster and easier. ezCheckPersonal is the personal and home-use version of the popular check writing software from software developer The newly released version of ezCheckPersonal includes two new time-saving and money-saving features:

– Add a new check by duplicating an old check
– Import/Export features

The duplicating old check feature speeds up check printing for checks that are similar to previous checks. When customers write a check for a monthly bill, they can save the information so they can write checks for future months with just a couple clicks of the mouse. This can save a lot of time in paying bills or writing checks for other frequent payments. Once the old check information is imported, the user can modify amounts, dates and other information as needed.

All software from, including ezCheckPersonal, is designed to be incredibly easy to use. Customers can begin printing checks within minutes of downloading and installing the software. The intuitive graphical interface leads users step by step through the check writing and printing process.

“Simple, easy, fast. That’s what computer software should be,” said founder Dr. Ge. “You shouldn’t need a programming degree or accounting background to use personal finance or check writing software. That’s why we made ezCheckPersonal so simple and easy to use.”

The best of all, customers can try ezCheckPersonal for free , even get the full version forFREE.

Customers can go online to and try ezCheckPersonal free for 30 days. This is a risk-free way for customers to see whether they like the software and make sure it meets their needs. The software customers download is fully functional for 30 days. After 30 days, customers must purchase a license key to unlock ezCheckPersonal for unlimited use. License keys can be purchased online for just $24 per installation.

Additionally, a special offer through TrialPay allows customers to get the full, unlimited version of ezCheckPersonal for free simply by trying products and services from partnering companies. Details are online.

ezCheckPersonal Software Feature List
– Support unlimited bank accounts
– Print your own checks on blank computer checks
– Print image logo and signature on checks
– Edit check layout and create customized personal checks
– Easy to use reports
– Easy data import/export
– Support multiple blank personal check formats (3 or 4 checks per page)

For more information about ezCheckPersonal and, please visit ezCheckPersonal software page online at

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Print Your Bank Check at $0 Cost in House, a leading provider of easy-to-use payroll software and check printing software for accountants, small to medium size businesses and families, give buyers a new way to get free products by partnering with TrialPay, the leader in alternative online payments. Buyers can now get full version check printing software and Laser Blank Computer Check Paper for Free when they try or buy an offer from one of TrialPay’s 2,000 blue-chip advertisers.

ezCheckPersonal is a personal check designing and check printing software for personal use. With ezCheckPersonal, users can have the flexibility to print quality bank checks immediately in a secure environment. Users will never run out of checks and users are never left with stacks of unused preprinted checks when the bank changes names or you move to a new address. It saves users time and money in a variety of ways

ezCheckpersonal check writing and printing software Highlights:

1. Support Unlimited Bank Accounts
2. Print your own checks on blank computer check
3. Print image signature on checks
4. Edit check layout and create customized personal checks;
5. Easy to use reports
6. Easy export data
7. Print Blank Personal Check
8. Support multiple personal blank check format (3 or 4 checks per page)

This software is available for free download with no cost and no obligation at:

Other FREE special offers available through TrialPay include: FREE Blank check paper, w2/w3 red form package, 1099/1096 red form package, business check writing software and printing software.

Customers can get more information at:

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Consumers Who Are Looking For An Alternative To The Traditional Method Of Ordering Checks Are Turning To Carousel Checks For Their Needs

The company offers online checks in a variety of styles. Customers who choose to deal with Carousel Checks can have their order shipped directly to their door by the shipping method of their choice.

Personal Checks are available in a number of styles. The customer can choose checks with images that reflect their work, hobbies or interests. Choices include firefighter and farm themes. Customers can also choose f r o m various sports themes, including bowling, basketball, billiards, football, golf and fishing. Other images available on checks f r o m Carousel represent flowers, different ethnic groups, flowers, food, religious images, and more.

Once a customer has selected the theme they are most interested in, the process for ordering checks is quick and convenient. Rather than having to travel to the bank during regular business hours to place an order, Carousel offers customers a secure server where they can order products f r o m their computer, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Carousel keeps information about the correct spacing for banking information in a database. If a customer has questions about whether the company has up-to-date information on their bank’s specifications, they can call 1-888-422-6122 to confirm. If the records aren’t current, the customer can request a form to provide the required information to Carousel Checks.

Customers who order online checks can place their order in varying quantities, ranging f r o m 150 and 960 checks. Each order includes a number of deposit tickets and a transaction register. Carousel Customers can select a typeset and add a monogram to their checks, if desired.

Other products offered by Carousel Checks include address labels. The customer can choose to add coordinating labels to their order when they place the order for their checks. Ink stamps with up to four lines of type are available, along with check book covers.

Customers who choose to order online checks f r o m Carousel have the option of personalizing them with their phone number and/or Driver’s License information if they wish. They also have the option of providing their own image to the company to have custom checks printed.

The company allows customers to submit their own image to have custom checks printed. Before the order is run, the image is examined by a photo professional, who can use their expertise to improve its quality. The image is forwarded to the customer by e-mail for their approval before their order is printed. The custom image can also be used for address labels.

Carousel Checks Inc. is a company that offers custom Checks to individuals and business owners alike. The company’s online checks can be ordered quickly and conveniently. Along with an extensive line of checks, Carousel also offers address labels, check book covers, and other accessories.

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Carousel Checks Offers Custom Products to Customers

Carousel Checks, based in Crestwood, IL, offers an extensive line of checks for personal use. Customers who need to order personalized checks can simply visit the web site at a convenient time. They can browse through Carousel Checks’ extensive product line to select the style of online checks that best meet their needs.

The checks are offered in a number of themes. The customer can choose f r o m themes ranging f r o m animals to transportation. Other offerings include sports, roller coasters, music, flowers, and food.

A customer who wants to use personalized Checks with the image of their choice can do so. The company also offers a line of checks that are printed with an image that the customer provides. Carousel also offers custom photo address labels. A four-line pre-inked stamp is another option for customers who want a solution for providing their return address on correspondence but who don’t want to include an image.

The company offers proofs at no charge to its customers who want to use custom images for their checks. They can even use a series of rotating images in their order. Before the order for the checks is run, the customer receives the proofs by e-mail. They know in advance what the image is going to look like on their custom checks.

Business customers can order three to a page accounts payable checks. A company logo can be added to the checks at no extra charge. All of Carousel Checks’ business products are printed on quality paper. Depending on the business owner’s needs, up to three signature lines can be included on the front of the checks. The company also provides double window envelopes for its line of business checks.

Carousel Checks also offers a line of computer checks that are compatible with Quickbooks, Quicken and Microsoft Money. These products are designed to meet or exceed regulations put in place by United States banks. As in the case of accounts payable checks, adding a company logo is free. Double window envelopes for the computer checks are included in the price.

Contact Details: Carousel Checks Inc. offers a complete line of checks that can be used for personal and business purposes. The company can provide its customer with online checks delivered straight to their door. Laser checks and accessories are also part of Carousel Checks’ product line.

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Personalized Photo Checks Available F r o m Carousel Checks

Consumers are looking for variety when they are considering check designs, and the plain styles offered by financial institutions are no longer the only option available to them. Carousel Checks has stepped forward to meet their customers’ needs by offering a number of styles and colors to reflect their taste. They are no longer limited to a single color or basic patterns when ordering this necessary item.

For the ultimate in personalization, Carousel Checks offers its customers the opportunity to choose a custom photo for their checks. They may want to use an image that reflects a favorite hobby, their pet, or any other image they want to share when paying bills and other expenses.

Along with the option of using a custom photo on checks f r o m Carousel, consumers have the option of choosing f r o m a large selection of ready-to-use themes. Patriotic U.S. customers would be interested in the American Pride collection. F r o m the Lincoln Memorial to POW/MIA and the bald eagle for a Soaring Over America theme, the customer’s choice can reflect their love of country.

Hobbies and careers are popular choices when it comes to images for personalized checks, and Carousel offers several online check options that reflect these themes. Firefighter, farmer, and soldier images are available for people who work in these types of jobs. The hobby themes available for online checks f r o m Carousel include baseball, bowling, golf, fishing, football, and snowmobiling.

Not all the images offered by Carousel Checks are ones that are more likely to appeal to male customers. The flower and nature themes offered by the company include garden birdhouses, butterflies, and funky modern designs. Food is another popular theme, and the images in this collection run the gamut f r o m wine and cheese to fresh raspberries and candy items.

The company also offers an inspirational line of checks with positive messages that will give the customer and the person receiving the check a boost to their day. Religious and mystic themes are also available, and are not limited to Christian images only. Customers can also choose to add a Yin-Yang or wisdom symbol to their checks.

Personalized checks are not limited to individual consumers. Business customers can choose to add their company logo to the checks they order f r o m Carousel Checks. This type of advertising ties in well with other ones that companies use regularly, such as adding a logo to letterhead, company envelopes, and account forms.

Why buy checks online f r o m Carousel Checks? Company spokesperson Andy Crim has the answer: “We don’t charge our customers more for reorders. We want our customers to stay with us for life, not just a single order.” With the variety of styles available, Carousel is doing all they can to create long-term relationships with its customers.

Carousel Checks is a company that provides custom online checks to consumers. Customers can choose f r o m a variety of styles for their personal or business needs. Available image types include animals/wildlife, career, food, flowers, religious, and sports themes. Business customers can order payroll, accounts payable, or multi-purpose checks. Carousel Checks also carries computer Checks and coordinating address labels for their customers’ needs.

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Styles Checks Released The New “Grease” Product Suite

With hundreds of assorted designs for every collector, Styles Checks continues to expand and incorporate more designs to appeal to the many tastes of its consumers. With the addition of the new “Grease” design, Styles Checks gets a sassy addition to its current collection of check designs.

In June, 2009, Styles Checks released the new “Grease” product suite through its website, The personal checks offer four rotating scenes that feature some of the Pink Ladies individually and then one of them as a group. Against backgrounds of pink and yellow, each rotation features a quote typical of the Pink Ladies. “Eat your heart out” appears with Rizzo, “Beauty school drop-out” is written below a pink-haired Frenchie, “Too pure to be pink” is portrayed with Sandy, and the group shot features the words, “Love us or hate us.” The personal contact cards also feature the group picture of the Pink Ladies while the self-adhesive address labels feature six rotating scenes of the above quotes plus the Pink Ladies and Grease logos. Finally, the checkbook cover is black with pink accents that include the Grease car logo.

The addition of the new “Grease” design allows Styles Checks to appeal to the preferences and collections of even more customers. Styles Checks offers designs for checks and banking accessories that speak to the interests of every collector, hobbyist, or enthusiast.

About Styles Checks:
Whatever interest, hobby, or collection you may have, Styles Checks is sure to have something for you. Including checks that feature our favorite personalities, colorful designs, and famous brands, Styles Checks is certain to have something you can fall in love with! Visit our site to make your daily banking routine a little more interesting!

TM & © 2009 Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved.

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Free Customer Logo Checks With US Banking Security Backer Regulation Compliance

Carousel Checks, an online provider of personal, business, computer, laser and bank checks worldwide, announced today that it has released a line of free business customer check designs incorporating a company’s logo. The checks also include the Security Backer feature, which makes the checks nearly impossible to photocopy or otherwise reproduce for fraudulent purposes.

Carousel Checks, an online provider of personal, business, computer, laser and bank checks worldwide, announced today that it has released a line of free business customer check designs incorporating a company’s logo. The checks also include the Security Backer feature, which makes the checks nearly impossible to photocopy or otherwise reproduce for fraudulent purposes.

The checks are in full compliance with U.S. banking laws, said Carousel Checks president, Andy Crim.

“Corporate fraud is at an all time high,” Crim said. “Companies suffer from ID theft, too. These checks not only certify who wrote them with the use of a corporate logo, but they also provide extra security by being virtually impossible to reproduce or forge.”

Crim went on to say that Carousel Checks incorporates four security features on every check it prints. These features exceed industry guidelines as an extra assurance to customers that their security is assured.

The four features are:
1. Padlock Icon: This icon insures the issuer of the checks that security enhancements are being used in accordance with Financial Stationers Association guidelines.

2. MP Signature Line: The MP icon assures the issuer that micro-security print is being used in the design. Micro-security print is very small print that is designed to “break up” if photocopied. In other words, the print will be very broken and jagged on the fraudulent check.

3. Rear Panel: The reverse side of the check provides full descriptions of the security features.

4. Finally, Carousel Checks protects all online purchases of checks and other transactions with the highest levels of security.

“We realize that people and businesses can be a bit apprehensive about providing their financial information on line,” Crim said. “However, these days you have to do it if you’re going to be in business.” Carousel Checks has been awarded the highest level of security certification by GeoTrust and ControlScanTM, two leading providers of PCI compliance and security solutions.

Printing business checks that meet government and industry qualifications is nothing new for Crim. His parents founded Carousel Checks over 40 years ago as a check designer and printer for businesses and banks. Even then, security was a primary concern, even though the opportunity for fraud was much smaller.

As technology progressed, and the banking industry began to get more diverse, Carousel Checks moved into the personal – and personalized – check printing business. This included customizing business checks with company logos and other identifying marks.

Crim said that any assurance of security during an internet purchase can often turn a reluctant visitor to the site into a repeat customer.

“The trust badges we receive from different security companies serve a real purpose on our site,” Crim said. “They’re the visual affirmation of security certification. Customers know that they can order their online checks safely. They know that when they share the financial information needed for their checks that their information will not be stolen or otherwise compromised. We take great pride in that. “

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Vietnam Wall Commemorative Checks By Premier Online Check Company Carousel

Nearly 35 years after the final American helicopter flew out of Vietnam, the memory of more than 50,000 American men and women who lost their lives in the conflict is preserved forever in the black marble walls of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Since it was first unveiled in 1982, it has become as recognizable as any other monument in Washington, D.C. and a place of healing for countless veterans of the war and their families.


Carousel Checks, an online provider of personal, business, computer, laser and bank checks worldwide, recently announced the release of “The Wall,” a stirring photograph adorning the company’s newest addition to its American Pride line of commemorative checks.

The design on the checks respectfully depicts a portion of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial with a proud U.S. Marine saluting in the foreground. Names of many of the fallen can be clearly read in the design.

“The wall is such a stark reminder of the selflessness that our fighting men and women exemplify,” Andy Crim, president of Carousel Checks, said. “We received many requests from veterans and their families for a Vietnam-themed design. We chose this one because it is both heartening and solemn.”

The Vietnam Wall design joins a growing number of Americana-based check designs for the 40-year-old Carousel Checks Company. Other patriotic photos available in the American Pride line of custom checks include Mt. Rushmore, The Lincoln Memorial, the Statue of Liberty, the POW-MIA logo and several attractive “Old Glory” patterns.

“American history and Americana in general is very popular on personal checks,” Crim said. “These checks have always among our most popular designs. “ Crim added that he had no doubt that the Vietnam Wall check design would become quite popular.

“Obviously, veterans of the Vietnam War identify with it,” Crim said. “But so do the families and survivors of the men and women whose names are on the wall.” Crim added that Carousel Checks has already received many “thank you’s” from people who have ordered the online checks at the company’s site,

“They’re truly moved by the design,” Crim said. “People tell me that the checks instill a feeling of pride every time they open their check books.”

Carousel Checks was founded over 40 years ago by Crim’s parents as a regular check printing company for banks around the country. When the internet made custom printing of checks a reality for many consumers, Carousel was one of the first companies to pursue the consumer end of the checks business.

Currently, CarouselChecks offers scores of check designs in a variety of categories, from Americana and sports to religion, education, sports, wildlife and seasonal designs.

Crim said that the Wall check design is available in a variety of package sizes. Retail prices range for $10 to $80, based on the quantity of checks ordered. The entire CarouselChecks product line is available online at

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Carousel Checks Online Security Reaches Highest Level of Security in the Nation

Carousel Checks, an online provider of personal, business, computer, laser and bank checks worldwide, announced today that it had been awarded the nation’s highest online security certification by GeoTrust®, the world’s second largest digital certificate provider.

The certification confirms that all customers of Carousel Checks may perform worry-free, secure online transactions and conduct business over the internet in complete security and confidence.

Andy Crim, Carousel Checks president, said that the GeoTrust certification provides Carousel Checks customers with the highest security when placing or checking an order online.

“With check and computer fraud on the rise, you can’t be too careful with your financial information when you’re on line…,” Crim said. “The GeoTrust Certification will help to reassure any apprehensive customers that ordering checks online is safe, sensible and secure.”

Carousel Checks, founded over 40 years ago by Crim’s parents, started business as a check printing company for banks around the country. When the internet made custom printing of checks for consumers a reality, Carousel was one of the first companies to pursue the consumer end of the checks printing business.

Crim said that customers return to order more checks from because the company provides three important elements: security, speed and cost. “When people order checks, they’re probably a day or two away from running out of them,” Crim said. “So we specialize in being able to turn around check orders quickly, affordably and with the utmost of security. That’s where the GeoTrust certification is a real benefit. When customers see the GeoTrust logo on our site, they can be reassured that their transactions are safe.”

Carousel Checks prints all of their check orders on laser printing machines. These machines provide fast, accurate printing, with minimal time lost on printing errors other common hazards of standard printing. The GeoTrust announcement comes at the same time that Carousel Checks announced that it had received “Verified Secure” certification from ControlScanTM, GeoTrust’s parent company, based in Atlanta.

Crim stressed the importance of his company being certified by both ControlScan and GeoTrust. “These double security certifications are vital necessities for secure sites,” Crim said. When people order checks from Carousel Checks, we want them to have a good time browsing through our designs and ordering in confidence. The last thing we want is for them to worry about their online security.”

Crim added that visual “trust badges” signifying secure certification on the Carousel website actually encourages many reluctant customers to buy. “People who want to have that extra assurance are often swayed by the security badges on our site,” Crim said. “We are absolutely thrilled to have received these certifications.” offers scores of unique check designs for business, personal checks, and online checks. Designs range from nature paintings and national landmarks to artwork, Americana and wildlife. Carousel also provides a wide variety of business and payroll computer checks. Among the most popular checks are Photo Checks, which allow the account owner to put their own photo on their checks. “This virtually eliminates the possibility of anyone passing a bad check,” Crim said.

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Business Checks With New Symbols And Custom Logos By Check Crafters

Check Crafters has always provided a wide selection of products for business owners. Among Check Crafters’ offerings are laser checks, manual checks, deposit products, mailing labels, and even various accessory products including customizable logo teddy bears. To further enhance consumers’ abilities to promote their businesses, Check Crafters is providing the opportunity to personalize business checks for individual careers and companies. The company has expanded its selection of stock symbols for checks to over 200 profession-specific selections. Now, Check Crafters enables business owners to order checks with their custom company logo printed on them.

Recently, Check Crafters began offering an increased number of stock symbols. The symbol list has grown to include categories like automotive, education, professions, sports, and much more. While Check Crafters has always given customers the option of a symbol, this new custom logo option adds an extra personal touch to business checks for any company. According to personal preference, the logos can be printed in black and white or up to three colors. This new option can be added to all available draft checks and most laser or ink-jet check formats. To place a business check order that includes a custom logo, consumers can call a Check Crafters customer service agent to place the order and then e-mail their desired logos. Once a sample has been created, the consumer is contacted for final approval.

The addition of these new options to the Check Crafters site increases the personalization abilities for business checks. Check Crafters knows that a logo or symbol is memorable to consumers and wants to benefit all vendors by allowing them to personalize their business checks. For more information and price quotes f r o m Check Crafters visit today!

About Check Crafters:
Since its creation in 1995, Check Crafters has grown to include standard and exclusive professions and photo upload business checks and accessories for businesses and organizations. Check Crafters understands the importance of professionalism and uniqueness when it comes to running a business. With this concept in mind, Check Crafters is committed to bringing the most modern and useful checks, accessories, and promotional products to business owners everywhere at our low, direct to the consumer prices. Visit the site today to find something for your everyday business needs!

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Whatever Financial Problems An Individual Is Facing, It’s Crucial They Seek Debt Advice As Soon As Possible

Debt specialists remind consumers with debt problems of the need to seek debt advice on time.

“Whatever their nature, virtually all financial problems have one thing in common: they get worse if left unaddressed,” says a Gregory Pennington spokesperson. “Whether someone’s behind on their mortgage payments or struggling to keep up with credit card bills, all the experts agree that the sooner they seek debt advice, the better their chances of clearing their debts as quickly and painlessly as possible.”

At the moment, mortgage payments are at the forefront of many homeowners’ worries. “The Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) has reported 18,900 repossessions in the first half of the year, signifying a year-on-year increase of 48%. Given their forecast of 45,000 repossessions in 2008, this means they expect over 25,000 more before the end of the year.”

With timely debt advice, however, many of those potential repossessions needn’t happen at all. In a video on the BBC’s website, Judge Stephen Gold (Kingston-upon-Thames County Court) states: “The big message which I think needs to be screamed from the rooftops of the County Courts is this: that if you get into difficulty with your mortgage, don’t bury your head in the sand. Engage with the lenders. Pay what you can.”

“For unsecured debts,” the Gregory Pennington spokesperson continues, “the principle is essentially the same. When people contact us for debt advice, we stress that simply talking to a lender – whether they do it themselves or we do it on their behalf – can often produce results. A lender might agree to accept lower payments, for example, or to reduce the interest rate on a loan. It’s in the lender’s interest to arrive at an arrangement which the borrower can afford, so the money can be repaid as soon as realistically possible.

“Before they grant any concessions, of course, most lenders will want to see that the borrower is doing their utmost to order their finances and repay the debt. So the debt advice we provide goes a long way beyond ‘Talk to your lender’: we help people with all sorts of financial issues, from improving their budgeting skills to understanding their rights and responsibilities in relation to different kinds of debt.”

“If the individual’s situation has reached the point where debt advice simply isn’t enough, we can help them choose the debt solution that offers the best way out of debt. Depending on their circumstances, that could be a debt management plan, in which we talk to their unsecured lenders on their behalf, negotiating changes to their repayment terms so they can clear their debt at a rate they can afford.”

In cases where debt management isn’t appropriate, an IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) or Trust Deed could be the answer: helping people reduce their monthly debt payments, these debt solutions can free up the money they need for mortgages payments, food bills and other essential living costs.

“Everyone’s circumstances are different, and no debt solution is ‘better’ than another – it’s a question of which is the most appropriate for that particular person under those particular circumstances. As always, the most important thing is for them to seek debt advice as soon as possible, before any further financial problems restrict the range of options open to them.”

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Check Gallery Promotes The Beauty Of Nature While Expanding Its Check Collection With The Release Of The “Zen Garden” Design

Known for being environmentally friendly and inspiring a love for nature, Check Gallery is always adding new check designs to enhance its collection. The “Zen Garden” design fits right into the current assortment. By portraying the beauty of some of nature’s finest flowers, this new design will encourage consumers to be more aware of their natural environments.

On August 11, 2008, Check Gallery released the new “Zen Garden” check design through its website, In four rotating scenes, a white background displays exotic Asian vegetation on these personal checks. Bamboos, Asian water lilies, bonsai trees, and bauhinia trees are all featured in vivid colors and intricate detail. The address labels illustrate these plants against a background of blue with a green border; the personal contact cards present the vivid, purple Asian water lily; and the checkbook cover portrays the beautiful pink flowers of the bauhinia tree as they cascade from the branches.

Check Gallery promotes the well-being and beauty of nature. The addition of the new “Zen Garden” check design will once again introduce the magnificence of our surroundings and encourage people to protect them.

About Check Gallery:
Since its creation in 1993, Check Gallery has prided itself on being an environmentally friendly company. By printing all of its products on recycled paper, Check Gallery proves its love and respect for nature. Each and every design offered by the company fits uniquely into this theme. Visit the site today and see which nature-friendly design fits your interests!

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Artistic Checks “Kimono” Personal Check Design

As one of the most recognized personal check printing brands, Artistic Checks continues to offer customers new classic check designs. The new “Kimono” product suite is a bright addition to the Artistic line with its display of traditional Japanese flair.

On August 11, 2008, Artistic Checks released the new “Kimono” product suite through its website, The personal checks offer four rotating scenes that feature subtle backgrounds of flowers portrayed in the classic Asian style of art. To compliment these backdrops, Japanese figures pose in traditional make-up and beautiful kimonos to match the colors and flowers that are pictured behind them. The address labels feature only the colorful Asian flower designs as backgrounds, but in the same sequence as the checks. With deep blue base colors, the personal contact cards and checkbook cover enhance the artistic white lines and flowers that appear on them.

Artistic Checks is always creating new and imaginative check designs that speak to the likes of all customers. The launch of the ethnic “Kimono” design is sure to attract first-time and repeat consumers. This pattern adds to the large check design collection that Artistic already offers and gives users one more beautiful option when ordering their accounting tools.

About Artistic Checks:
Some of the most creative and unique check designs for checks and check accessories are available through Artistic Checks. If you are interested in a classic or heartwarming check design, then Artistic Checks has just what you need! Visit the site today to see all the different images available and choose the one that fits you best!

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Artistic Checks expands its collection with the launch of its new product suite, “African Silhouettes”

Artistic Checks constantly expands its creative collection to appeal to every customer’s unique taste. The release of the new “African Silhouettes,” designed by an in-house graphics team, is another way for Artistic Checks to diversify its check assortment. The design is certain to appeal to new and existing customers alike.

On August 11, 2008, Artistic Checks launched “African Silhouettes” through its website, In four rotating scenes, an African Acacia tree stands in the middle of the safari and acts as the background for these personal checks. Also on the checks, four different figures of African natives stand in colorful traditional garb with tools, baskets, and water jugs needed to perform daily tasks. The address labels, which are self-adhesive, feature a rotating sequence identical to the checks. While the personal contact cards feature a native child, the checkbook cover portrays a hunter as well as a mother and child on their way to gather crops with baskets atop their heads. All three stand tall in the protective shade of the Acacia tree.

Artistic Checks has always offered creative and unique designs for checks and check accessories sold direct to consumers. The addition of the new “African Silhouettes” provides an ethnic option for all interested customers. This check design brings a fresh and distinct feel to Artistic Checks that will attract new customers and peak the interests of existing ones.

About Artistic Checks:
Since its inception in 1998, Artistic Checks has been offering imaginative designs. Consumers looking for works of art to portray on their banking accessories should look no further than Artistic Checks. A visit to the site is sure to find you a masterpiece you can fall in love with!

Via EPR Network
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