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Sunwest Trust, which manages retirement funds for self-directed IRA investors, has continued to expand despite the uncertainty on Wall Street

Sunwest Trust, Inc. the New Mexico Company that acts as an escrow agent and self-directed IRA custodian, claims the self directed IRA funds placed with their firm are FDIC insured through local banks. Sunwest Trust further claims that it is financially sound and is not directly affected by the day-to-day volatility of the stock market. Since Sunwest Trust’s clients are self-directed, their investments are under each client’s direct control and are diversified in non-traditional assets, which are not directly indexed to the ups and downs of the stock market.

“With the current economic scenario being what it is, clients are naturally concerned about the security of their retirement money,” says Terry White, CEO of Sunwest Trust. “Large financial institutions including banks and lending agencies failing at regular intervals make headlines in the print and electronic media quite often, thus creating a suspicion in the mind of the clients about the security of their investments,” White adds.

Sunwest Trust deposits the IRA funds received from its clients into FDIC-insured banks. Although Sunwest Trust, Inc. only requires a minimum account balance of $400, “with the recent passage of the Financial Rescue Legislation this month, Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) are now insured by the FDIC up to $250,000 until December 2009,” says White, CEO of Sunwest Trust, Inc., as he attempted to avert growing suspicion among customers on the fate of their deposits.

Sunwest Trust is currently serving 14,000 individuals and companies and covering assets to the tune of $1 billion. “In August, the company had a record-breaking month, in terms of opening new accounts, and September is not far behind. The achievements during both these months were higher than the previous record, which was set in April, 2007,” states Terry, projecting an attractive picture of the company’s achievements.

Company management has very high expectations for making the current year the greatest in its 21 years. The company also claims to have achieved a growth rate of 15% annually and to have provided high-quality services to its customers.

In the world of finance, fortunes are often made in down markets. One only needs to use foresight and fortitude to make the right decisions in time. Retirement plans can succeed with diversification plans. “The self directed IRA could well be one of the best ways to achieve success with post retirement investments,” adds White.

Although the stock market may fluctuate and credit may tighten, it doesn’t mean that the avenues for lucrative investments are all closed. Diversification continues to be paramount to a successful retirement plan, and having a self-directed IRA may be central in achieving this. For example, with real estate property values nearing all-time lows this may be an excellent time to purchase property as part of one’s IRA.

About Sunwest Trust, Inc.
Sunwest Trust is an independently owned private company which offers self-directed IRA custodian and escrow services. The company offers a huge range of financial services providing post retirement benefits, private mortgages, real estate contacts and other related fields for its clients. FDIC insured banks back the self directed IRA funds of their clients.

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Sunwest Trust introduced a new portal dedicated on Self Directed IRA And Escrow Clients

Sunwest Trust, Inc. added another dimension in its profile in order to provide better services for prospective customers as well as existing client base in New Mexico. Albuquerque based Sunwest Trust Inc. re-launches along with Best Online Results jointly. The new website has been introduced to strengthen the web presence of Sunwest Trust Inc. It is destined to suite the purpose in the role of a destination or a hub.

Sunwest Trust Inc. is known for its diversified business interests. These include self-directed IRAs that allow clients to invest their IRA in anything that the IRS will allow such as Real Estate, Mortgages, Limited Liability Companies and Private Stock. In addition, Sunwest Trust will act as escrow agent for most any transaction involving the exchange of money.

Sunwest Trust, Inc. is known in the pertinent industry for its excellence in providing an alternate option for IRA investors, especially those who are in search of an apposite process to make their retirement portfolio with a self directed IRA more diverse. The alternative procedure is such that it enables the IRA holders to make investments in affluent sectors of real estate, oil and gas, discounted notes and other alternative assets.

Speaking on this and terming the entire approach as an exceptional move for the Sunwest Trust Joshua Geary, Managing Member, Best Online Results, LLC and Senior Marketing Consultant for Sunwest Trust, Inc. says, “It is our sincere hope to see Sunwest Trust transition beyond the traditional Dot Com barrier held my most sites in this market space and become what they are capable of becoming, which is a Dot Community for their great brands and a resource for investors and for their thousands of satisfied clients who need Self Directed IRA and Escrow services. We feel this is an important step to making this vision a reality.”

Simultaneously, Terry White, Chief Executive Officer, Sunwest Trust, Inc. terms it as an exemplary approach that will make it easier for the clientele to cope with transitioning from a traditional “in the box approach” to growing a retirement account to a self directed IRA mentality. He said while commenting on this, “In the next few short years many baby boomers will be looking for alternative means to stretch and grow their retirement dollars as they recognize their need to truly diversify and view their retirement beyond just a safety net, but as a living breathing asset, which if used smartly can be used as a wealth builder. We needed a hub or new platform to do so.”

“Our new platform will not only allow our clients to check their accounts in close to real time, but also will have a new blog chalked full of resources for those who are curious and are looking at transitioning their investment portfolio into alternative assets like real estate. We are in the process of revamping our blog system to the latest technology so we may interact with our clients and put out information pertinent to account holders who need quick access to administrative tips as well,” he added.

Sunwest Trust offers neutral third-party accounting services to ensure accuracy and reliability for a nominal service fee. It also offers customer friendly services that are available by phone that helps customers get answers of their questions about payments, payoffs, disbursements, and other contract details.

About Best Online Results
Best Online Results is a renowned company that specializes in web optimization and Internet PR and as a result excels in its respective sphere of operation. The company was commenced with the intention of witnessing the growth of businesses on the Internet. From the very beginning, therefore, the company has been proceeding with poise to care the businesses of others and also to observe their successes.

Best Online Results located at, truly excels in receiving the traffic of any particular website that helps the website owner immensely. The association with Sunwest Trust, Inc. is destined to achieve new heights in industry.

About Sunwest Trust
Sunwest Trust, Inc. was formed under the auspices of the owners of Sunwest Escrow, LC for the sake of providing more extensive range of financial products. For this reason, Sunwest Trust, Inc., apart from providing its conventional concept of escrow service to the customers, nowadays is also active in the role of custodian for self-directed retirement plans that includes IRAs, SEPs and Simples.

From a small escrow company operating within the confines of the local Albuquerque market, Sunwest Trust grew through means of integrity and transparency to become a nationwide Trust company, which specializes in facilitating investors who wish to diversify their retirement through self-directed IRAs.

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