Advantages of Xmas Sale Shopping Using a Prepaid Card

The Christmas sales are now well under way so out come the credit and debit card, but new statistics show the prepaid credit cards can offer better protection and service than traditional plastic brands.

Online visits to have increased significantly over the last 6 months as traditional shoppers, turn away from credit and stick to debit shopping in order to keep debt to a minimum.

Prepaid credit cards come in all shapes and forms, and some cards like the now notorious Kardashian prepaid card have given this form of spending a bad name.

However the reality is that many prepaid cards actually offer significant advantages over credit purchases and some even offer money saving deals and even free phone credit.

For example the Escape card which retails at phones4u offers cashback on purchases made at GAP, USC, Littlewoods, Argos and Avon and many other stores online.

More importantly than getting cashback on purchases a prepaid card allows you to budget far more easily and not spend more than you can actually afford. For example if you have a monthly income and you want to make sure that you don’t overspend you can load a prepaid card with spending money and this will stop you never overspending.

And finally as online fraud is becoming more sophisticated a prepaid card can offer an additional layer of protection when making purchases online by minimising the risk as you only have a set amount of money in your account at any one time. is a UK based comparison guide offering the latest information about prepaid credit cards for the United Kingdom.

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The Net Salaries Review is Ready to Launch The Long Awaited How to Work From Home Website

inally, After Months of Research The Net Salaries Review is Ready to Launch The Long Awaited How to Work From Home Website December 27, 2010.

2010 was a year that Net Salaries Review went back to school. The rising unemployment rate was a key factor in this decision. Research discovered work from home scams all over the internet. Research also discovered real work from home opportunities as well. Thousands of hours were spent researching and reviewing countless products. The research revealed the top online work from home opportunities today.

December 27, 2010 The Net Salaries Review site launches. The Net Salaries Review is an information website designed for people that really want to learn how to work from home online. The work from home products reviewed and tested have revealed priceless information for those wanting to learn how to work from home.

The work from home review site includes information on work from home scams. All types of scams are covered in great detail. The information provides which types of work from home scams to avoid and how to identify them. Other topics include how to work from home online and the skills needed to be successful.

About The Net Salaries Review:
The Net Salaries Review is dedicated to uncovering legitimate work from home opportunities. The Net Salaries Review provides accurate information for those wanting to learn how to work from home online and at the same time provide an alternate solution to the current unemployment crisis. Research has shown there are real work

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