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RCS&RDS successfully closed its €850.0 million senior secured notes offering due 2025 & 2028

BUCHAREST, Romania, 5-Feb-2020 — /EPR FINANCIAL NEWS/ — Digi Communications N.V. hereby reports successful closing of the offering of senior secured notes by RCS & RDS S.A., its Romanian subsidiary (“RCS&RDS”).

The Company (Digi Communications N.V.) would like to inform the market and its investors that on 5 February 2020, RCS&RDS has successfully closed the offering (the “Offering”) of its (i) €450.0 million 2.50% senior secured notes due 2025 and (ii) €400.0 million 3.25% senior secured notes due 2028 (collectively, the “Notes”).

The Notes are expected to be listed on the Official List of the Irish Stock Exchange (trading as Euronext Dublin) and trading on its regulated market. The final offering memorandum dated 29 January 2020, together with the supplement dated 4 February 2020 will be made available on the Company’s website on or about today. A prospectus relating to the Notes will be made available on the website of the Company following its approval by the Central Bank of Ireland.

For further information in relation to the Offering and the Notes, please refer to the reports dated 27 January 2020 and 29 January 2020, each available at and

The Company would like to inform the market and its investors that all Deutsche Bank entities that originally were expected to act in various agent capacities for the Offering were replaced with Citi Bank entities as follows:

  • Citibank, N.A., London Branch will act as the Principal Paying Agent and the Transfer Agent; and
  • Citigroup Global Markets Europe AG will act as the Registrar,

in each case as defined in the final offering memorandum relating to the Offering dated 29 January 2020.

With reference to the Notice of Conditional Full Redemption in relation to the Company’s €550,000,000 5.00% Senior Secured Notes due 2023 (the “2023 Notes”) dated 27 January 2020, the Company would like to inform the market and its investors that the Financing Condition (as defined in such notice) has been satisfied and the 2023 Notes will be redeemed in full on 6 February 2020.

This announcement is not an offer of securities for sale in the United States. The Notes may not be offered or sold in the United States absent registration or an exemption from registration under the U.S. Securities Act. Any securities mentioned herein have not been and will not be registered under the U.S. Securities Act, and no public offering will be made in the United States.

SOURCE: EuropaWire

Loans Direct App for Easy Calculation of Your Loan Repayments

Now you can simply calculate your repayments with an app designed and developed by Loans Direct. This Loans Direct Mobile App also features a home loan calculator, car loan calculator, personal loan calculator, mortgage insurance calculator, truck loan calculator and stamp duty calculator for property investors or potential buyers in Australia.

How about a Smartphone app that helps to calculate loan repayments and makes it quite easier to calculate monthly payments, lump sum and extra payments of home loan, car loan or personal loan. Just one tap on your smartphone screen and the financial figures are right at your fingertips.

Loans Direct, a financial group providing an array of financial solutions in Australia, has recently launched a mobile application that eases the task of calculating figures and numbers to know variety of aspects related to a loan. Whether you have a Nexus or any other Android-based Smartphone, you can download this app Free from Play Store and continue to use with full features without paying anything. The app is a kind of financial calculator integrated with tools to provide information about loan repayments in yearly, quarterly, monthly or weekly payment schedule. The app also includes Home Loan Calculator, Personal Loan Calculator, a Stamp Duty Calculator and a Car Loan Calculator for potential buyers, investors, brokers as well as lenders.

Here are some of the major highlights of this app:
• This ready to use app, after successful download, you can calculate loan repayments and borrowing limits.
• You can also calculate lump sum payments to save the interest and other irrelevant charges on your basic loan amount.
• Rate comparison to find monthly repayments
• This app has a graphical summary of a loan and extra payment frequency to repay the Loan amount sooner.
To know more about its features click here.

Moreover, this app also contains information about the state wise comparison of stamp duty, the latest stamp duty fees and charges specific to Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane.

About us
Loan Direct is a group of financial experts and brokers in Australia that provides financial services and solutions as well as professional assistance in Loan Application processing, credit repair & restoration services, Large Project Financing and Loan Comparison from banks and financial institutions in Australia.

Contact Details:
Mr. Harry Goyal
Contact Number: 03 9819 4656
Address: Suite 19, 17-19 Miles Street
Suburb: Mulgrave VIC 3170
City/State/Country:Melbourne/ Victoria/ Australia
Fax Number: 03 9818 3300
Mail :
ABN: 38270143010
ACN: 385597
Our Website:

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PaydayLoans@ Company Provides Faster Application Procedure

Money has always been an issue for some category of people. It has always been hard to earn money and to save it. Even now after several hundreds of years later the situation is basically the same. Nothing has changed. Even now people have the same financial problems when they lack money and are not able to find a way-out. A sudden urgency may occur when the person does not obtain a required sum and he/she does not know where to find the required funds.

Still, a perfect way-out has been found out. Taking into consideration all the financial and life obstacles in the modern society it is quite difficult to stay on top of the financial life. That is why the companies that have deal with small loans, have thought over every possible point to make the procedure even easier that it used to be.

PaydayLoans@ belongs to the privileged group of the companies with a friendly and highly professional staff. It suggests its customers the most convenient way to receive the payday loan online in a hassle-free and fast way. There is no need to gather all the personal and financial documentation into one file and drive it or send to the bank. The only thing is required is an Internet connection.

To order a loan till payday at PaydayLoans@ company is the most simplified way to do this. The usual procedure is about fulfilling a simple online application form, submitting it, waiting for a reply from a lender by phone or via e-mail, receiving money in 24 hours. Money will be automatically sent and withdrawn from the customer’s personal bank account.

Instead of roaming all over the city looking for the appropriate bank which will agree to give a small loan, it is so much easier to find a site of PaydayLoans@ company and fulfill an easy application form online. The entire process takes approximately ten-fifteen minutes of time and is simplified as much as possible. For more information read this article regarding the service offered on the website.

A lot of people were hesitating at first while applying for the payday loans, but later on they had realized that those loans were the most convenient way-out of the tough financial issue that might occur to anyone.

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Research Show 4.4 Million over 21s Still Rely on the Bank of Mum and Dad, reports Bower Retirement Services

Research from LV = reveals 4.4 million over 21 year olds still borrow money from their parents. The average monthly donation from parents to adult children is £175. This is used to cover rent, bills and help pay off debts. Additionally £9,476 is awarded to fund weddings, holidays, further education and to help young adults get onto the property ladder. Although it helpingyoung adults is hardly surprising, the research revealed parents expect to continue to support their ‘children’ until the age of 38, now the average age of a first-time property buyer.

This obviously puts great financial strain on Britain ‘s parents. It eats into retirement funds and one in ten parents surveyed by LV = admitted they had spent everything they had on their children. The issue isn’t going to go away soon, particularly if predictions that the average age of a first-time buyer will be 41 by 2025 are correct.

Parents need to prepare for the future early to ensure they are well equipped financially to provide for themselves and help out their grown-up children when necessary. There are several options available, but with interest rates currently being so low, saving plans aren’t the most viable option.

Equity release plans are a more effective option for homeowners. Bower Retirement Services, an award-winning equity release advice service, can help homeowners find anequity release plan that’s right for them.

There are four types of plans available: lump sum lifetime mortgages; lifetime mortgage with flexible cash release, also known as a drawdown mortgage; interest only lifetime mortgage and home reversion plans.

The most suitable, and now the most popular comprising 68% of the market, are drawdown plans. Homeowners are lent money based on their property’s value and additionally can withdraw regular cash amounts at a frequency and value chosen by the individual. Interest is charged, but it’s only repaid when the homeowners die or move into permanent care. These mortgages allow parents to look after themselves during retirement but also offer the ability to provide assistance to their offspring.

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Equity Release Becoming Popular Retirement Fund Solution for Baby Boomers, say Bower Retirement Services

The total value of equity release advances from April to June 2012 was £224.8 million, reported the Equity Release Council, an increase of 22% on the same period of 2011. Additionally, this amount represents the highest quarterly figure since 2009 (£231.7 million). Furthermore, the real number of plans grew by 16% between Q2 2011 and Q2 2012 showing interest in the market is up, along with actual value.

According to the Equity Release Council’s figures, people are now choosing to take drawdown plans instead of lump sum mortgages. This shows they prefer to spread risk and use equity release as a retirement income. The news comes as its revealed retired homeowners now have a total unmortgaged property wealth of £756.7 billion.

Bower Retirement Services, which offers award-winning specialist equity release advice, says equity release is a simple and effective option for homeowners looking to provide for their retirement and it exploits the property price rises of the last forty to fifty years. Many in the baby boomer generation lost large amounts in pension blunders in the nineties and again in the last recession. However, thousands continue to be locked up in property, potentially providing a retirement income for homeowners.

Bower Retirement Services offers advice on all types of equity release, from lump sum lifetime mortgages to home reversion plans, and its equity release calculator is designed to help homeowners accurately gauge how much cash they can expect to release on each type of plan.

There are four types of equity release plan, but drawdown plans now the most popular, accounting for 68% of the value of the entire equity release market. Bower Retirement Services says these types of mortgage are most suitable to homeowners looking to provide themselves with an income during retirement. The lender loans the homeowners a percentage of the property’s value and also agrees to pay a regular cash sum, or ‘drawdown’ on the mortgage value. Interest is accrued, but it is not charged until the homeowners die or move into long term care. Homeowners choose the term and value of the drawdowns, offering more flexibility than a standard remortgage plan.

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Payday Loans UK Have Announced That They’ve Added A Further 10 Payday Lenders

If you’ve ever tried to find a good payday lender before then you’ll more than likely know how difficult that it can be to find a lender that suits your own particular borrowing needs as they all have different lending critera and terms. However, instead of going from one payday lenders site to another you can now just use a service like the new one offered by to compare multiple lenders at once.

Payday Loans UK compare loans from more than 30 different payday lenders so that you get the best deal but over the last few days Payday Loans UK have announced that they’ve added a further 10 payday lenders to their site.

Speaking on behalf of Payday Loans UK, Russell Beech said “We’re delighted that we’ve teamed up with another 10 lenders so that people have more of a choice to choose from when using our site”. As well as this, Russell also commented that Payday Loans UK “plan to add even more payday lenders in the near future too”. This is great news for consumers as more competition usually leads to more competitive prices so the APR that these companies charge will almost definitely come down very soon.

Not only this, but many of the new lenders that have been added to Paydayloansuk also have a swift payment option which basically means that if you get a cash loan with one of these companies you could have the money that you borrowed within just 15 minutes!

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More Financial press releases Launches Online Loans With Direct Processing

There are so many different options to get money when there is a need: to rob a bank, for example. Still this act will be considered as illegal. PaydayLoans@ company suggests its customers most important, a legal, easy and the most convenient way to get money in a fast and hassle-free way.

No documentation, paperwork and gathering all the information will be required from the consumers as the service is totally faxless and online. That is the reason why the payday loans online at PaydayLoans@ are so well-utilized by the clients. Most people have got a very traditional type of
thinking. Therefore when they are asked of the place where they are able to get a loan, even a small one, they will answer that this perfect place is bank. The trick is that they are mistaken. They will never get small loans at the bank. Still a customer will have to collect all the paperwork concerning his/her personal and financial data, and even some more that does not have any sense.

That is why one of the best and most experienced companies such as PaydayLoans@ has improved its brilliant service of the payday loans online. It has made the loans with same day processing. So, now it is possible and extremely easy to avoid all the fuss and receive an approval at the same day.

Generally the procedure of getting a loan till pay day is all about ordering the required funds till the salary arrives. And when it does, the given money will be automatically withdrawn from the personal bank account. Such kinds of loans are very popular nowadays as there is no credit checking provided by the direct payday lenders.

The process involves several steps. Firstly, there is a necessity to fulfill an application online that is on the company’s site, which consists of several basic questions that will take the customer just 10 minutes and no longer. After having submitted the form, it will be automatically sent to the lenders and they will decide about the customer’s approval. But there are no reasons to worry, for the service is very democratic and loans are given almost to everyone. Having got an approval, the customer will be informed by phone or with a letter via e-mail. He/she will be contacted within one-two hours. That is the newest achievement of the company as then money will be transferred directly to the client’s personal bank account.

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LoanAdvances-PaydayLoans Reports Spike in New Applications and Reapplications

Loan Advances-Payday Loans has reported a significant rise in the number of loan requests that have been processed and approved over the last 2 years. This was the main gist of the performance report which was presented by Donna Millstone, Division head for short term loans and debts.

In a year to year comparative performance review, the company has posted a 74 percent increase in the number of payday loans that have been processed and approved, and of this number, nearly half of it is comprised by reapplications.

Millstone attributes these positive performance indicators to the strategic positioning by the company in the highly competitive market for subprime payday lending service which was anchored on topnotch customer support and high approval rates.

In a related development, QEC Money, an independent think tank that advocates consumer welfare and proper money management, has reported that the demand for payday loans and other similar short term loans has grown by nearly 60 percent over the last 6 months of the current year.

According to a reliable source within the group, this dramatic jump in the demand for short term loans is a clear indication that an increasing number of Britons are feeling the pinch and are constantly searching for ways to keep their heads above water. “In most instances, they have opted for a pre-payday quick fix,” the unnamed source explained. has had a remarkable 37 percent approval rate since its entry into the subprime lending market. The loan requests are normally approved in less than an hour and borrowers can rely on a quick transfer of funds to their bank accounts. In addition to this, the company has also proven its mettle in providing fast and professional support and assistance to its clients for a wide range of concerns and issues.

“We adopt a cutting edge processing and referral system and we have a solid track record when it comes to our response to loan request of potential borrowers,” Millstone added. Known for its uncompromising advocacy for responsible lending practices, the company has continually endorsed applications and been transparent around costs for appropriate short term need for cash of prospective clients.

Millstone is quick to add that despite the criticisms and negative reports on this subprime lending service, it remains to be a popular and highly
proven financial tool for a significant number of Brits who are going through short term cash crunches.

“Our company and other providers of payday loans and cash advances are actually servicing the cash requirements of the segment of the market that is not actually served by banks and other similar lending entities,” Millstone explained.

Unlike banks and other similar lending institutions, taking a different tack and assesses loan requests based on the monthly income of potential borrowers. The amount of loan provided by the company will not exceed that which can be paid back by the applicant within the specified payment period.

The demand for payday loans is expected to continue to rise until next year and the company assures its clients that it will maintain its current loan offerings and services and adopt the same approval rates to keep up with the requirements of its growing clientele.

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Bower Welcomes the ReLaunch of SHIP

Bower Retirement Services, winners of the 2011 Equity Release Awards, welcome the relaunch of Safe Home Income Plans (‘SHIP’) as The Equity Release Council (The Council). Bower welcome also the decision of the trade body to broaden its membership to include financial advisers, solicitors, surveyors and other interested parties.

SHIP was established in 1991 by the major product providers as the body to safeguard the interests of consumers entering into equity release plans. Over the past 20 years, SHIP has been very successful in improving the reputation of equity release and in promoting consumer awareness of the products available. The main focus of the Equity Release Council will be to protect consumers and increase education, awareness and understanding of how equity release works, the options available and the consumer safeguards that are in place.

Geoff Charles, Managing Director of Bower commented:

“We welcome the new organisation and look forward to joiningand supporting the Equity Release Council. The changes are excellent news for elderly homeowners who are seeking to release capital from their homes in order to raise a lump sum and/or to supplement their retirement income. The extension of the membership and SHIP standards to all participants in the sector will strengthen consumer confidence and reinforce the message that equity release plans are now mainstream retirement products.”

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Payday Express appoints new facilities co-ordinator to ensure staff wellbeing

Short term payday loan provider Payday Express has enlisted a facilities co-ordinator to support its focus on staff wellbeing.

Kristina Winch, who began with Payday Express as an administrator in September 2009, was appointed last month and has been focusing on making improvements to the staff break-out area. Vending machines providing snacks and hot drinks for staff throughout the day have already been installed.

The online payday loan service provider takes staff wellbeing very seriously, paying close attention to the working environment as well as to training programmes, ongoing job support and career development.

As well as vending machines, sofas have also been installed in the break-out area to give staff somewhere comfy to sit during their breaks. This is in addition to the Wii-Fit, which was introduced as part of the March “Be Fit” campaign.

The company also focuses on job satisfaction, aiming to equip employees with the tools and skills to carry out their jobs successfully and progress within their careers. This starts from an employee’s first day in the company when he or she undergoes a two-day induction course, held by the company’s experienced training staff.

Payday Express is a fast-growing company and in May the company recruited 30 new employees across their account management, contact centre and collections departments. Of the 30, 12 of the new starters were referred by friends who already work at the company, a statistic which is representative of the satisfaction felt by employees.

Richard Turner, human resources advisor at Payday Express, said: “Staff wellbeing is paramount. We aim to deliver this not only by creating a welcoming environment, but also by offering effective training and on-going support, which in turn ensures staff provide consistently high levels of customer service.”

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Payday Loans Paid Enter the UK Payday Lending Market has entered the payday loans online market in the United Kingdom. With a team of financial experts who bring with them an inordinate amount of experience in the unsecured loans sector in the UK, they aim to bring something different into the challenging internet, payday lending sector.

Head of online operations, Jenny Statham explained, ‘’Many payday loan applications are declined from a number of the main lenders in the United Kingdom due to their reliance on passing one application. Our payday loans are slightly different in that we can use our strong relationships with some of the payday lenders to ensure the majority of the applications are approved.”.

Payday loans are a somewhat sensitive subject and have featured heavily in the mainstream British press in recent times, but it appears they could be featuring in the UK lending sector for some time. With some APR’s of payday loans surpassing 4 figures, they have – in some quarters – been rightly criticised. Jenny Statham added, ‘’ we try to make sure any potential applicant are fully aware of the associated costs that come with the payday loan agreement they enter into.  Our advice to people who are considering entering into a payday loan agreement with  a lender they have sourced through is to primarily focus on the repayment terms, if they are unable to meet the repayments costs then it is important they do not take on the payday loan.”

With a plethora of payday loan operators frequenting the internet it can be difficult to decide what lender to choose from.  Jenny Statham advised, ‘’if you are looking to secure a payday loan, it is important not to use the first lender you find. Spend some time researching the different providers to ensure you get the very best deal. As there are so many in competition with each other now, there could be some great deals to be found out there”. is one of countless payday loan lenders in the United Kingdom in what some commentators are calling a ‘’saturated market”. They hope, however, to hit the ground running with an easy to use online portal, quality customer service and modest acceptance rates for new applications. Jenny concluded, ‘’we hope to attract people to our online portal who may not have used a payday loan, but have the capacity to service the loan, as new applications will typically have a greater chance of being accepted for a payday loan through our approval system”.­­­­­

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Bad Credit Rating Can Be a Symptom Of Identity Fraud

In 2012, we are more aware of the problems that arise from identity fraud than ever before, however a recent survey by has suggested that we still do not fully understand the extent to which someone stealing our identity can affect out future chances of getting a loan.

Lead researcher, Peter Richardson, said “It is well known that most identity fraud cases are financially motivated. Fraudsters commonly open bank accounts, take out credit cards and attempt to take out loans using your name, address and history as a means of bypassing the credit checks. The result is potentially devastating to the victim’s financial affairs, however the biggest problem is the bad credit rating you could pick up along the way.”

Your credit rating is important, it’s the first statistic a lender will check when deciding whether to offer you that mortgage you urgently need, or that credit card you have applied for, even the new mobile phone contract you wanted. If you have a blackmark on your credit record due to a fraudsters activity you could mistakenly be refused finance, it is thought over 4000 UK residents have found themselves in this unfortunate situation. have noticed a steady rise in applications for short term loans for people with a bad credit score, as a result of the economic climate and issues resulting from events such as identity theft the number of people with bad credit is trending upwards with no immediate signs of slowing down.

With identity fraud rising year on year, experts have advised people to be extra vigilant with personal documents such as bank statements and utility bills and regularly shred them. By protecting your personal information you can vastly reduce the chances of being victim to ID fraud in the UK, reports show that people earning above £35,000 a year and living in London are most at risk. If your credit record has been damaged it is recommended that you request your own file from one of the leading credit agencies and have any mistakes removed as soon as possible.

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Cash Advances US Presents Installment Loans For Bad Credit

Being a reputable and trustworthy provider of online lending service Cash Advances US is being constantly developed by the professional and well-trained team of managers. Now the company is exploring the new ways to give people access to additional funds required in particular situations.

Today the company is proud to present a new product that is available even for consumers with non-perfect credit score and for those who find it difficult to repay the total amount of cash loan on the next payday. The service is called “installment loans”. This form of online cash advance is associated with the specific installment plan and consumers taking out this loan can pay it back according to the set terms.

The main feature of a newly announced product is its repayment terms which allow the borrowers to make partial payments during the particular period of time. Some customers say that this way they find it easier to manage their budget and this was the main reason for Cash Advances US to design the service. There are a lot of people who experience difficult financial times and the goal of the company is to provide an instant access to extra cash that may be paid off in parts releasing people from concerns related to monetary hardships.

Most consumers applying to Cash Advances US are using the obtained money to manage the short-term needs and even though the amount available for borrowing is typically less than $1,500 some people still consider that it is financially hard for them to pay back the total cost of the loan on the next payday. Thus, the direct lenders cooperating with the company suggested to perform the kind of payday advance that can be repaid in installments and may be helpful either for people with perfect credit or with the poor one. Now, the company offers its customers to try bad credit installment loans.

The application process for these short-term cash advance loans is absolutely the same. An individual willing to borrow some money in a form of installment loans for people with bad credit needs to fill in the online form presented on the website of the company. The loan amount and terms are to be negotiated with the direct lenders participating in the network of CashAdvancesUS.

The Managing Director Clare Miles said: “The aim of our company is to give people access to fast and affordable solution to their money-related problems. Thus, we do our best to develop an easy and hassle-free service that will satisfy any customer applying to Cash Advances US.”

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UK Payday Loan Study Predicts Increased Borrowing

A recent study by a loan comparison site, (IAPL) has produced some interesting results concerning the usage of payday loans and the current market trend in order to predict future usage. Currently payday loans, also known as cash advances, are used by people in need of cash urgently. They are high interest, short term loans designed with ease of borrowing in mind.

Currently over 1 million people each year within the United Kingdom use payday loans to get access to instant cash, due to the economic climate and moves towards recession this figure is set to increase drammatically in the coming years. If existing trends continue it is predicted that by 2016 that over 2.1 million people will make use of a payday loan company, totalling over £2bn of combined borrowing. The majority of payday lending is carried out online on websites such as which makes the process hassle free, however it is important that new borrowers realise the potential downsides to using this form of borrowing as expenses can spiral out of control.

Projections analyst at IAPL, Tim McGregor explained, “Although the forecast is for a steady increase in lending to occur throughout the UK the trend can be greatly affected by outside influences, for instance a stable economic recovery will significantly reduce the numbers of people borrowing with payday loans due to the positive effect of lowering the existing record-high unemployment figures.”

It is widely noted that a majority of people looking to get quick finance have a bad credit history, cash advances are often described as loans for bad credit however, as long as the borrower is fully aware of the contract they are entering in to with a payday lender and make repayments on time there will be no further problems.

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More Financial press releases Aiming to Decrease Application Times is the latest online payday lender to have adapted an online lending portal to service UK residents who may be in need of an unsecured lending facility. With the onset of broker style lending,  payday loans are now being processed online in the UK by many service providers using state of the art ‘’Pingtree” technology, working in unison with the UK’s leading payday lenders, and the application facility now being operated by is certainly no exception.

The application harnesses secure technology to enable new and existing applicants to push their details through to a panel of lenders after submitting one application form online. The details are transmitted through to the lenders via the application and the subsequent decision is made by one of the chosen payday loan lenders. Jenny Davis, applications manager at explained, ‘’we have decided to integrate a Pingtree style application within the site to give applicants a credible opportunity to access funds. The main advantage we have is that all of our applications are submitted to different lenders. The payday providers will then either accept the loan application based on the data that has been submitted, or it will be declined. Either way there is a reduced time implication which can only serve to benefit our customers”.

Online payday lenders are now entrenched within the UK’s unsecured finance sector and it is evident the increased competition has not always culminated in an improved service provided. But, aims to at least serve their customers quicker than ever before, as well as giving them increased opportunity to secure short term, unsecured funding online. Jenny Davis added, ‘’there is still a real need in the UK for short term loans and unfortunately there is not the availability of funding through the mainstream lending channels. Whilst we do not condone irresponsible lending, it is important to acknowledge there is a need for credit and we hope to be able to provide an opportunity for finance”. is aiming to make an impact on the lending sector in the UK. Despite their relatively short time operating online, by implementing cutting edge technology into their service provision, they may well be making a positive statement of intent.

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More Financial press releases Releases The 2012 Guide to Good Credit Score Ranges officially releases the “Good Credit Score Guide,” a number of credit score articles and a series of five credit score infographics designed to educate the general public.

Credit score number is crucial to your financial health, especially with just how much the average American relies on debt. With a poor credit score, consumers are more likely not to be approved for a loan or, if they do get approved, they are likely to pay more in interest charges.

“We’ve created our guide to help consumers manage their consumer credit,” says Nathan Richardson the founder of ComplexSearch. “That is why we put a whole host of files dedicated to helping consumers improve their credit score with simple – and free – how-to guide.”

Credit scores are becoming more ubiquitous in our daily lives with TV, online and various advertising mediums filled with companies offering free credit scores. “More and more companies are offering seemingly free access to your credit score, but what we’ve found is many of these companies are charging for services that essentially can be accessed for free,” Nathan continues. The credit guide also includes pitfalls and other various credit score scams to watch out for.”

The new guide to credit scores was previously released in 2011, and was updated for 2012 by talking with several credit experts. This new guide represents the latest information on the average credit score ranges.

About ComplexSearch
ComplexSearch is a personal finance blog dedicated to discovering the latest bank rates on savings accounts, certificate of deposits, money markets, credit cards and other deposit accounts. ComplexSearch also focuses on detailed reviews on the top banks in the United States and Canada, by aggregating reviews from several top resources online — this quick resource allows people to find the up-to-date bank reviews in 2012. ComplexSearch is also a provider of personal finance opinion and advice, offering new articles weekly.

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Payday Loans Specialist Strengthens Its Credentials As A Responsible Lender

WageDayAdvance, one of the UK’s leading online payday loans providers, has announced the appointment of a new risk analyst manager, as part of a move to reduce risk and promote responsible lending.

The company employs more than 150 people at its head office in Yorkshire, and helps people across the UK to find cost-effective borrowing solutions every day.

Abhishek Khurana, a specialist in risk analysis, will help the company to maintain and reinforce its reputation as a responsible lender. By drawing on his extensive experience in the financial analytic industry, Abhishek will work to improve WageDayAdvance’s ability to understand which customers can actually afford to borrow, and streamline the firm’s lending strategies. He will also help to make sure that successful applicants have agreements that fit their personal circumstances, allowing them to make affordable repayments on time.

Abhishek said: “I am delighted to join WageDayAdvance at this exciting time of their development. The company is now one of the leading payday lenders in the UK and is growing rapidly.

“I will be looking to build a high-performance analytics team that will work with each functional area within the business to build a set of standardised reports or dashboards, and analyse key information to provide usable insight into the business that can influence major management decisions.”

Abhishek is an MBA graduate from Leeds Business School and also holds a M.Sc. in Management Consultancy. He joined WageDayAdvance in March from The Lewis Group, where he was employed as a senior MI analyst. Abhishek has nine years’ experience working in analytics, collections and call centre environments.

Ross Chapman, Business Development Manager at WageDayAdvance, said: “We’re excited to have Abhishek as part of the team and know his experience is sure to prove invaluable in helping the company to further strengthen its responsible lending practices and ensure that we’re always providing a first class service for our customers.”

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247 Payday UK Launches New Payday Loans Website with a Conscience

Payday loans website, 247 Payday UK launched at midnight on April 24th 2012. The message is clear that this new online lending facility wants to be ”a little bit different” in comparison to other payday lenders currently operating in the somewhat saturated payday loans market within the United Kingdom.

With a new website fresh out of the wraps, a dedicated marketing team and an ethical approach to lending, it is hoped that the future could be bright for 247 Payday UK.

Richard Painter, 247 Payday UK’s operations manager explained, ”from the outset we have wanted to be clear with our customers around issues such as payday loan repayment costs and implications of taking on this type of loan arrangement”. Although the website is in its infancy 247 Payday UK has focused on transparency, providing a payday loans guide that Richard added, ”will continue to be built upon and developed over time to ultimately create a hub of information for new and existing customers”.

Richard has over 5 years’ experience within the UK payday market and stated that he has seen a shift in recent times to a more competitive sector, but would like ”more transparency and openness between the lender and the customer”.

His involvement with various payday loans operations all over the UK has enabled Richard to see the positive and negative aspects of the industry. Richard is clearly excited at being part of the new team and explained, ”we have sourced some experienced payday loan specialists, with a blend of youth and experience, to hopefully create a winning formula in helping to promote our fresh and innovative payday site”.

With 247 Payday UK coming into an already tough financial sector, it may well be a bumpy road ahead for Richard and his team. It is however evident that they are not attempting to reinvent the wheel, but to be open and honest with their potential customers and this could ultimately be a winning formula.

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Payday Loan Company Continues Partnership With Build Africa Charity

Online payday loans provider Payday Express is continuing to support the Build Africa charity as part of an ongoing partnership.

Payday Express currently sponsor the charity’s Village Savings and Loan Associations project, which is made up of self-managed groups of people whose members pool savings to help those in need. These groups receive no external capital and use what they have to provide members with a safe place to save their money, access to loans, and a place for them to contribute to a welfare fund.

Payday Express believes that the charity gives families the opportunity to save and invest their way out of poverty. The online payday loans company makes payments every two months, which will help to establish six Village Saving and Loan Association (VSLA) groups in a year.

Kristina Winch, administrator at Payday Express, said: “The donations we provide to Build Africa helps communities transform their futures.”

And success has already come as a result of this sponsorship, with money going towards helping Top Ten – a new savings and loan group set up by Build Africa in a poor rural village in Uganda. The Top Ten group has 30 active members, one of whom is Suzan.

Suzan saves 5,000 Ugandan shillings each week (equivalent to approximately £1.20) and borrowed from her group when she and one of her six children became ill. The money was used for medical help which she would otherwise not have been able to afford, and to rent an acre of land on which to grow maize.

Call centre manager at the payday loan company, Carl Mountain, said: “Payday Express staff donate to various charities month to month, but it’s great that in addition to this the company regularly sponsors such a great cause as Build Africa, to help communities in Africa save their way to a better life.”

Find out more about Build Africa’s Village Savings and Loans Associations here:

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Payday Express Launches ‘Be Fair’ Fair Trade Month For April

UK provider of no fax payday loans, Payday Express, has made April “Be Fair” month and is encouraging staff to think about and use Fairtrade products.

The move follows the success of Payday Express’s “Be Healthy” month, held during March.

The usual tea, coffee, sugar and hot chocolate provided for all employees at the payday loan company have been swapped for Fairtrade equivalents, and the company is aiming to continue the use of fair trade brands and products wherever possible in the future.

Payday Express also bought each of its staff a fair trade chocolate to celebrate Easter.

Sarah Carroll, operations manager at Payday Express, said: “We like to raise awareness of different causes at Payday Express and this month’s focus on fair trade is going down well. Staff are learning things they did not know about the types of fair trade products they could buy and the value they can add to the lives of producers.”

The staff notice board, situated in the kitchen, is adorned with posters and information about Fairtrade products, including food, beauty products and cotton. The board also displays information about what Fairtrade is all about and how it helps farmers to earn a fair price for the products they produce and export. Information about the cost of Fairtrade produce is also provided, along with a price comparison with non-Fairtrade products, which shows that there is often little or no difference between the two.

The online payday loans provider already holds a dress down day every Friday and collects £1 from all employees, with the money collected being donated to the chosen charity of the month – this month’s chosen charity is the Fairtrade Foundation.

Marketing administrator at Payday Express, Cigdem Husseyin, said: “The Fairtrade Foundation is a very worthy charity, helping farmers acquire a better deal for their produce, to consequently help give them and their communities a better life.”

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