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Important Hub for Refinancing Options in the Norwegian Market

With mortgage rates at an all-time low, more and more people are looking to not only buy homes but also to refinance existing mortgages in order to lower their monthly payments.

Norway is just one of the countries in which refinancing has become popular in the last few years.

Refinancing a mortgage can be a long and complicated process but the website hopes to make this process easy for customers by providing a hub full of information about refinancing options in the Norwegian market.

The website offers all sorts of information including a blog full of hot topics about mortgage refinancing. not only focuses on mortgage refinancing but also on refinancing of high-interest credit cards and other high-rate loans.

All the information crucial to any refinancing topic is available at this site.

“Our goal is to provide consumers with everything that they need to know about refinancing a mortgage” states PederWilhelmsen, the writer for

“Refinancing is something that more people should take advantage of, yet many people think that it requires too much time and don’t know the basics”.

At we give potential refinances everything they need to know before starting the refinancing process.”

Refinansiering has recently expanded its attraction to customers by offering a range of informative videos about the refinancing process and requirements.

The company will also refer borrowers to the best financial institutions for their particular situation.

Those looking for refinancing information about mortgages may find the following article valuable as a starting part in the process:

When looking for a wealth of information about refinancing your mortgage in Norway, website could prove to be incredibly useful and an important part of one’s refinancing process. For more information visit:

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Mortgage Loan Modifications Made Simple With Cantrell Consultant’s Do It Yourself Modification Software. Stop Waiting In Line And Get Your Paperwork Ahead Of The Rest

Cantrell Consultants Offers Reliable Do It Yourself Mortgage Modification Program to Help Home Owners save their Homes.

With’s Bank Ready Modification Package, Dr. Cantrell Will Help His Customers In Being One Of The 9 Million Mortgage Holders To Receive A Loan Under President’s Obamas New Package.

The number of people facing problems regarding the payments of their mortgage loans is rising in the United States. The most common problems faced by homeowners today are due to delinquency, high interest rates or reduction in appraised value due to the market crash. While the government has introduced several home and mortgage loan modification plans under HAMP and HAFA programs, only a small percentage of mortgage holders are able to qualify for these modification programs.

Michael W. Cantrell Sr., Ph. D., one of the leading names in the area of home loan modifications, is offering a reliable program that ensures that their client will get all home loan modification documentation with his new ezmortgagemod do it yourself program. Dr. Michael W. Cantrell, Sr. is the president of Cantrell Consultants. He holds a PH. D. in Financial Management and has been in this industry for almost three decades.

Elaborating on his new ezmortgagemod loan modification program, Dr. Cantrell said,“Although I have been serving lenders since 1989, I have now set foot on the other side of the fence, helping homeowners. I believe in making homes affordable with our do-it-yourself ezmortgagemod program that enables people to qualify for a Home Loan Modification approval. The ezmortgagemod program works to benefit the homeowner, not the lenders.”

The do it yourself ezmortgagemod Home Loan modification package offered by Cantrell Consultants is ranked number one among the Do-it-Yourself programs. The ezmortgagemod program is one of the most reliable and user friendly programs available to the public today. The reason for this is that only the ezmortgagemod do-it-yourself program includes exact documents that banks and lenders use for their approval process.

“This unique benefit along with the post review service, ezmortgagemod program saves homeowners, not only the thousands and thousands of dollars they would normally spend, but the nightmare of spending months on the phone with their banks and getting bounced around from department to department trying to do it on their own,” adds Dr. Cantrell.

The ezmortgagemod Home Loan Modification program allows the homeowner to fill out a form and see whether or not they qualify for any of the programs. This saves them a lot of time. The package also offers a step by step guide for the homeowner regarding the procedures and negotiation tactics. More information on Dr. Cantrell’s do-it yourself mortgage loan modification package is available on

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Millions Of Americans Count On Their Tax Refunds Each Year To Pay Down Debts

Millions of Americans count on their tax refunds each year to pay down debts, get caught up on bills, or simply to make ends meet. With an estimated 1.5 million personal bankruptcies to be filed in 2011, bankruptcy lawyers around the country are being asked the same question: “What will happen to my tax refund if I declare bankruptcy?”

Income tax refunds are basically interest-free loans to the government, and are therefore considered assets of debtors who declare bankruptcy. The trustee assigned to your case may be able to seize your income tax refund, depending upon two main factors: first, what type of bankruptcy you file, and second, whether your refund is fully  exempted.

The two main types of personal bankruptcy cases are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. In a Chapter 7 case, debtors are essentially allowed to walk away from their debts.

In a Chapter 13 case, debtors must repay their unsecured debts over 3 to 5 years.

Most Chapter 7 cases are considered “no asset” cases, and for those assets that the debtor does possess, there are federal and state exemption laws, which prevent the bankruptcy trustee from seizing and selling the debtor’s property.

Just like the debtor’s household goods, clothing and automobile, in most Chapter 7 cases the debtor’s tax refund can be fully exempted, which means the bankruptcy trustee cannot even consider seizing the refund. However it is very important to use the full and correct exemptions to protect the refund.

Chapter 13 cases can be a bit more complicated. If you have a confirmed Chapter 13 Plan that requires repayment of only a percentage of your debt, your trustee will likely seize your refund every year over the course of your bankruptcy, using the proceeds to increase the payout to unsecured creditors.  Income tax refunds in Chapter 13 are considered “property of the estate,” so your trustee will want to apply this money toward payment of your Plan.

In 100% repayment cases, however, the trustee has no interest in seizing your tax refund.  If your income is demonstrably sufficient to satisfy your confirmed Plan, the trustee will allow you to keep your tax refund.  You may want to adjust your withholdings before filing a Chapter 13 appropriate.

The bankruptcy trustee will in most cases require the debtor to file a tax return to determine whether the debtor’s refund can be seized and used to repay creditors. Unlike a home or car with equity, which must first be auctioned to produce distributable funds, tax refunds are a quick cash windfall to the creditors.

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Auto Insurance Quotes Impacted by US Point System for Driving

While many drivers have had their licenses suspended thanks to their state’s driving point system, they might be unfamiliar with how it works and how it impacts car insurance.

Auto Insurance Quotes

Established to hinder the amount of dangerous drivers on the road and to enforce traffic laws, the point system provides DMV’s with an extra set of eyes on the road. Depending on the way the state implements the system, points are added or taken away from your driving record. Although the accumulation of points can either be positive or negative, depending on the state, the goal is the same: decrease the number of dangerous drivers on the road.

Having your license suspended, however, isn’t the only negative outcome of possessing multiple infractions on your driving record.

According to the article, ‘ The U.S. Point System: How it Affects Your Driving Record and Car Insurance,’ “The more infractions (and therefore, the more points) you have on your driving record, the more risky you are to insure. As such, insurers will offer you higher car insurance quotes and rates.”

If you are worried about your car insurance increasing, but aren’t familiar with your driving record, says there are steps you can take to ensure you avoid any future infractions. To learn about your state’s point system’s rules and regulations, contact your local DMV and your local police department. They can provide you with the most up-to-date information about the state’s point system.

“They can give you more specifics on the point system that affects you,” according to the article. “You can use that information to know where you stand as a driver in your state and whether or not you need to get proactive and work toward a better driving record.”

Once a driver understands their state’s point system, it makes it easier for them to follow traffic laws. If your driving record is clean, it will be much easier for you to find affordable auto insurance. If you’re currently in need of affordable auto insurance, compare quotes online. With a little patience, you’ll be able to find the most convenient coverage for you.

For more information, visit

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Mortgage Protection Insurance Helps Prevent Foreclosure

The loss of one’s primary source of income almost always creates a domino effect that results in difficulty paying even your most menial of bills, let alone your most important bill: the mortgage.

However, losing your job isn’t the end of the world. There are always ways to make ends meet and mortgage protection insurance is available to prevent your home from being foreclosed on. According to an article recently published on you should speak to your homeowners insurance agent today about job loss protection.

“With an added job-loss rider, mortgage protection will help pay your mortgage payments in the event that you lose your job and can also cover your mortgage if you are otherwise unable to continue the payments on your own,” according to the article.

It is important for those interested in purchasing mortgage protection insurance to understand what factors go into the amount they are being charged for coverage. Those deciding factors include your employability, the cost of your mortgage payments, and the current state of the economy. The job market has a significant deciding factor on your mortgage protection premium. The higher the risk that you may lose your job, the more your mortgage protection insurance may cost.

With the economy in shambles and job security a term of the past, mortgage protection insurance is now more important than ever. Most policies come with job-loss coverage included but others require you add a job-loss rider. Visit to get set up with a home insurance agent in your area and ask them if mortgage protection insurance is right for you.

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Stop Foreclosure On Your Home, Work With A Loan Modification Specialist

The HRP Office,, is open in Surfside Beach, South Carolina and ready to assist clients with their mortgage needs. The owner, Dr. Michael W. Cantrell, Sr. and his staff are experienced loan modification specialists. Their long time strong relationship with most major banking institutions enable them to work faster, smarter and less expensively than other loan modification companies. Clients of HRP, LLC quickly come to recognize them as the experts in helping them get their loans successfully modified.

What kinds of situations can the HRP Office,, help their clients with?

Homeowners who are behind on their mortgage payments
Homes currently in foreclosure 
Homeowners have an ARM that has adjusted higher or will adjust higher in another month or two
Homeowners who have a legitimate hardship
Reduced income, reduced hours, pay cut, loss of job, relocation, demotion
Homeowners who went on Disability or Workers Compensation
Excessive medical bills
Back taxes that are currently being paid back 
Death of household provider
Failed business

The staff at HRP,, guarantees their services 100%; they are an industry leader in loan modifications. With a staff of licensed attorneys as well as experienced processors and negotiators, they work together to handle each and every case with the utmost care and concern. Lenders have very specific guidelines that must be met before they will agree to modify a loan. HRP knows what those guidelines are and how to get their clients the very best possible option available. They work for the homeowner, not the lender, so your best interests are their main concern.

What can the HRP Office,, do for their clients?

Pre Qualify a case at no cost to the homeowner
Provide the homeowner with access to their account online 24/7
Prepare a comprehensive modification package to best position each case for success
Engage in hard line negotiations with lenders to ensure the best possible outcome for their clients
Stop collection calls on overdue mortgage payments
Postpone imminent sale dates so the homeowner can breathe easier

Custom Analysis for Each Client
The staff of the HRP Office,, understands that everyone’s financial situation is unique, which is why they offer comprehensive, personalized, and proven modification programs that get results. The legal experts at HRP understand the importance of providing individual services that are tailor made to effectively meet the personal financial needs of their clients.

100% Guarantee
Dr. Michael Cantrell and his staff take pride in their level of service and client support and are committed to providing the most rewarding experience possible. HRP’s,, web-based software allows their clients to have access to their account 24 hours a day 7 days a week. People can check the status of their loan modification case at any time. Clients can also contact their HRP team members via email, fax or phone at any time. Dr. Cantrell had this to say about HRP “Our specialized attorneys, paralegals, negotiators, processors and customer service professionals are unmatched. We provide customized, personal attention to your individual situation and we emphasize customer support and long term solutions for you. Simply put, we strive to provide the best customer service in the industry, and our results-oriented negotiators take pride in consistently meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations. Ultimately, we provide clients with renewed financial optimism and a valuable savings of time and money. In addition, our company has the resources, banking relationships, ethical standards and legal expertise that other companies cannot offer which can translate into significant benefits for our clients.”

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It’s Not Too Late To Save Your Home – Hotline Offers Free Consultation

The Lincoln National Group is pleased to announce the opening of their free foreclosure prevention hotline. The hotline and the assistance it offers is arriving just in time to help US homeowners as the US foreclosure rate has reached alarming proportions. In 2008, 2.3 million American homeowners faced foreclosure proceedings which was an 81 percent increase over 2007. One in 54 housing units received at least one foreclosure notice during the year. Foreclosure filings were reported on 303,410 US properties in December 2008, up nearly 41 percent from December 2007. And the situation doesn’t look like it is getting better any time soon with US homeowners facing layoffs, shrinking investment portfolios and falling home prices.

Last month, 11.6 million people were unemployed and the unemployment rate rose to 7.6%. Over the past 12 months, the number of unemployed has increased by 4.1 million. It doesn’t appear that the foreclosure prevention programs currently implemented nationwide have had any real success in slowing down this foreclosure tidal wave. Recent government legislation appears to have done little more than delay the inevitable foreclosure proceedings for thousands of homeowners.

Lincoln National Group is stepping in at this crucial time to help US homeowners avoid foreclosure and save their homes. The experts at Lincoln National Group, an affiliate of the law firm of Debra Tsadok, have the knowledge and the ability to prevent foreclosure. They have the solutions. With their extensive experience they help homeowners every step of the way and do everything possible to prevent foreclosure. After performing an assessment of the homeowner’s situation and an analysis of the homeowner’s financial situation they negotiate with their lender to achieve the best outcome.

The free foreclosure prevention hotline manned by the experts at the Lincoln National Group can help with a wide range of problems. What preventative steps should be taken if a homeowner loses his job and fears he won’t be able to pay his mortgage on time? What should a single parent do if she falls behind in her mortgage payments? What options are available to those who have already received foreclosure notices? The Lincoln National Group hotline is open from 9:00 am – 7:00 pm at 201-541-6680. It is open from Monday through Friday.

About Lincoln National Group
Lincoln National Group is dedicated to helping US homeowners avoid foreclosure and save their homes. They offer a variety of foreclosure prevention options. For more information please call them at 201-541-6680 or visit their website:
Lincoln National Group.

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To Meet The Massive Demand For Loan Modification Services, The Parsa Law Group Ramps Up

As the foreclosure crisis in reaches epic proportions, the nation’s leading provider of legal loan modifications and loan workout services, the Parsa Law Group and its marketing arm, the National Loan Modification Center, have tripled the size of their operation in the month of January with an additional 4 attorneys, 40 support staff and over 10,000 square feet of office space.

The Parsa Law Group provides professional legal representation for those wishing to renegotiate an existing mortgage with their lender. The ultimate goal of the service is to avoid foreclosure and keep people in their home. The on-site team of attorneys and staff has helped thousands of homeowners who are facing financial hardship, have a mortgage that is upside down, or are stuck with an ARM/Interest-only mortgage they can no longer afford by stopping foreclosure, reducing their monthly mortgage payments, adjusting the principal on their mortgage, working out a modified loan with a lower fixed interest rate, and getting any missed mortgage payments tacked on to the end of their loan.

“For me this is a mission to help as many homeowners as possible stay in their homes. It’s such a shame when we see so many people that were taken advantage of with loans that were not explained to them fully or when you have someone that is about to lose their house and entire life’s savings because someone lied to them outright, or because they lost their job, or are simply going through rough financial times like so many other Americans. With the banks out to save themselves with billions in bonuses, and refusing to free up credit markets with the bailout money, a line has clearly been drawn, and we have chosen to be on the side of struggling homeowners.” said James Parsa, Lead Attorney at the Parsa Law Group / National Loan Modification Center.

“It’s been a quite challenge to keep up with the explosive growth of this area of our business,” says Mike Ponzillo, Director of Operations at the Parsa Law Group / National Loan Modification Center “we are literally hiring people every week because the calls keep coming in and every single case we negotiate with a lender requires a huge commitment of staff hours and resources on our end.”

Kelly Sneed, Marketing Manager at the National Loan Modification Center, said “Since we started this service it has been an ongoing effort from a marketing standpoint to get the word out about Loan Modifications as an alternative to foreclosure. A few months ago people didn’t know what a Loan Modification or a Loan Workout was, or how it could help them save their home.”

The Parsa Law Group together with its marketing arm, the National Loan Modification Center, is the Nation’s Leading Legal Loan Modification Provider, with thousands of homes saved. With an on-site team of attorneys and professionals that fight to save homes from foreclosure, reduce mortgage payments, and hold lenders accountable for unfair or fraudulent loans, the Parsa Law Group is the staunch legal ally that struggling homeowners need in these difficult times.

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