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ITFX GROUP launched the ITGFX development strategy plan and entered the Asian market

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, 2021-Apr-17 — /EPR FINANCIAL NEWS/ — As a high-tech company ITFX GROUP INC has an algorithm system and advanced IT infrastructure providing large-scale development and various services. With the development prospects of the foreign exchange industry becoming more and more favored by investors, the company launched the ITGFX development strategy plan began to move towards internationalization and now has an international foreign exchange business.

Our team of experienced programmers has developed a lot of software for the foreign exchange market, CFD and cryptocurrency market. The solution developed exclusively by our experts is combined with the current largest liquidity provider (quotation). It is designed for arbitrage trading and provides a complete solution for arbitrage of products such as foreign exchange, CFDs and cryptocurrencies, allowing you to easily obtain Profit.

ITFX GROUP INC is one of the few financial technology companies that directly connect to exchange data. Therefore, our customers can get the fastest, most reliable and most accurate quotation. In addition to its own use, the solution has also become a trusted arbitrage trading tool for many large institutional traders. ITGFX’s high-quality, reliable and outstanding customer service has created a good reputation. Due to our persistence in technology excellence, we are currently the most trustworthy foreign exchange company.

ITGFX technical support includes commercial and non-profit organizations and customer groups all over the world. The persistent pursuit and attention to quality has allowed the company to achieve more than 15 years of continuous profitability, which is rare in this highly competitive industry. Relying on the professional background of the investment research team, unique and objective value concepts, and a mature and complete research system, a number of well-known overseas funds have been launched to assist high-net-worth clients to obtain stable returns, avoid the risk of RMB depreciation, and achieve global asset allocation.

In order to comply with the strong market demand and development, in Southeast Asia, Malaysia set up an ITGFX operation center to serve the Southeast Asian market and operate the foreign exchange business. To fully expand the global market, ITGFX welcomes you to join us. We are committed to serving every high-quality partner and creating an industry benchmark.

NOW! ITFX GROUP launched the ITGFX development strategy plan and entered the Asian market. 

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D.P.Wood Management Makes It Even Easier To Send Your Money Abroad

D.P. Wood Management has recently completed an expansion; both in terms of our workforce and the services we offer. Our new website at www.dpwoodmanagement.com provides a user friendly interface that is both easy to navigate and comprehensive in the information it provides. As a result we are now widely recognised as one of the most respected names in the foreign exchange industry, catering for business and personal clients alike.

D.P. Wood Management are market leaders in foreign currency, providing the most competitive exchange rates for individuals and companies wishing to transfer funds abroad.

Our clients benefit from the best available foreign currency exchange rates and highly efficient, accurate and speedy payment facilities. This ensures your funds arrive both on time and to the correct destination. There are no hidden costs, commissions, or fees – the rate we quote you is the rate we stick to.

The success of D.P. Wood Management depends on two central principles that we endeavour to deliver to our customers:

– The best exchange rates available in the market
– Unrivalled, innovative customer service.

Our client’s needs are provided for by a team of dedicated and experienced currency exchange consultants, many of whom are experts in specific areas of the foreign exchange market. They are fully trained to guide and assist you in every aspect of your foreign currency requirements, including strategic forward planning and monitoring for favourable currency opportunities to secure the very best exchange rates for you.

Each of our clients receives a friendly, personal and highly efficient service regardless of the purpose of the transaction or the amounts involved. Our consultants ensure that everything is explained fully, clearly and without any jargon. All of our consultants and back office staff alike are a highly professional workforce; able and equipped to meet all your needs.

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For the very latest in currency reporting, check out the brand new Best Currency Performance Tables on Currency UK

Foreign Exchange specialists Currency UK are today launching their Best Currency Performance Tables, which reveal the strength of worldwide currencies and act as a comparison tool to show how each currency is performing against another…

For the very latest in currency reporting, check out the brand new Best Currency Performance Tables on Currency UK.

The simple to use tables not only show how well a currency is performing in its own right, but also compares each one against other global currencies to see how they stack up.

The best and worst performing currency over the last month, six months and year is also clearly shown. This invaluable information makes for essential reading for all would be investors as it sets out which currency has been the best to invest in over the past year.

The Tables show that the New Zealand dollar was by far the best performing currency over the last 28 days, up 15 per cent against the US dollar and a whopping 17 per cent against the Japanese Yen. The New Zealand dollar increased against every other currency included on the list, rising 10.3 per cent on average.

Other strong performers were the Swedish Krona, which rose on average 6.28 per cent against other currencies. The Australian dollar rose 3.67 on average against other currencies, rising by 10 per cent against the Japanese Yen.

After a strong showing over the last year, the Japanese Yen was the worst performing currency over the last 28 days, falling an average of 7.15 per cent against each other currency. The Yen’s biggest fall was 14 per cent against the New Zealand dollar. It also fell 9.6 per cent against the Australian dollar and 6.5 per cent against the Euro.

Other weak performers were the British Pound, which fell on average 4.37 per cent against the other currencies, falling by four per cent against the Euro and 12 per cent against the New Zealand dollar.

Adrian Jacob, Senior Account Manager at Currency UK said, “The Japanese Yen is doing particularly badly at the moment due to the once strong trade surplus turning into a trade deficit.

“This is likely to remain the case for at least the next six months and, as Japan is no longer unique in its low interest rates, investors have been losing interest which has obviously affected the Yen.

“In terms of performance by other currencies, the British pound has been struggling due to quantitative easing and a lack of risk appetite and the Australian dollar has been doing well as it is no longer a plaything for investors as it is no longer tied to risk appetite,” added Mr Jacob.

Currency UK is a one stop shop for all your currency needs. Other features on the site include 13 individual currency pages, each giving a detailed description of a specific currency, along with advice and rankings.

There is also a ‘buy currency’ page on which you can buy and sell Sterling, Euros, Dollars and all other major currencies commission free at exceptional rates not available on the high street.

The currency conversion page reveals the latest rates, historic charts and tables for all of the major currencies and the Regular Payment Service allows you to benefit from the best rates and low charges when sending regular foreign currency payments.

Visit Currency UK, one of the UK’s leading currency brokers, to view the Best Performance tables or call 020 7738 0777 for more information or to talk to a currency advisor.

Notes to editors:

Founded in 2000, Currency UK is a foreign exchange and international funds transfer specialist. One of the UK’s leading currency brokers, Currency UK has helped thousands of customers move hundreds of millions of pounds around the globe.

As Currency UK doesn’t have the large overheads of the major banks, it is able to pass the savings on to customers by providing better value for money on foreign exchange services.

Currency UK Ltd is a member of the Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP) and is the preferred foreign exchange partner of The Offshore Financial Trade Association (OFTA).

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