Standard Life Reveals Less Than A Third Of UK Adults Know When The Tax Year Ends

Standard Life’s ‘Financial Efficiency’ research shows that a large number of people in the UK are at risk of missing the opportunity to capitalise on their ISA tax allowance and their pension contribution limits because they don’t know when the tax year ends. The research, which asked a poll of over 2000 people in the UK to say when they thought the end of the tax year was, found that only three in 10 Brits (31%) know the correct date.

The tax year end falls on April 5th, but the majority of the public (69%) either doesn’t know or thinks it’s a different date. Some said it was earlier in the year, with one in 12 (8% – more than 4.08 million people*) thinking the end of the tax year is April Fool’s day.

But more alarmingly, 7.27 million people** (15%) of respondents believe their tax deadline falls after April 5th. Even those who already actively save into ISAs can still get it wrong. Only 36% of ISA investors were able to correctly identify the tax year end date and a worrying one in six (17%), thought the tax year end was later than April 5th.

People in Northern Ireland seem to be the most clued up on the tax year-end deadline, with almost two in five (38%) identifying the correct date. While people in Wales were the least aware, with only one in four (25%) people able to correctly identify April 5th as the tax year end.

Standard Life’s Julie Russell commented: “Our research shows that few people know when the tax year ends. While more people believe it is before April 5th, each year than after, and that is perhaps less of a worry, it’s a real concern that so many ISA investors don’t know when the annual cut off point is for their investments.

“If you are saving into tax efficient savings or investments like ISAs or pensions, then you really do need to know when the tax year ends. The 5th of April should be front of mind. Otherwise you risk not making the most of these products and their valuable allowances.”

People can find out more about being financially efficient with investments like pensions and stocks and shares ISAs at which also includes top tips and interactive tools.

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Peacocks, Puppies And Pests Behind Unusual Insurance Claims

Admiral has released details of its most bizarre claims from the last two years revealing our furry and feathered friends are often the culprits.

The car insurance specialist revealed that for one unfortunate motorist, their pride and joy was destroyed by a nest of mice who took a liking to its stylish leather interior. Another motorist collided with a bollard after their front passenger pulled up the handbrake mistaking it for the puppy which had jumped down from their lap, and another drove into a telephone pole while trying to swat a fly inside their vehicle.

Peculiarly, peacocks seem to be particularly troublesome for many motorists and four out of the twelve most unusual animal claims involved the feathered poseurs attacking vehicles. These include a car clawed by a peacock after seeing its reflection in the paintwork and another damaged by a group of peacocks which had escaped from a neighbour’s garden.

Dave Halliday, Admiral managing director, said: “We asked our claims handlers to tell us about any unusual claims they had dealt with that really stood out for them and found that animals featured in the most memorable ones.

“Although amusing to read about now, any incident is distressing for those involved and our handlers are trained to be understanding and professional. However, it goes to show car insurance is not always as dull as you may think.”

Other unusual claims include a car damaged at a village fete when a miniature pony broke loose and climbed over the bonnet, a driver distracted by a camel and an elephant tethered at the side of the road who collided with a bollard and a man who leaned over to stroke his dog when driving and crashed his car.

Another motorist caused a multi-car shunt after being startled by a spider dangling from the rear view mirror and a car was damaged by rats which entered the engine compartment and chewed through internal parts. Dave Halliday continued: “From territorial peacocks, creepy crawlies and cute puppies, it seems it’s not just other road users motorists should be aware of. These unusual incidents illustrate how important it is to remain focused on the road ahead at all times and not to get distracted by animals whether they’re inside or outside your vehicle.

“Whilst it’s more difficult to protect your car exterior from a frantic peacock, if you are transporting pets, make sure they are safely secured so as not to cause any distraction.”

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More Financial press releases Reveals Life Insurance As The Newest Way To Say I Love You

New findings from have revealed that taking out life insurance or breakdown cover for a partner is deemed romantic by some couples. Bucking traditional gender stereotypes, it’s the men who most want to be protected with a gift of breakdown cover but many couple have not had ‘the chat’ and are unaware of where important financial documents are kept in their household. asked people in a relationship to tell them how they would feel if their partner took out a life insurance policy to protect them or purchased breakdown cover on their behalf.

More than half (53%) of people in a relationship tell us it would be ‘thoughtful’ if their partner took out life insurance to protect them: 56% of women versus 50% of men call life insurance a ‘thoughtful’ gift. 8% of people go as far as to call it ‘romantic’ if their partner takes out life insurance in their favour while 9% of men who drive compared to 6% of women think that breakdown cover for their car is a ‘romantic’ gift. 75% of women and 60% of men think breakdown cover is a ‘thoughtful’ gift.

Not everyone agrees, as 10% of people feel that life insurance is ‘morbid’, but a further 8% say it would be ‘well-overdue’ and that their partner should have got around to getting life insurance sooner. Couples tend to be independent when it comes to finances with 47% of men and 39% of women admitting they don’t know where their partner keeps their financial documents and only half of people in relationships saying that their partner knows where they keep details of their own finances.

Matt Lloyd from’s Life Insurance team said: “It’s heartening that couples realise life insurance is there to protect your loved ones and that making provision in case you die is actually a very caring thing to do.

“Having private finances is up to individuals and keeping your information safe is important but it is advisable to have ‘that chat’ with your loved ones so that they know which bank or provider to call if the worst happens.”

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More Financial press releases Reveals Spare Keys Could Invalidate Home Insurance research reveals that 69 per cent of people could be putting their property at risk just by giving out spare keys.

Home insurance experts at are warning the nation to wake up to the potential danger of giving out spare keys, advising that everyone be fully aware of how to keep their home safe and to look at the small print of their home insurance policy.

72 per cent of homeowners surveyed by didn’t know that giving out spare keys could invalidate their home insurance and with almost seven in ten Brits having entrusted a set of spare keys to someone, this is a worrying figure.

In fact, 37 per cent of homeowners admitted to having keys to other people’s properties on their own keyring. Wales is the most trusted region with 50 per cent of people stating that they have other people’s house keys, compared to the North East and North West (31 per cent respectively).

Worryingly, the UK appears to be a forgetful and clumsy nation with 46 per cent of people admitting to losing their keys and 16 per cent of those homeowners losing their keys when drunk. Worst of all, 17 per cent of homeowners admitted to not having home insurance at all.

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) commented: “Clearly people should try to take care of their house keys and think carefully before giving spare keys out. Homeowners must be aware that if you make an insurance claim for theft from your home, and there are no signs of forced entry and you cannot account for your spare keys, your insurer may have reason to question the claim.”

Gareth Kloet, Head of Home Insurance at, said: “Our advice is simple, if you move into a new home or have given out your house keys to someone you no longer trust or have lost or misplaced your keys resulting in a the risk of a security breach, change the locks.

“It’s worth remembering that many home insurers will not pay out unless forced entry is proven. Your home is typically the single largest investment that you’ll make and therefore we would encourage anyone without home insurance or adequate security to think carefully about protecting their investment more wisely.”

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British Gas Sees Profits Fall But Many Homeowners Still Suffer

British Gas has announced that its profits for 2011 have fallen 30% compared to 2010, following what it has called a year of turbulence and challenge. Its parent company Centrica, however, has posted a slight increase in profits.

The flat overall results for Centrica will do little to quell the anger of homeowners across the country who are paying over the odds for their energy bills. And with energy prices expected to rise further in the coming months and years, fears are growing that vulnerable and financially excluded people will be faced with a choice between heating and eating.

Ofgem have announced intentions to make the energy market simpler and easier to navigate but in the short-term many will be left struggling to pay their bills for the rest of the winter and beyond. The value now lies in looking beyond the Big Six and households need to be proactive in seeking the best deals, which are increasingly being offered by smaller energy companies.

Danny Jatania, CEO of consumer champions Pockit believes that now is the time for UK households to take control of their spending.

He said, “Fortunately the weather was mild last year but still it didn’t stop energy customers feeling the pinch when it came to paying their bills, even though their consumption was lower overall. The reason many are suffering is because of the overly complex energy market. The news of SSE scrapping its confusing range of tariffs is encouraging but this approach must be adopted much more widely throughout the industry if customers are to be able to make savings on their bills.

“At pockit we are encouraging people to monitor their spending more effectively and the best way to take control of your energy usage is to find deals that offer the free installation of smart meters, which ensure that customers only pay for the energy they use.” The backlash against the Big Six has been sparked by estimates that 5.5million UK households are in fuel poverty and 3,000 winter deaths are caused by fuel poverty every year. The financially excluded are faced with a bewildering range of tariffs and the prospect of estimated bills charging them for energy that they have not used. With many people turning their backs on payment options that generate debt, such as credit cards, inaccurate estimated bills can have a devastating effect on the households of those who cannot afford to wait for compensation payments.

Danny continued, “Millions of consumers are paying more than is necessary for their energy. The aim is for the energy market to become more competitive, which will see prices being driven down and the emphasis being placed upon the customer. While Ofgem is trying to encourage a more competitive energy market, households can take the initiative by shopping around and rewarding energy companies that are innovating and providing fairer deals.”

Pockit uses its prepaid MasterCard® to help its users to pay for their goods whilst saving money with leading retailers. Customers who use their Pockit Prepaid MasterCard® to pay for goods can earn generous in-store cashback from retailers including Marks & Spencer, B&Q, New Look, Halfords, Toys R Us and Comet. They can also earn additional benefits from partner companies in energy (First:Utility), insurance (Aviva), travel (Travelpack) and broadband (TalkTalk).

The company was founded by Danny Jatania and his sons, a family with a rich business heritage and a keen interest in consumer savings.

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The Royal Mint Reveals New Precious Metal Coins To Commemorate Diamond Jubilee

The Royal Mint has unveiled five new precious metal variations of the only official UK £5 coin, struck to mark the occasion of Her Majesty the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012.

Like the Brilliant Uncirculated version released a few months ago, the diamond jubilee coins have been designed by Ian Rank-Broadley FRBS to celebrate a regal achievement matched only by Queen Victoria, The Queen’s great-great- grandmother. The portraits encapsulate The Queen’s 60 years on the throne, and will appear exclusively on the Diamond Jubilee £5 coins, now available in Silver Proof, Silver Piedfort, Gold-Plated Silver Proof, Gold Proof and Platinum Piedfort.

The first of the new portraits shows a contemporary image of Her Majesty dressed in formal Garter Robes with gravitas and stately bearing. The other portrait is a tribute to Mary Gillick’s youthful 1953 effigy; a classical depiction of a young monarch wearing a laurel wreath alongside the Latin words ‘Dirige Deus Gressus Meos’ – ‘May God Guide My Steps’.

Combined, both portraits tell a celebratory story of a rich, historic reign, from the fresh and optimistic beginning of a new Elizabethan era to the gravitas of an assured and dignified Head of State 60 years on.

Commenting on the new coin, Kevin Clancy, Director of the Royal Mint Museum, said: “Ian’s new portraits tell the story of The Queen’s long reign with beauty and elegance and his artistry combines with the fine quality of these precious metals to create five beautiful coins that truly honour this remarkable occasion. The coins offer collectors a chance to mark this momentous achievement with an individual and treasured piece of history.”

For those interested in coin collecting, the official UK £5 precious metal coins to commemorate The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee are available now from The Royal Mint’s website

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Assetz To Fly Flag For North-West At National Residential Property Awards

Stockport-based property investment firm and advice service Assetz has been nominated for a top award by its peers.

The company will contest the title of ‘UK Sales Agency of the Year’ at the RESI Awards, organised by Property Week, which are designed to recognise and reward the leading players in all areas of the residential property market.

From developers and builders, through to funding specialists and property managers, the awards set out to pinpoint the pinnacles of achievement in each of these areas of expertise.

And as a result, Assetz CEO Stuart Law is delighted that his company has been singled out for attention in a highly competitive property investment market.

“At a time when there is a great deal of negative news on the investment climate generally in the UK, such awards show that there are plenty of companies which are always prepared to go the extra mile to secure the best possible deals for their clients,” he said.

“That’s what we’ve always been about at Assetz – getting to know thoroughly the property investment market, and then putting that knowledge to productive use in achieving strong and sustainable returns for the people who entrust their investments to us.”

Stuart Law and his colleagues at Assetz will find out whether they have been honoured with the prestigious UK Sales Agency of the Year award on 15 May, at the InterContinental London on Park Lane.

“We’re confident that we at Assetz will stake a strong claim for another prestigious honour this September, which we believe will be a feather in the cap of the residential property sector for the north-west”, Stuart Law added.

Get the expertise of the industry-leading team at Assetz behind you in your efforts to make winning property investment or buy to let property decisions by visiting, or calling 0845 400 9000.

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Constantly Improving its Trading Facilities, OFM Group Unveils New Program

OFM Group announced a new Program, to consolidate the platform supporting its International Services, which will be brought online starting March 2012. The platform is now host to a number of new migrants, and more are planning to move aboard.

Building and capitalizing on OFM Group’s leadership in processing orders, the new Program boasts of an end-to-end solution that provides confirmation control, reporting and settlements, capture and lifecycle management. A wide range of products can be accessed online by clients across multiple asset classes.

“New connectivity, reporting and timing issues have to be addressed by clients by reviewing their current infrastructure as the market undergoes constant change,” remarked Beatrice Bloomfield, International Services Executive for OFM Group.“Customers need to manage their portfolios on a larger scale, and with greater control, while keeping costs associated with processing low. Our new program is highly scalable and will provide direct customer access via a web front end.”

Ever since OFM Group acquired its web based platform, the Company has been making key investments to develop it, leading to its perpetual improvement. The platform has received numerous awards. There are 3460 clients live who are on the platform, and more clients are coming aboard in the span of the coming months.

OFM Group is dedicated to providing clients with all-inclusive trading support, market research and advice and the finest futures trading and options advisory services available in the market. Our futures specialists are armed with the necessary knowledge and experience to help clients succeed in trading markets such as currencies, energies, precious metals and even grains.

The highlights of our services include highly professional customer service, secure and stable financial status, competitive rates, real time quotes, accuracy and speed of execution. We take pride in our advisors who have been trained and honed by education and experience. Here at OFM Group, we know and understand that the company you trade with can make the difference between profit and loss so we invest in the best of everything—manpower, technologies, facilities and security systems.

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OFM Group announced the hiring of Steven Cartridge as Chief Officer for Technologies

OFM Group announced the hiring of Steven Cartridge as Chief Officer for Technologies. Mr. Cartridge has fifteen years of experience in technologies, having worked with major firms that capitalize on financial services.

“OFM Group’s position as a global market strategist is harped on by having the latest technology to support our activities,” said Gabriel Sanders, managing director of OFM Group. “Steven Cartridge has established himself as an exemplary manager of IT talents and will have no problems keeping abreast with broking cutting-edge products and tools. He is tailor-fit to supervise our IT platform, which has taken on far-reaching, global proportions, and will ensure that it will remain as the standard the industry is measured by,” he added. Mr. Cartridge holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and is active in various charities, including domestic violence, lung cancer and animal rescue.

In his keynote speech, Mr. Cartridge said, “It is with great humility that I accept this appointment to become a member of OFM Group’s ever-growing team. With this appointment comes a resolve on my part to make every effort count in keeping the company on the pulse of technologies as they change the way we do business, and ultimately our lives. I am elated to be part of this company, and will look forward to working with all of you in pursuit of our goals and meeting the challenges that the technological landscape brings to us.”

OFM Group is dedicated to providing clients with all-inclusive trading support, market research and advice and the finest futures trading and options advisory services available in the market. Our futures specialists are armed with the necessary knowledge and experience to help clients succeed in trading markets such as currencies, energies, precious metals and even grains.

The highlights of our services include highly professional customer service, secure and stable financial status, competitive rates, real time quotes, accuracy and speed of execution. We take pride in our advisors who have been trained and honed by education and experience. Here at OFM Group, we know and understand that the company you trade with can make the difference between profit and loss so we invest in the best of everything—manpower, technologies, facilities and security systems.

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OFM Group Silver outlook bullish for 2011 and into 2012

This year worldwide silver investment demand is expected to reach a value of $10bn on a net basis for the first time in history. A new OFM Group report, commissioned by The Tokyo Silver Institute, forecasts silver investment will achieve yet another historically high total this coming year in spite of a significant level of position unwinding by institutional investors.

In the report, OFM Group says the outlook for silver prices remains bullish, “with the potential of prices nearing, if not exceeding, the $45/oz, a realistic prospect as the first quarter develops.”

“However, should silver exceed $45,” the report cautioned, “Some unwinding may occur, principally of institutional positions, given their focus on upside potential. This raises the possibility of some deleveraging in the future markets.”

However, the study noted, “this should have little impact on silver’s safe haven qualities, with the potential for retail and high-net-worth investors to raise their asset allocation in favor of both silver and gold.”

This situation “argues well for bullion coin and small bar demand, not only in western markets, but also in India and China.” Indian physical investment demand could comfortably exceed 45 million ounces this year, up from 29 million ounces last year.

“Overall, therefore, world investment demand in 2012 is expected to realize a near record high total in volume terms,” the report predicted, and “in value terms likely to reach $10bn on a net basis for the first time.”

The study found the principle investment vehicles for retail investors remains ETFs and physical bars and coins. Along with growing physical silver demand, investor interest in silver futures traded on future exchanges has also increased.

Nevertheless, 2011 investor activity in silver futures “has been notably volatile,” according to the report.

Meanwhile, total silver ETFs holding have lost some ground. By the end of October, total holdings were reported at 577 million ounces, some 44 million ounces below the record peak of 621 million ounces established in April of this year.

The OFM Group study determined the U.S. and Germany dominated the global physical investment market. “This year a fresh peak will be set, in excess of 41 Moz., which will therefore achieve a similar gain to the 20% improvement posted in 2010.

In Canada, the market is dominated by sales of the locally produced 1oz Maple Leaf bullion coin. Sales of the coins rose by over 50% in 2010 with a further substantial increase anticipated this year.

Although China’s silver demand is considered still in its infancy, concerns about inflation, together with still robust price expectations, suggest a bullish outlook for Chinese investment demand over the remainder of this year, the OFM Group report suggested.

In India, total silver demand is expected to exceed 45 million ounces this year, a 55% increase over 2010.

The report identified the top five silver producers as BHP Billiton, 46.6 Moz in 2010; Fresnillo, 38.6 Moz; KGHM PolskaMiedz, 37.3 Moz; Pan American Silver, 24.3 Moz; and Goldcorp, 23 Moz.

“Given that only a relatively small percentage of annual world silver production is derived from primary silver producer,” the report observed, “it is of little surprise to learn that the market features a modest number of primary silver companies.”

Meanwhile, for investors seeking a pure play upon silver there are streaming companies such as Silver Wheaton with a market cap of $11 billion.

The study found world silver fabrication (not including coins) this year is expected to achieve its highest total since 2007. “However, this will be offset by a health rise in global mine production.”

“As a result, we expect this year to generate a silver market surplus not dissimilar to the 2010 total of 190 million ounces,” predicted OFM Group. “In other words, the surplus should remain at near record highs, against the far more modest levels seen in the mid-2000s.”

“In value terms, the forecast surplus for 2011 is even more noteworthy, at an estimated US$7.5 billion, nearly double the positive in 2010 (which itself was a record level),” the report observed. “In spite of this hefty surplus, silver prices, in broad measure, strengthening further this year, pointing to, at times, still robust levels of investors demand, which has effectively ‘stepped in’, as occurred in 2009 and 2010, to absorb this excess metal.”

OFM Group is dedicated to providing clients with all-inclusive trading support, market research and advice and the finest futures trading and options advisory services available in the market. Our futures specialists are armed with the necessary knowledge and experience to help clients succeed in trading markets such as currencies, energies, precious metals and even grains.

The highlights of our services include highly professional customer service, secure and stable financial status, competitive rates, real time quotes, accuracy and speed of execution. We take pride in our advisors who have been trained and honed by education and experience. Here at OFM Group, we know and understand that the company you trade with can make the difference between profit and loss so we invest in the best of everything—manpower, technologies, facilities and security systems.

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OFM Group Announced Today That Joel Qin Hsiung Was Promoted To Counsel General, Effective First Quarter 2012

Mr. Hsiung, who joined OFM Group as Associate Counsel General in 2009, will be managing the Company’s legal affairs on a global basis, with accountability for corporate litigation, human resources, contract negotiation and labour relations, and outside counsel relationships. He takes the place of Francis Peters, the Company’s previous Counsel General who had been promoted as Chief Officer for Legal Affairs early this month.

“In his colourful tenure as Associate Counsel General, Joel’s experience, leadership attributes, and tried-and-tested track record in legal affairs deftly handling all differing aspects of OFM Group’s legal needs have become an unquestionable asset to the company,” said Mr. Peters. “He has earned the accolades and respect of OFM Group’s management and its workforce, and is perfect for the position of Counsel General, he continued.

Mr. Hsiung joined OFM Group, after he has worked for more than two decades, lastly as counsel in its Corporate Litigation group. He earned his undergraduate degree with honours and distinctions from the University School of Law, where he was a member of its Law Review Board for two years.

“In the wake of this, my appointment to the helm of one of the largest financial institutions in this part of the world, I am one happy man,” Hsiung said. “Working with OFM Group in meeting the business landscape’s ever-changing legal issues head-on is my No.1 priority, and I will be working with you to see that end,” he added.

OFM Group is dedicated to providing clients with all-inclusive trading support, market research and advice and the finest futures trading and options advisory services available in the market. Our futures specialists are armed with the necessary knowledge and experience to help clients succeed in trading markets such as currencies, energies, precious metals and even grains.

The highlights of our services include highly professional customer service, secure and stable financial status, competitive rates, real time quotes, accuracy and speed of execution. We take pride in our advisors who have been trained and honed by education and experience. Here at OFM Group, we know and understand that the company you trade with can make the difference between profit and loss so we invest in the best of everything—manpower, technologies, facilities and security systems.

OFM Group is dedicated to providing clients with all-inclusive trading support, market research and advice and the finest futures trading and options advisory services available in the market. Our futures specialists are armed with the necessary knowledge and experience to help clients succeed in trading markets such as currencies, energies, precious metals and even grains.

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More Financial press releases Reveals The Extent Of Poor Driving Habits In The UK has revealed shocking research showing the extent of driver habits on UK roads, with a range of behaviours admitted.

Apparently some drivers across the UK are getting in the driving seat wearing nothing more than pyjamas and with their feet clad in just their slippers or even barefoot. Applying make-up is another part of the morning routine which some women leave until they are actually driving the car: 1 in 10 women put make-up on and drive at the same time and 15% of men have had a shave while driving.

Car insurance experts at are warning drivers to wake up to the potential danger of inappropriate footwear and dangerous driving habits, and advising drivers to keep a pair of sensible ‘driving shoes’ in the car for safety.

Wearing high heels behind the wheel is not uncommon with 40% of women admitting this and 46% of us admit to eating and driving at the same time. 47% of men and 18% of women are checking out other drivers to see if they are attractive as they motor along and 49% of men pick their noses and drive at the same time, which apart from being disgusting means their hands are not on the wheel. Similarly, almost half of us (49%) regularly change the music while we are driving.

18-24 year-old men (40%) and 25-34 year old women (47%) are the most likely to wear flip flops to drive but the main slipper wearers are the 25-34 year-old men (14%) and 18-24 year-old women (21%). Over 55s are least likely to wear slippers or flip flops to drive and women driving in high heels peaks at 25-34 years old with half of women in this age group admitting to driving in heels.

Head of Car Insurance at, Gareth Kloet commented: “It’s not against the law to drive in your pyjamas or pick your nose at traffic lights but any behaviour that could cause you to drive without due care and attention should be avoided. Wearing inappropriate footwear could cause the driver to lose control of the car and so we’d recommend keeping a pair of suitable shoes in the car to avoid any crashes. Look at your feet; if you are wearing shoes which you would not wear for a driving test then you probably shouldn’t wear them to drive either.”

Julie Townsend, Deputy Chief Executive at Brake, the road safety charity, also voiced her concerns: “It’s deeply worrying that many drivers have such little regard for their own and others’ safety that they will apply make-up, shave and eat at the wheel, or wear unsuitable footwear. Driving is a responsibility that needs to be taken seriously and given your full attention. We all live hectic lives and people often feel cocooned in their vehicles, but we need to bear in mind that a lapse of concentration at the wheel can lead to needless tragedies.”

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More Financial press releases Reveals Careless Car Parking Has Led To £1.3bn Worth Of Damage has revealed that careless car parking has led to £1.3bn worth of damage*. An alarming 1 in 6 drivers would never leave insurance details if they pranged another car, and 45% would only consider it if the accident looked serious. To combat the problem is announcing a campaign to promote Car Parking Etiquette.

When it comes to car park scrapes, the nation’s lawyers are amongst some of the worst offenders, with more than 1 in 4 (26%) admitting to having committed a prang and run. Also well above the average are those working in property with 1 in 3 choosing to go without leaving their insurance details.

Teachers lead by example and are some of the least likely to be guilty, with less than 9% committing prang and runs. Those working in environmental services prove that they really are more considerate to others – only 8% have left the scene of a scrape.

The research also shows that men are more likely to have a car park prang than women, with nearly 20% having scraped another car compared to only 15% of women. Not only are men more likely to be driving carelessly, but they also admit to it. 1 in 5 men blame their own careless driving for a car park accident, compared to women who would rather blame the stingy sizes of the UK’s car park spaces (42% of women against 33% of men).

Those who have been driving the longest behave the most responsibly in car parks, with more than 50% of over 55s always leaving insurance details compared to only 30% of 18-24 year olds.

For all those drivers who prang and run, the most likely reason is embarrassment (31%). This is closely followed by drivers who blame financial implications (30%) for their lack of honesty. As car insurance costs continue to rise, it’s no surprise that drivers are determined to hold onto their no claims bonuses.

“To encourage some honesty and car park etiquette”, said Gareth Kloet, Head of Car Insurance at, “we are offering visitors an ‘If you bump me, don’t run, be nice and leave your number’ sticker for your car window, to encourage others to leave their details if they bump your vehicle.” The sticker can be downloaded from

65% of motorists blame their car park frustrations on the small size of parking bays, with nearly half (41%) finding the amount of pillars in car parks the reason for their bumps and scrapes. Only 1 in 10 drivers find parking in car parks easy but this problem is exacerbated by the trend for bigger cars. Whilst the typical family car has become more than a foot wider over the past 50 years**, the industry standard for the car parking space is 2400mm x 4800mm has not changed.

“Motorists should be extra vigilant in car parks, taking into account the size of our cars compared to the average size of parking spaces,” said Kloet. “This is even more reason to respect other drivers, to confess to any prangs and to exercise Car Parking Etiquette to help other drivers.”

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Standard Life Reveals “Don’t Spend What You Don’t Have” As Top Money Saving Tactic In UK

Research carried out for Standard Life suggests that, in the last three years, 5.3 million additional UK adults* have started adopting money saving habits, such as reviewing their utility providers, going online to find the best deals and using online voucher codes to save money. According to Standard Life’s ‘Financial Efficiency’ research, the recent downturn has now encouraged more than nine out of ten (91%) of us to engage in financially efficient behaviours.

But the most popular tactic, adopted by three in five people (57%), is a common sense approach – avoid spending what they don’t have and running up a debt on credit and store cards. Around 6.1 million more people are making sure they “don’t spend what they don’t have**”.

The research also shows that half of the UK (50%) regularly makes sure they shop around for the best prices at places such as the supermarket. Looking at those adults who could recall their habits three years ago in 2009, an increased number have turned to online voucher codes and loyalty cards to save money, and have also started budgeting. A third of people in the UK (30%) now set a weekly or monthly budget; up from only one in five (22%) saying they did so in 2009.

Yet the findings also suggest that in the last three years, there has been no change in the number of people seeking financial advice (8%) and only one in six (17%) is currently planning their finances to make the most of tax breaks from products such as stocks and shares ISAs and pensions.

Commenting, Standard Life’s Julie Russell said: “The results show just how well many of us are doing when it comes to setting budgets, shopping around and genuinely looking to get the best out of our money. And it’s great to hear that so many more people are determined not to run up card debt.

“Our research also shows that only a few of us are being quite so savvy when it comes to saving. That’s perhaps unsurprising in the current climate when the focus for many is on paying down debt and making ends meet. But that’s also why it’s so important to make sure we are getting the best returns on anything we are actually able to save. That means using ISAs which are really tax efficient, and not missing out on tax breaks offered by private pension contributions, for example. Efficiently managing whatever we are able to save can make a huge difference to both our weekly budget and our long term plans.”

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Standard Life Launches Ground-Breaking Corporate Investment Range

Standard Life has launched a new range of investments for corporate pension schemes aimed at making it easier for employees to select an investment strategy to suit their individual needs and attitude to risk.

The two new risk-based fund ranges, built on the success of MyFolio, are specifically tailored for the corporate pensions market and introduce new auto-enrolment default options, addressing the challenge of meeting the diverse needs of a workforce

Ann Flynn, Head of Corporate Marketing said: “Over the past two years we have been conducting extensive research with advisers, employers and employees. The employee’s investment choice, and lack of engagement in it, has been an issue the industry has been wrestling with for many years.

“The majority of employees are invested in the default fund and that’s why default strategy needs to be able to meet the diverse needs of a workforce. We’re now excited to be launching a range of investment solutions which addresses this challenge head on.”

Key findings of the research include:
– Employees find a wide range of investment choice confusing however there is still a demand to have some level of choice.
– Employees want a level of risk and return which is right for them but managed by experts.
– Employers simply want better outcomes for their employees within a strong governance framework, with competitive charging and minimal risk.

Flynn added: “Against a backdrop of negative pension stories and turbulent stock markets, employees tend to have a very low tolerance for taking investment risk with their pension and understandably so. However for many, a level of risk is needed to help generate the returns to achieve a decent standard of living in retirement.

“Our new range will help employees identify their attitude to risk through a simple questionnaire and align themselves to a strategy that best fits their needs. The information will be presented in a way that keeps it simple and shows them at a high level what they are investing in. However, they will also be able to ‘look under the bonnet’ if they want to. The risk-based range will be dynamically managed by internal and external experts who will monitor and adjust asset allocation to optimise performance.”

Key features and benefits of the range include two new risk-based ranges, Passive Plus and Active Plus, specifically for the corporate pensions market to complement the MyFolio Managed funds. A new life styling approach allows the underlying funds to be changed as necessary to help future-proof the investments while the Vanguard index-tracking funds, added in December 2011, will complement the BlackRock index-tracking range.

Employees will be able to easily identify their risk appetite and select an investment strategy to meet their needs and risk-based funds will be actively managed to help optimise returns. Moreover, employees will be offered clear options, based on how ‘hands on’ or ‘hands off’ they want to be with their investment selection and the new range provides employers and trustees with the flexibility to support a broad demographic. Advisers will also be able to recommend from an ‘off the shelf’ package of investment funds or design bespoke solutions for their clients.

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Brand New Media Launch For UK’s Quick Term Loan Website

Currently one of the main UK’s short term loan obtaining web sites is very happy to declare the release of its completely new website design to the general public.

Payday Loans UK are actually stoked by the news. Having worked with a leading Midlands based development team in Forme Creative to design a fresh appearance for their site which will render the process of applying for a payday loan easier still and will make the charges involved less complicated for consumers to comprehend whilst, at the same time offering the website an effective new personality and branding.

The web sites manager Russ Beech stated “ We certainly have worked hard to develop the new internet site to be as user friendly as it can be. Our company want to slowly but surely develop into one of the UK’s top information and facts websites intended to help consumers looking to make an application for online payday loans.”

“Working together with Forme has been exceptional. Our previous website ended up being very fatigued and wasn’t so simple for people to work with so we offered the creative artwork team a brief to generally chop all the fuss and hassle out of obtaining a cash advance and now we are delighted with the final outcome.”

The brand new website is presently exiting development. The soft launch is predicted to go live on the Fifteenth March 2012 together with the final launch which you can follow on the Nineteenth following the short bug repairing stage we will need to undertake.

Pay Day Loans UK provide a no cost financial loan acquiring service. They have access to more than 30 United Kingdom financial lending institutions. Their website engineering compares an candidates requirements to the different considerations of lenders to help enhance a prospects potential for being approved for the money that they require.

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Payday Express Sponsor Employee To Do NSPCC Gherkin Challenge

UK payday loan lender Payday Express has sponsored a staff member to take part in the NSPCC Step Change 2012: The Gherkin Challenge.

Marketing assistant at Payday Express, Cigdem Husseyin, took part in the challenge on Sunday March 4 to raise money for ChildLine, where last year counsellors at NSPCC responded to about 670,000 calls and online communications from children in distress.

All participants raced up 1,037 steps over 38 floors in the iconic London building that has been nicknamed The Gherkin.

Cigdem wanted to take part in the NSPCC Step Change challenge as she felt it is an incredible charity, and one that she has always supported.

“I admire the work that the NSPCC does to support children that are in danger.

“I have always supported the NSPCC and I wanted to support the charity further by taking part in this great event to help raise money,” said Cigdem.

She trained hard for the event, and ensured that her training programme was integrated into her working day, by taking the stairs up to the Payday Express office on the fourth floor every day, rather than the lift.

Individuals who took part in The Gherkin Challenge were asked to raise a minimum of£250 each, but Payday Express, provider of payday loans online, decided to support Cigdem by giving a generous donation of £500.

In addition to this £500, individual staff members made donations and offered her lots of encouragement in the build up and on the day of the event.

Sarah Carroll, operations manager at Payday Express, said: “We are always happy and proud to support our employees who undertake challenges to raise money for great causes.”

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More Financial press releases Reveals UK Households Wasting £1.7 Billion By Not Switching Home Insurance Providers has revealed that UK households are wasting on average £1.7 billion* a year because they “can’t be bothered”** to switch home insurance providers.

According to the latest research, which surveyed homeowner’s attitudes to switching insurance providers, 73 per cent stated that they have home insurance, but a surprising 34 per cent said they had never switched home insurance provider.

In fact, 70 per cent said they had been with the same provider for two years or more, potentially missing out on an average saving of £95.26*** per year just by switching home insurance providers. Collectively, UK households could be wasting£1.7 billion by not shopping around to get the best deal.

32 per cent of those surveyed say they haven’t switched providers because they can’t be bothered while 29 per cent say their current deal is so good there is no point switching.

22 per cent of homeowners are under the illusion that switching home insurance is too complicated. However, with 66 per cent of people saying they would be willing to switch home insurance if they could save money, it’s not really affordability that should be questioned but inertia and people’s attitudes towards switching.

Gareth Kloet, Head of Home Insurance at, said: “We are a money saving nation, however most of us still aren’t making the effort when it comes to getting insurance for our homes. At home insurance customers could save money on their insurance premium.

“Shopping around can not only ensure the best value for money, but can also prompt homeowners to ensure they have the right level of cover. Levels of cover can vary between providers so check everything you want is covered and then select a policy that meets your needs. It’s worth doing this on an annual basis or after a big purchase to make sure you’ve got the right cover at the right price – loyalty doesn’t pay and you may be able to find better cover at a lower price.”

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Confused Announce £1000 Giveaway When Purchasing Home Insurance is offering £1,000 to spend on household bills to four lucky people who get a home insurance quote through the price comparison site during March.

The giveaway comes on the back of recent research which found that 34 per cent of homeowners admitted that they have never switched home insurance provider*. This is despite the fact 70 per cent of home insurance customers could save money on their home insurance premium**.

To motivate people to shop around for a better deal, four lucky customers who get a quote on home insurance in March through will be randomly selected to win £1,000 to spend on household bills.

Gareth Kloet, Head of Home insurance said: “We wanted to say thank you to those people who are looking to get home insurance through, by giving them a chance to win £1,000.

“As we all know, money is a topic of much discussion and many people can’t afford to buy those essentials for the home, or even pay some bills. Therefore at we wanted to give our customers a helping hand. Not only by saving them money by using our comparison site but by also giving them the chance to win £1,000 to spend on things they need.

“We want people to be aware that they could save hundreds of pounds on their home insurance just by shopping around for a lower quote. 22 per cent of homeowners are under the illusion that switching home insurance is too complicated*** but by using a comparison site like it means that we do the hard work for them.”

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NY Gold Buyer Uncovers Synagogue Bandit: Crime of Hate, or Opportunity?

NYPD caught the thief who stole over a dozen religious artifacts from Congregation Degel in Kew Gardens, NY. The 28-year-old Efram Sanders was arrested and charged on counts of burglary, grand larceny, and criminal possession of stolen property.

With over a dozen artifacts stolen, the members of Congregation Rachel Degel Israel were disheartened during Adar, one of the most festive months in the Jewish calendar. When news that three silver Torah crowns, two silver mini Torah crowns, three silver Torah breastplates, four silver Torah pointers, and one silver cup was stolen from the synagogue, media rushed to provide coverage on the event. Community members were eager to catch the thief/thieves who might have committed the crime as an act of hatred.

Rabbi Sheinfeld accounted seeing Sanders at Congregation Degel a handful of times in the past. It appears that the burglary was not a result of a hate crime, but a desperate act due to economic hardship. It was reported that Sanders had taken the stolen items to The Gold Standard of Forest Hills, a local Queens gold buyer and pawnshop. Janet Medina, an employee at The Gold Standard, cracked the case of the synagogue theft by watching NY1 news earlier that Tuesday. “Oh my god! I’ve seen those items” was her immediate response as she recognized the stolen items on television.

Medina contacted her boss and the owner of The Gold Standard, Scott Simon. After sorting through inventory and matching up the pictures of the reported stolen goods, Simon immediately contacted the police. Simon recalled working with Sanders personally, asking him “do these items belong to you?” as part of business protocol. Sanders responded “that he got the items during his Bar Mitzvah”.

Both Medina and Simon felt privileged to help NYPD crack the case. Members of the synagogue are extremely grateful and joyful to have their religious and sentimental artifacts back. Unfortunately for The Gold Standard, Simon does not expect to get back the thousands of dollars that they paid for the stolen artifacts. Both Medina and Simon remarked, “We’re just happy we were able to help catch the thief and return the items to their rightful owners”.

About The Gold Standard

The Gold Standard has 13 locations throughout the Queens and Long Island area. For two consecutive years, we have been voted Best of Long Island by the LI press. We are one of New York ‘s most trustworthy and reliable gold buyers and pawnshops. Time and time again our customers depend on The Gold Standard for friendly customer service, secure transactions and honest prices for selling or pawning their jewelry and other valuables.

For more information, contact The Gold Standard of Forest Hills at ( 646) 470-4907, by email at, or visit 70-58 Austin Street, Forest Hills, NY 11375.

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