designs new pothole warning sign has designed a new road sign, specifically to alert road users to the UK’s two million potholes*. The road sign is the first of its kind and the car insurance expert is petitioning to urge the Department for Transport to introduce it to roads across the UK.

A constant source of frustration for drivers, the sign has been developed in response to recent findings that even with sufficient budgets; it would take councils at least 11 years to repair the UK’s damaged roads**. With this in mind, 82% of drivers would like to see a road sign dedicated to potholes.

Mike Hoban, chief marketing officer at said: “Although repairing these roads is obviously the long term solution, something needs to be done now. Currently the UK’s road signs include warnings for wild horses, wild animals, cattle and even toads but potholes aren’t considered worthy enough? A pothole road sign is a vital step in preventing accidents and reducing insurance claims whilst road maintenance continues.”

The road sign design was inspired by local pothole crusader Ted Relf, a plumber from Kent, who made national headlines in April 2010 when his home made warning sign against potholes was removed by the local council.

Ted Relf commented: “We all moan about potholes and now we have the chance to do something about them. I created my own pothole sign last year because I was concerned for the safety of drivers on my road. I fully support the introduction of an official pothole road sign and urge the nation to sign the petition at”

The pothole road sign has been produced in accordance with the signage guidelines set by the Department for Transport and is the brainchild of Phil Baines from Central St Martins, University of the Arts London. Baines, designer and signage expert, added: “Warning road signs are there as a safety measure to warn drivers of potential dangers, and potholes certainly fall within that category. Given the scale of the current problem I would welcome a specific pothole sign being added to the Traffic Sign Manual.”

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Russell Investments launches new online information suite

Russell Investments has launched a new dedicated website specifically for retail financial advisers.

The new online portal, available direct from the Russell Investments UK homepage, brings together the most relevant investment information from Russell’s extensive range of detailed and unbiased industry analysis and allows financial advisers to cut through the noise to hone in on the topics which are important to them.

Alongside this, advisers will be able to quickly navigate through Russell’s tools and investment services which can help them get under the bonnet of its funds, build and manage client portfolios, and enhance the value added to clients’ investments.

Adviser visits to Russell’s website have tripled since its launch in March which is a clear indication that the provision of online help and support is increasingly vital.

Danny Callaghan, head of IFA sales at Russell Investments, said: “Financial advisers need support so they can spend their time generating value for their businesses, and advising their clients. They are bombarded with news and investment information from a variety of sources and it can be difficult to steer a course through the content and find the relevant pieces.

“Russell has teams of experts across a wide range of investment capabilities and they regularly produce insightful and impartial commentary – so we have made advisers’ lives a bit easier by consolidating this into one place alongside the tools they need to help provide the best investment advice for their clients. We want to help them spend as much time with their clients and less time searching for information and support – our new online information suite does that.”

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More Financial press releases reveals young men have more expensive car crashes has revealed that while many men like to think they are the superior gender when it comes to driving, new research from the car insurance specialist shows men have bigger crashes that cost more money than women. looked at more than 200,000 claims and found young men in particular have more expensive crashes. Accidents involving men aged under 25 cost on average 15% more than those involving women of the same age. In fact, the cost of accidents involving male drivers of all ages is 6% higher than accidents involving women.

To help improve the driving ability of both men and women, has joined forces with Fifth Gear’s Tim Shaw and made three short films which can help any motorist learn how to drive like a professional and control their car should they get into trouble.

The insurance videos ( contain tips and advice from a professional driver and reveal how to manage a car if it begins to skid, how to corner safely and why vision is so important when it comes to reacting quickly and braking in a safe manner. managing director, Brian Martin, said: “Since passing our driving tests most of us might have picked up some bad habits and probably don’t give too much thought to improving our driving skills. But driving well can mean more than just keeping out of trouble on the roads.

“At a time when most of us are trying to save money, as well as demonstrating how best to control your car, our films also reveal how smooth and efficient driving can help your car perform at its peak and be more cost efficient.”

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Payday Express Scores with Staff Sports Sponsorship

Short-term loan provider Payday Express continues to focus on investing in staff wellbeing by sponsoring an employee’s cricket team as it strives for victory in its second season.

After sponsoring a staff five-a-side football team during the winter months and seeing it grow quickly into a seven man outfit, instant cash loans provider Payday Express is now sponsoring Kent Ramblas for the cricket season.

Kent Ramblas was founded by Payday Express data co-ordinator Michael Cooper with a group of friends in 2009, as a way to play regular sport together. This community spirit is supported and encouraged by Payday Express, which is committed to its staff both at work and in their external pursuits.

Michael said: “Before the start of our second season we sorted out a new home ground and a larger fixture calendar of 16 games – as well as a new kit, thanks to Payday Express.”

The team is now midway through its second season and is working hard towards its first win, after seven losses so far in 2011. Despite the scorecard, the team remains undeterred and is focused on continued improvement. With having achieved a draw in its latest game, hopes are high for the nine games left to play this season.

Michael is also looking forward to the honour of being captain at Kent Ramblas’s first ever 20/20 match on 22 June.

Payday Express Operations Manager Sarah Carroll said: “Our aim is to give something back to our staff members and invest in them as people, not just employees.

“Pursuits such as this outside of work are good for a person’s continuing development, encouraging teamwork and healthy competition, which are also essential business traits. We are always looking for opportunities to support and motivate our staff.”

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Northern Rock Adds Helpful Savings Video Guide To Its Website

Northern Rock has added another helpful video guide to its interactive savings website to help consumers with their savings choices.

The video – Northern Rock’s Guide to Savings – is the third guide in the series recently introduced by the bank to add a further dimension to its award-winning website. Existing videos include Northern Rock’s Guide to ISAs and First Time Buyers Guide, which can be viewed on the Northern Rock website alongside the new addition.

The newest guide is designed to help customers make the most of their money in an accessible way, by highlighting the need to consider debt and budgeting as well as the benefits of the wide range of competitively priced savings products on offer at Northern Rock.

The colourful video guide, which is also available via the bank’s YouTube channel, covers key areas such as planning for emergencies and saving for a rainy day.

Northern Rock offers a range of variable and fixed rate savings products, including online savings accounts, instant-access products and tax-free savings options. Northern Rock also offers customers a free savings review.

Further detail about Northern Rock’s range of savings products is available on the website, which is populated with useful advice and information for different savings customer groups, financial planning information and at-a-glance guides to help people choose between different types of savings account.

The site also includes a range of interactive tools such as a jargon buster and budget planner to help take the complexity out of selecting the right savings product for a customer’s own individual circumstances, and a product calculator for each of Northern Rock’s products, such as a mortgage calculator and a calculator for its Cash ISA, to help work out the estimated return on investment.

Northern Rock customers also benefit from the bank’s unique savings promise. This is a commitment to its customers that it will provide a minimum of two months’ written notice of any reduction to the interest rate on their account. Where customers have a notice period for access to their funds of greater than two months, Northern Rock will give them that equivalent notice period of any reduction to their interest rate. Northern Rock will also write to all savings customers at least once a year with details of all its available variable rate savings accounts. And it will give savings customers a minimum of two months’ written notice of any changes to the terms and conditions of their account.

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Saxo Bank Stays With Riis Cycling in 2012

Saxo Bank and Bjarne Riis, owner and manager of Riis Cycling A/S, have announced that Saxo Bank, a sponsor for the cycling team since 2008, will remain co-title sponsor in 2012 with SunGard, one of the world’s leading software and technology services companies.

Bjarne Riis said: “It is indeed a great day for our cycling team. Saxo Bank is an extremely professional company, so I am proud that Saxo Bank has a strong faith in our work and continues to see the commercial benefits in sponsoring our team.”

“Since 2008 we have shown in both words and actions that we are a great match, and I am convinced we will continue to grow together because of the obvious benefits in a long term relationship. The continuity in our partnership also means a lot for the riders and for me personally. Now we can focus all our attention on creating results and the working process of putting together a strong rider group for next year.”

Saxo Bank, the online trading and investment specialist, recently launched Saxo Privatbank, combining traditional banking services with a professional investment universe, and the bank says it has taken a strategic decision to continue the sponsorship in 2012.

In a joint statement, Kim Fournais and Lars Seier Christensen, co-CEOs and co-founders of Saxo Bank, said: “Saxo Bank has always believed it was a sound commercial decision to support Bjarne Riis and the rest of the team but at the same time, it is hard to exaggerate the impact Bjarne Riis has on Danish and international cycling. We have a genuine desire to support Bjarne and provide the team with the necessary resources it takes to stay on top. Bjarne Riis and the team are a huge inspiration and motivation for many young talents, and Saxo Bank is proud to continue to ensure a world class cycling team in Denmark.”

The name of the team will remain ‘Saxo Bank-SunGard Professional Cycling Team’.

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Payday Express Takes A Leap For Charity Concern

A brave employee of short-term loan service Payday Express is taking the plunge for charity on June 27 by doing a solo skydive in aid of Concern, which supports poverty-stricken communities in third world countries.

Payday Express and its staff are sponsoring contact centre agent Kylie Taylor to undertake her plucky move after a two-day training course. Kylie will jump from the plane alongside her instructor – but without the reassurance of being attached.

Kylie said: “This is my first charity event but I’m hoping it won’t be my last. Next I want to move on to more daring events to raise more and more money.”

Concern was founded in Africa in 1968 and works in both emergency situations and long-term development programmes. On 13 June, the charity organised a meeting in Washington DC with campaign group Bread For The World entitled 1,000 Days To Scale Up Nutrition For Mothers And Children, to pressure G20 leaders to make a financial commitment to improving nutrition in the world’s poorest countries.

Payday Express Operations Manager Sarah Carroll said: “This is such a worthy cause and we’re honoured to be able to help. One of Concern’s main schemes is in Quetta, in Pakistan, where it runs drop-in centres for children who make money for their families by scavenging on rubbish tips and selling their finds.

“Concern offers education, food and healthcare, as well as the chance to play with toys. The charity also supplies protective clothing to protect the children from injury and infection; and training in manual trades to give them a better chance for the future.”

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Vebnet Announces Partnership With vielife

Vebnet has enhanced its employee benefits, offering to allow global access to an online health and wellbeing solution, by partnering with employee health solutions specialist vielife.

Employers using Vebnet’s reward and flexible benefits technology can now offer their employees a personalised, multi-language and interactive health and well-being service through vielife Online. The service lets employees measure and monitor their sleep, stress, nutrition and physical activity levels and encourages them to make healthier lifestyle choices, while helping employers to improve employee engagement and combat reported rises in sickness absence.

Employees start by taking an online assessment. This forms the basis of a personal report which identifies any areas of concern in their lifestyle and gives practical advice on how to address them. The recommendations can also be tailored to help employees make the most of the benefits their employer provides. Employers can also build lifestyle communication programmes to support employee engagement and employees can regularly re-assess themselves as their lifestyles change.

For Vebnet, part of the Standard Life group, the partnership with vielife provides a multi-modal health and wellness platform that is integrated within its own global employee benefits and reward portal. Importantly, vielife Online’s management reporting capabilities can help employers pinpoint specific staff health and wellbeing issues, creating highly targeted corporate employee health and wellbeing strategies strategies which in turn lead to greater employee engagement with Vebnet’s technology and higher solution return on investment.

Mike Beason, managing director, vielife, said: “As the population ages and organisations downsize to cope with economic pressures, more employers will start taking an interest in the health and wellbeing of their employees.

“Our technology provides a platform for global businesses who want to help their workforce make healthier lifestyle choices. Wellbeing is no longer perceived by employers as just another company perk, rather it’s a highly effective channel for increasing productivity, reducing sickness absence and improving job satisfaction.”

Richard Morgan, director of consultancy, Vebnet, commented: “Our reward and flexible benefits portal is already helping employers to enhance their total employment proposition and this latest addition forms the cornerstone of creating a joined up approach to health and wellbeing strategies.

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Standard Life Warns Public To Inflation Proof Retirement Incomes

Standard Life is warning anyone thinking about retirement to consider the effects of inflation eroding their income. New data released today by the savings and investments specialist shows that many people could see their retirement income swallowed up by the basic costs of living within seven years, as the effect of inflation impacts their spending power.

Using Office for National Statistics data and official Government inflation figures, Standard Life has calculated that someone with a personal pension pot of £80,000, buying a level annuity, will spend their entire monthly income (from private and state pensions) on basic living costs like food and fuel within just 7 years of retirement*.

John Lawson, Head of Pensions Policy at Standard Life said: “The cost of living is rising fast for most people in the UK, but this can be particularly acute for pensioners. Their spending habits are driven by commodities such as food and fuel bills and these inflation rates are much higher than the overall UK inflation rate**.

“People need to consider how to protect their buying power in retirement from the ravages of inflation over a long period of time, which could be 30 years or more. If pensioner inflation remains at around 6% a year, people with a fixed income could lose almost half of their spending power within a ten year period.

“There are many options to consider at retirement which could minimise the impact of inflation on your income, so seeking professional financial advice is vital.”

For further information on inflation proofing retirement income, and the choices available, interested parties can visit

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Northern Rock Cuts Mortgage Rates

Northern Rock has reduced mortgage rates, making its range even more competitive. As well as reducing selected rates across its core mortgage range by up to 0.50%, it has improved its 2-Year Fixed rate deal available exclusively through Northern Rock’s intermediary partners. The product is now available at 2.99% for those with a 30% deposit (70% LTV).

All of the remaining reduced deals are available to both purchase and remortgage customers, the latter benefiting from Northern Rock’s usual incentive of a free basic valuation and free standard legal costs.

Northern Rock has reduced rates for customers with a 25% deposit. A 2-Year Everyday Fixed rate deal with a £995 product fee is available at 3.19% for those with a 25% deposit (75% LTV). The same deal is available without a product fee, priced at 3.65%.

Alternatively, those with a 25% deposit (75% LTV) can choose a 3-Year Fixed rate mortgage with a £995 product fee at 3.93%, and a 5-Year deal with a £995 product fee is 4.59% up to 75% LTV. Those who choose not to pay a product fee, can secure the same product at 4.79%.

Competitive Buy to Let rates start from 3.39% for a 2-Year Everyday Fixed rate mortgage with a 3.5% product fee, up to 60% LTV. Those preferring a flat fee of £1,995 can choose a 2-Year Fixed rate up to 60% LTV, priced at 4.79%.

Everyday mortgages offer customers simple, straightforward mortgage deals with competitive rates and the ability to make overpayments of up to 10% each year, as well as the option to apply for payment holidays. Northern Rock continues to operate its mortgage product range within the constraints of the competitive measures agreed with the European Commission.

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New Site Positioned to Take Over Daily Deals Market Seeking Investors

SocialDealSpot made a splash in the Washington D.C. market this month when it launched its first deal – saving hundreds of local families 50% on a summer camp for children. Complete with all the technical functionalities of its bigger competitors, the folks at SocialDealSpot are ready and able to take on the big boys in the daily deal offerings market.

Consumer-driven SocialDealSpot gives the people what they want (daily notifications of up to 90% in savings) while it boosts the local economy by bringing customers to small, local businesses. SocialDealSpot focuses its efforts on connecting consumers with local businesses. Their unique business model is set up to harvest subscribers interested in receiving deals prior to soliciting for area business partners. An iPhone application will be launching soon as will a forum for business partners to share their “deal offering” experiences. In addition, SocialDealSpot will be launching deals all over the country in the very near future.

They have proven their capabilities and now it’s time to grow. “We have a small team of people with a lot of heart,” says Michelle Peters, SocialDealSpot spokesperson, “our site is set up with the same functionalities you get with sites like Groupon and Living Social and we’ve gotten far with only a handful of committed staff members who believe what we’re doing is making a difference. But, it’s time to take it to the next level – we’re full of ideas of differentiating ourselves from the competition.”

Along with the plans for a larger web presence, SocialDealSpot’s audacious goals include mass media advertising through billboards, radio and television. “Marketing costs money,” says Peters, “but we’re worth it!” An infusion of investment capital will surely take this optimistic team to the next level to compete successfully with the likes of daily deal moguls such as Living Social and Groupon.

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More Financial press releases Launches New Savings Site has announced the launch of its new online savings site to help savers compare interest rates, find the most competitive ISAs and understand some of the jargon often found in financial documents. have also launched a new redesign of the savings section of the site to help users navigate the page easily and quickly find the best deal on their savings accounts.

With the brands such as Nationwide, Santander and ING on board,’s savings offering is free and independent. Savers can quickly and easily compare different types of savings accounts, from simple instant access accounts to tax free ISAs and fixed rate bonds. This service compliments the existing loans, mortgages and financial services products already compared by, which compare deals from the major high street and online financial service providers.

Chris Griffiths, head of savings at said: “With interest rates being low and inflation high, it’s important to check that your savings are in a competitive account otherwise you could be missing out on improving your interest earnings. We aim to give savers more information about the different accounts available, as well as information on each specific account and its provider – ultimately to allow our customers to quickly and easily compare a variety of savings products to find the best one for their needs.” has provided information for customers about savings and how to switch their accounts on its savings account page on the website.

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Claude Penland and Sally Ezra Launch Ezra Penland Actuarial Recruitment in Chicago, Illinois

Claude Penland and Sally Ezra, two global leaders in the international actuarial recruiting industry, today as partners announce the launch of their company, Ezra Penland Actuarial Recruitment (“Ezra Penland”) in Chicago, Illinois.

Joining Sally and Claude at Ezra Penland are five outstanding employees. They include Debbie Charbonneau, Kevin Elliott, Dana Kelly, Yvonne McArdle and Emily Moss. To read more about their top quality staff, see

Initially, the Group of Seven will be focused on the North American actuarial recruitment market, and then rapidly expand into the global market. It is Ezra Penland’s plan to be the market leader in their niche, as Sally Ezra has spent nearly two decades recruiting actuaries, has developed strong professional relationships and a vast network of clientele. They value her commitment, resourcefulness, her personal attention and, above all, her high level of professional ethics.

Claude Penland is an Associate of the Casualty Actuarial Society and a Member of the American Academy of Actuaries. He has over twenty years of experience as a casualty actuary and as a web strategist for actuarial recruitment organizations.

Ezra Penland additionally announces the timely publishing of their 2011 industry standard United States actuarial salary surveys at These 11 salary surveys include unprecedented detail on compensation for Property and Casualty, Life, Pension and Health actuaries. The details further break salaries down by consulting, reinsurance and insurance/all other employers of actuaries. An Adobe Acrobat file of all surveys is immediately available to be downloaded, printed and shared.

Ezra Penland is becoming known as the publisher of C-level insurance and reinsurance US salary surveys at These CEO/CFO/CRO/etc. studies can also be found at,, and

To read more about their mission, types of searches and their specialities, see Past clients and candidates recommend their services highly at

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Northern Rock Wins Prestigious National Big Tick Award

Northern Rock has been heralded among the most responsible businesses in the UK after receiving Business in the Community’s (BITC) coveted national Big Tick for its work to tackle financial exclusion in partnership with credit unions.

The Big Tick award is the first level of award available to entrants of the national BITC Awards for Excellence, which recognises inspirational programmes that are making a positive impact on the community, the environment or wider society.

Northern Rock’s contribution, which involved volunteers skilled in a number of disciplines, helping to rebrand and relaunch South Tyneside Credit Union as Bridges Your Community Bank, has also been shortlisted for consideration for the title of Example of Excellence – the overall winner for the Building Stronger Communities category.

The final results will be announced at the BITC Awards for Excellence Gala Event, sponsored by Unilever, which will be held at the Royal Albert Hall on 5 July.

Northern Rock’s Customer and Commercial Director Andy Tate said: “We are absolutely delighted to receive this Big Tick in recognition of our important work in the local community, in this instance for our work with Bridges.

“We are also honoured to have been shortlisted for the overall Example of Excellence and we are very proud of what has been achieved through the dedication of our staff.”

Stephen Howard, Chief Executive of Business in the Community said: “I congratulate Northern Rock on achieving its Big Tick. It is a challenging time for business, but this is a sign that companies are not losing their focus and are transforming their businesses to make a positive impact on people and society; and are prepared to lead by example. That’s what Business in the Community’s Awards for Excellence is all about – celebrating responsible business, the leadership that makes it happen and the benefits to the business and society of doing so.

“Communities and consumers need to see that businesses are proactive, visible and engaged on the big issues of the day, as Northern Rock has demonstrated.”

Representatives from Northern Rock will be presented with the Big Tick award at a regional celebration event at the Gateshead Hilton at the end of June.

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NursesStore in Peak Condition with New Website, a supplier of nursing tools and accessories to healthcare professionals, has selected SecureTrading, the UK’s leading independent payment processor, to process its global payments for its new website. selected Ascensor, a web design, ecommerce and digital marketing specialist, for its website redesign. Ascenor then recommended SecureTrading for the payment processing based on the company’s reputation of excellent customer service and a secure payment platform.

Patrick Bowes, Commercial Director at, said, “We needed a new online store so our business could perform more competitively. We also wanted a website that had a robust payments system and could properly support trading at all times.”

Bowes continued, “As we take our business to the next level we have hit a bottle neck on what we could offer customers. With our new site we can offer customers free postage on orders over a certain value. We also have the flexibility to offer certain special offers.”

Tim Allitt, Head of Sales & Marketing, SecureTrading, said, “We’re delighted to be able to support the payments of an organisation like Nurses It’s crucial that when a business re-launches its site, it remains confident that its customers payments will be processed quickly and without issue so they receive a great experience.”

Andrew Firth, Director, Ascensor, said, “This new site will allow Nurses to offer an even better service to its customers with greater flexibility and much improved site navigation.”

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Markit BOAT to Provide First CFD Trade Reporting System to Saxo Bank

Markit, a leading, global financial information services company, has announced that Saxo Bank, the online trading and investment specialist, will begin to report its contract for difference (CFD) trades via Markit BOAT, the trade reporting platform, in September 2011.

Saxo Bank will become the first financial institution to report its CFD Single Stock trades on a voluntary basis, in a bid to bring greater transparency to this fast growing market.

Sophia Kandylaki, Director, Head of Markit BOAT at Markit, said: “We are excited that such a large player in the CFD market has decided to report its trades via Markit BOAT. We will be enhancing our platform to identify CFD trade reports with a unique trade flag. This will differentiate these trades from all other cash equity trades reported to our venue and support Saxo Bank’s efforts to make this market more transparent.”

Claus Nielsen, Head of Markets at Saxo Bank, said: “Saxo Bank has always been a leader and innovator when it comes to transparency and fairness in the trading arena. We are committed to set new standards and by taking an over the counter CFD product like CFDs, and publishing our execution to Markit BOAT, we will bring added value to our clients. This initiative makes the CFD product 100% comparable with the listed stocks traded at the exchange which will have a positive impact on the industry.”

CFDs are over the counter (OTC) contracts between two parties in which the buyers pay the sellers the difference between the current value of an asset and its value at contract time. CFD trades do fall within the scope of the European Union’s Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (Mifid) but trades are not required to be reported to the market.

Markit BOAT gives users access to trade reports on an average of EUR 375 billion of OTC trades in equities every day. This is equivalent to approximately 70% of the daily volumes reported on all European OTC equity markets.

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Brainwashing Book Readers Prepared For Stock Market Correction — Again!

“The Brainwashing of The American Investor”, now in its second edition, provides you with a proven methodology for successful personal investment portfolio management. Step by step instructions for asset allocation, security selection universe creation, diversification, and profit taking are presented in an anecdotal manner, based on the Author’s hands-on professional experiences.

Author and former private investment manager Steve Selengut developed the Market Cycle Investment Management (MCIM) methodology in 1970, way ahead of the Wall Street product development curve that has now succeeded in bringing the most speculative and risky ventures on the planet into your investment portfolio.

MCIM is a disciplined, common sense, approach to investing without needless speculation. It is an approach that semi-automatically takes your profits out of bubbling markets, and for all the right reasons, re-enters weaker markets systematically in preparation for the inevitable “next” rally.

“The Brainwashing of the American Investor” teaches you about old-school investing without gimmicks, derivatives, incomprehensible “modern portfolio management” techniques, funds of funds, or astrological charts.

The Market Cycle Investment Management methodology helped navigate thousands of “Brainwashing” book readers around and through the three major financial crises (stock market meltdowns) of the author’s lifetime: the “Crash of 1987”, the “Dot-Com Bubble”, and the recent “financial crisis”.

The first time through “Brainwashing” you’ll learn about Wall Street, and why they would prefer that you didn’t read the book in the first place. Your eyes will be opened by the simplicity of the security selection process, the no frills approach to sensible asset allocation, and the ease with which you can increase your annual investment income in a reduced risk environment.

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More Financial press releases Reveals 56% of Drivers Forget Where They Park has revealed that 56% of UK drivers have at some point, forgotten where they have parked their car, and 3% have picked up the phone to ask their breakdown service to help them find it. More than 50 in 2,000 drivers in the UK admit to making that call according to a new survey by car insurance comparison site

The survey has revealed some of the gaffes of UK drivers, which have led them to phone for their breakdown service, like 25% of drivers have locked their keys in the car and 10% of drivers have had to call for their breakdown service to help them sort the problem out. Putting the wrong fuel in the car has happened to more than 10% of Brits, with half of those affected (5%), also calling for assistance from a breakdown service to put things right. A small number of UK drivers also admit to calling the breakdown service, not just when their car fails but when they get lost (3.5%), lose their car (3.5%) or the sat nav is playing up (2%).

Needing help changing a wheel (21%) and topping up oil or engine coolant (13%) are other reasons why drivers have called out their breakdown service.

When it comes to forgetting where they’ve parked, women fare worse than men with 63% of women owning up to losing track of where they parked, compared to 43% of men. A whopping 78% of women have run out of petrol, with 69% of men admitting that gaffe. 9% of men and 5% of women have called their breakdown service to help them when their fuel ran dry. This is assuming they’ve managed to put the correct fuel in the car in the first place: more than 14% of men have put the wrong fuel into the car, compared to just 8% of women.

Gareth Kloet, head of car insurance at said: “This survey just goes to show how much people use and appreciate their breakdown cover, especially when they get themselves in a potentially embarrassing situation. Shopping around for breakdown cover by using a website like can make it more affordable. Although it’s no substitute for remembering where you parked.”

According to the survey of 2,000 drivers, which was carried out at the end of May 2011, almost a quarter of men and just under a quarter of women do not have any breakdown cover.

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Saxo Bank Launches Retail FX Trading Platform

Saxo Bank, the online trading and investment specialist, has announced the launch of which will offer retail investors a select range of FX crosses and CFDs with variable spreads – as low as 0.8 pips. provides investors with a range of basic functionalities designed to make trading flexible and straightforward. is powered by Saxo Bank, which is renowned for aggregating liquidity from the world’s leading FX dealers. gives traders the ability to trade in the world’s most liquid currency pairs and global commodity CFDs at very competitive spreads.

Claus Nielsen, head of markets at Saxo Bank, said: “Saxo Bank will continue to cater for high-net-worth and institutional traders who increasingly demand usability, mobility, performance, and service when executing online trades and orders. At the same time, will appeal to Forex and CFD traders who are price sensitive and do not require a personal service, but still want the ability to utilise an award-winning online trading platform.

“We believe the retail foreign exchange market will maintain its growth trajectory for the next 10 to 15 years and we want to cater for high-net-worth investors as well as high-frequency traders to who tight spreads and deep liquidity are essential. There is no additional commission on and we see as bringing new competition to the smaller competitors, outside the tier-one banks, in the market focused on foreign exchange.”

The minimum initial deposit when opening an account with is $2,000 or equivalent and no interest will be paid on funds on deposit. will only offer English support and service and only supports retail trading accounts.

More information on forex accounts can be found on the website.

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