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Virgin Money Launches New Fixed Rate ISAs And Fixed Rate Bonds

Virgin Money has launched new issues of its popular fixed rate bond and fixed rate cash ISA range. The accounts offer customers a competitive rate, combined with certainty of returns for either one or three years. Accounts are available through Northern Rock branches, online, by post and over the telephone, and interest rates are the same through all distribution channels. ISA customers receive the same rates as those with a non-ISA account.

The Virgin fixed rate ISA offers customers a rate of 3.30% for one year (issues 9 &13) and 3.60% for three years (issues 10 & 14) respectively. This matches the rate available for a non-ISA savings account and savers also benefit from the tax-efficiency of the ISA wrapper. These accounts allow transfers in from existing ISAs. Customers can withdraw subject to a charge equivalent to 60 and 120 days’ loss of interest respectively.

The one year Virgin fixed rate bonds offer customers a fixed rate of 3.30%, while the three year Bond pays 3.60% per annum. Accounts can be opened with a minimum deposit of just £1, and additional deposits can be made into the bonds during the offer period, up to a maximum of £2 million per customer. Interest can be paid annually, or for those who prefer a monthly option, on the last day of the month (available first business day of the following month). Customers choosing to receive their interest monthly receive the same AER as those receiving annual interest.

The Bonds are non-redeemable and do not allow any withdrawals or closure during their respective fixed rate periods. They are strictly limited issues and may be withdrawn without notice once fully subscribed. Once withdrawn, no further deposits can be made into existing accounts. Upon maturity the account will become a no notice matured bond account and investors will be notified in writing upon maturity of the interest rate payable.

More information on Northern Rock’s savings range is available at www.northernrock.co.uk/savings

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Virgin Money launches new ‘early bird’ ISA service

Virgin Money has launched a new ‘early bird’ ISA service for savers. By opening an Early Bird ISA Feeder, customers can use the service to start earning interest on next year’s ISA allowance now – without having to wait for the new tax year to start in April. The Early Bird ISA Feeder offers a competitive interest rate of 3.57% gross**/AER***, or 2.85% net, giving savers the same return as Virgin Money’s current variable cash ISA. The interest rate is fixed until 5 April 2012, following which the funds will automatically transfer into an Early Bird ISA for the new tax year.

The Early Bird ISA is a variable rate instant access cash ISA, paying 2.85%. This attractive headline rate offers good value for customers and it does not include a short term introductory bonus.

Accounts are available to open through Northern Rock branches, by post or by telephone, and savers can invest between £1 and the new 2012/13 cash ISA limit of £5,640.

Anthony Mooney, Mortgage and Savings Director at Virgin Money said: “Our new early bird ISA service means customers can take the hassle out of arranging their ISA for the next tax year by sorting it out early. Savers can earn an attractive interest rate between now and the start of the new tax year in our Early Bird ISA Feeder, safe in the knowledge that their money will automatically transfer into a tax-free ISA account in April.”

Interest earned on the Early Bird ISA Feeder will be paid to a nominated account on 5 April 2012, and does not allow any withdrawals or closure until the new tax year. Additional deposits can be made to the Early Bird ISA Feeder until 30 March 2012 up to a maximum of £5,640 per account. Once the funds have transferred into the Early Bird ISA, withdrawals can be made without notice, and additional deposits and transfers in from existing ISA accounts are permitted within HMRC regulations.

The Virgin Early Bird ISA Feeder and Virgin Early Bird ISA are personal deposit accounts with Northern Rock plc. The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) provides protection to customers with these accounts under Northern Rock plc’s existing FSCS membership up to a maximum of £85,000 per person. The £85,000 limit relates to a customer’s combined deposits with Northern Rock plc under the Northern Rock and Virgin Money trading names.

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Northern Rock Honoured For Its Community Service

Northern Rock has announced that it was commended in the Mortgage Finance Gazette Awards for its dedication to community service. The honours were given just six months after Northern Rock was heralded among the most responsible businesses in the UK.

After receiving Business in the Community’s (BITC) national Big Tick for its work to tackle financial exclusion, the readers of Mortgage Finance Gazette have now commended the bank in its annual awards.

The magazine’s readers nominated the lender in recognition of its work in the voluntary sector, and the judges, including journalists from the national press, industry experts, and the editors of ‘What Mortgage’ and ‘Mortgage Finance Gazette,’ were particularly impressed by the bank’s staff involvement in the community as well as other fundraising and voluntary activities.

Representatives from Northern Rock collected the commendation in the ‘Community Services Award’ for large lenders at an event in the capital last night. The December edition of Mortgage Finance Gazette, a publication about mortgages and the mortgage industry, features coverage of the event.

Northern Rock’s Customer and Commercial Director Andy Tate said: “We are absolutely delighted to receive a further commendation for our work in the community, and it is wonderful that our dedication to embedding this as part of our organisational culture is being recognised.

“Awards like this are further endorsement of the valuable role Northern Rock and its colleagues play in supporting its local communities, particularly those facing financial difficulty.”

Judge Joanne Atkin, Editor of Mortgage Finance Gazette said that she and her colleagues had had had a difficult job and that those who had been highly commended were truly deserving. She added: “Community is at the core of Northern Rock’s business strategy which is framed and communicated through four Cs – colleague, customer, company and community.

“Community within Northern Rock is about giving of both time and money. The Samaritans is Northern Rock’s corporate charity of the year but it also works with a number of good causes: Women’s Aid, a fight against domestic violence; The Cyrenians, which operates refuges for the homeless around the UK; Shelter, Crisis, The People’s Kitchen and a partnership which enables a small community-based bank to relieve the financial hardship of individuals and families resulting from poor money management, unmanageable levels of high interest debt and no savings.”

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Northern Rock Video Investigates Money Worries

Northern Rock’s latest video has put consumers in the spotlight as they reveal that by far their biggest money worry is paying the mortgage each month.

The bank took to the streets to find out what concerns people most about their finances, and the overwhelming majority of consumers confirmed their mortgage payment was their biggest financial worry.

As recent research undertaken by Northern Rock showed, many UK mortgage borrowers coming to the end of their fixed rate deal could be better off if they took a mortgage with Northern Rock. The bank is confident it can help reduce this concern for customers, and put them back in control of their finances.

Lloyd Cochrane, Head of Lending Products at Northern Rock said: “Fixed rate pricing across the market is at an all-time low and we continue to offer some very attractive deals, as well as our Freedom to Fix option, a Tracker which gives customers the opportunity to fix if interest rates should start to rise.

“We believe we can help many of these consumers to reduce their anxiety over their monthly mortgage payment by helping them find a Northern Rock mortgage that works for them. Whether you’d like the security of knowing what your payment will be for the next two years or you’re looking for more flexibility, we’re sure we have an option to suit you.”

More information on Northern Rock’s current range of mortgages can be found at its award-winning mortgages website, located at

The site also includes a range of interactive tools, such as a jargon buster, budget planner and mortgage calculator, to help take the complexity out of selecting the right mortgage.

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Northern Rock Introduces New Online Reward Instant Access Account For Savers

Northern Rock has launched a new competitive Online Reward account, adding further options to its flexible savings range.

For those who prefer the convenience of the internet with which to manage their savings, Online Reward, which is available to open with a minimum deposit of £5,000, pays a competitive interest rate of 3.11% gross* pa/AER** variable on balances over £5,000, which includes a bonus rate of 1.61% gross* for the first 12 months from account opening. (Balances falling below this rate will receive Northern Rock’s prevailing rate of interest which is 0.10% gross* pa/AER** variable).

Those who prefer a monthly interest option can choose to receive 3.07% gross* variable (3.11% AER**), and additional deposits can be made up to the maximum balance of £100,000. Only one account per customer per issue is allowed.

Interest can be paid annually on 11 March. Alternatively, interest can be paid monthly on the 10th day of the month (available next business day or three days following this if the funds are sent via BACS to an external account).

Withdrawals from Online Reward can be made via a nominated bank or building society account without notice or charge (there is a £35 fee if customers choose to transfer via CHAPS). The minimum withdrawal amount is £1.

To apply for Online Reward, interested parties can visit www.northernrock.co.uk, or for more information regarding Northern Rock’s other savings products, call 0845 631 5151 (calls are charged at the service provider’s prevailing rate and may be monitored and recorded).

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Northern Rock Partners with moneysupermarket.com to Offer Exclusive Online ISA

Northern Rock is offering a top-paying online cash ISA to complement its competitive portfolio of branch, postal and online savings accounts. This ISA is exclusively available through moneysupermarket.com and pays 3.05% tax-free* pa/AER** variable, with no bonus rate attached.

The exclusive Online ISA offers those who prefer to operate their accounts via the internet an instant access option for their tax-free* savings, and can be opened with no minimum initial deposit.

Kevin Mountford, head of banking at moneysupermarket.com, said: “If you’re a UK taxpayer then it is important to make full use of your annual tax free allowance so you can make the most of your money.

“Not only is it important to make sure you find the best deal for your current savings needs, but you should always remember existing savings invested in ISAs elsewhere, which could be languishing on a poor rate.

“Moving existing savings into an account, such as Northern Rock’s Online ISA which allows transfers of existing funds, can be beneficial but make sure you follow the proper ISA transfer procedures otherwise you will lose the tax free status on your savings.”

Interest, which can be added to the account or paid into another account, is paid annually on 11 March on minimum balances of £1 (balances which fall below this amount will earn Northern Rock’s prevailing rate of interest, 0.10% tax free* pa /AER**).

Strictly a limited issue, the variable rate Online ISA allows transfers in from other providers and additional deposits can be made to the cash ISA, within HM Revenue and Customs limits (£5,340 pa from 6 April 2011) up to 30 days after the product is withdrawn.

After this time, no further deposits will be accepted and this issue may be withdrawn without notice once fully subscribed.

Minimum withdrawals of £1 by BACS and £250 by CHAPS can be made from the account; however the customer will lose the tax free status on the amount withdrawn. There is a £35 fee for transfers out via CHAPS.

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Northern Rock Cuts Mortgage Rates Across Its Range

Northern Rock has reduced mortgage rates both across its core residential and Buy To Let ranges, and its selection of Intermediary Exclusive products.

First time buyers will benefit from many of the changes as Northern Rock continues to offer support to those with smaller deposits. 2-year Everyday fixed rate mortgages at 85% LTV (15% deposit required) with no product fee are now available from just 4.38%.

The lender has also made a number of reductions to its ‘with fee’ products, for customers who choose to pay a product fee in order to access a lower interest rate. 2 Year Fixed rates with a £995 fee start from 2.99% up to 70% LTV (30% deposit).

For borrowers who are looking to fix their interest rate over a longer period Northern Rock also offers competitively priced 3-Year and 5-Year Fixed rates. 5 Year Fixed rates start at 3.99% with £995 fee up to 70% LTV (30% deposit).

Northern Rock also continues to offer Fee Saver Option (FSO) products for consumers who are looking to keep their fee costs as low as possible. The lender has simplified the pricing on its Fee Saver Options, with standardised premiums of 0.45% on 2-year products, 0.40% on 3-year products and 0.35% on 5-year products. Remortgage customers will also benefit from Northern Rock’s incentive of a free basic valuation and free standard legal costs.

Northern Rock has made several improvements to its BTL product range in recent weeks, and has now made rate reductions of up to 0.70% on its BTL Fixed rates and Trackers.

Buy to Let Fixed rates for customers choosing to pay a £1,995 product fee start from 3.89% at 60% LTV (40% deposit). Borrowers with a 30% deposit (70% LTV) can opt for a 2-Year Everyday Fixed rate mortgage with a £1,995 fee at 4.10%.

Alongside the changes to its core product range, the lender has also improved the Fee Saver Options within its range of mortgage products available exclusively through Northern Rock’s intermediary partners. A 2-year FSO exclusive to brokers at 70% LTV (requiring a 30% deposit) is now available from 3.25%, while the equivalent 3-year product is available at 3.64%.

Everyday mortgages offer customers simple, straightforward mortgage deals with competitive rates and the ability to make overpayments of up to 10% each year, as well as the option to apply for payment holidays. Northern Rock continues to operate its mortgage product range within the constraints of the competitive measures agreed with the European Commission.

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Northern Rock Adds Helpful Savings Video Guide To Its Website

Northern Rock has added another helpful video guide to its interactive savings website to help consumers with their savings choices.

The video – Northern Rock’s Guide to Savings – is the third guide in the series recently introduced by the bank to add a further dimension to its award-winning website. Existing videos include Northern Rock’s Guide to ISAs and First Time Buyers Guide, which can be viewed on the Northern Rock website alongside the new addition.

The newest guide is designed to help customers make the most of their money in an accessible way, by highlighting the need to consider debt and budgeting as well as the benefits of the wide range of competitively priced savings products on offer at Northern Rock.

The colourful video guide, which is also available via the bank’s YouTube channel, covers key areas such as planning for emergencies and saving for a rainy day.

Northern Rock offers a range of variable and fixed rate savings products, including online savings accounts, instant-access products and tax-free savings options. Northern Rock also offers customers a free savings review.

Further detail about Northern Rock’s range of savings products is available on the website, which is populated with useful advice and information for different savings customer groups, financial planning information and at-a-glance guides to help people choose between different types of savings account.

The site also includes a range of interactive tools such as a jargon buster and budget planner to help take the complexity out of selecting the right savings product for a customer’s own individual circumstances, and a product calculator for each of Northern Rock’s products, such as a mortgage calculator and a calculator for its Cash ISA, to help work out the estimated return on investment.

Northern Rock customers also benefit from the bank’s unique savings promise. This is a commitment to its customers that it will provide a minimum of two months’ written notice of any reduction to the interest rate on their account. Where customers have a notice period for access to their funds of greater than two months, Northern Rock will give them that equivalent notice period of any reduction to their interest rate. Northern Rock will also write to all savings customers at least once a year with details of all its available variable rate savings accounts. And it will give savings customers a minimum of two months’ written notice of any changes to the terms and conditions of their account.

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Northern Rock Cuts Mortgage Rates

Northern Rock has reduced mortgage rates, making its range even more competitive. As well as reducing selected rates across its core mortgage range by up to 0.50%, it has improved its 2-Year Fixed rate deal available exclusively through Northern Rock’s intermediary partners. The product is now available at 2.99% for those with a 30% deposit (70% LTV).

All of the remaining reduced deals are available to both purchase and remortgage customers, the latter benefiting from Northern Rock’s usual incentive of a free basic valuation and free standard legal costs.

Northern Rock has reduced rates for customers with a 25% deposit. A 2-Year Everyday Fixed rate deal with a £995 product fee is available at 3.19% for those with a 25% deposit (75% LTV). The same deal is available without a product fee, priced at 3.65%.

Alternatively, those with a 25% deposit (75% LTV) can choose a 3-Year Fixed rate mortgage with a £995 product fee at 3.93%, and a 5-Year deal with a £995 product fee is 4.59% up to 75% LTV. Those who choose not to pay a product fee, can secure the same product at 4.79%.

Competitive Buy to Let rates start from 3.39% for a 2-Year Everyday Fixed rate mortgage with a 3.5% product fee, up to 60% LTV. Those preferring a flat fee of £1,995 can choose a 2-Year Fixed rate up to 60% LTV, priced at 4.79%.

Everyday mortgages offer customers simple, straightforward mortgage deals with competitive rates and the ability to make overpayments of up to 10% each year, as well as the option to apply for payment holidays. Northern Rock continues to operate its mortgage product range within the constraints of the competitive measures agreed with the European Commission.

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Standard Life Reveals That One In Six Don’t Plan Their Future Finances

Standard Life has found that people in the UK live for the moment rather than the long term, with more than one in six (17%) failing to plan their finances at all, according to recent research from the savings and investments company.

The research, which looks into the UK’s fascination with living for now, finds that almost half of Brits (45%) only plan their finances just a year ahead, or less, with only a fifth of them (22%) planning up to five years into the future. Alarmingly, only one in six people (16%) plan more than six years ahead which underlines the real necessity for the UK to start addressing their long term savings plan. Doing this is critical if they are to be financially secure, achieve their future goals and live the lifestyle they want.

Of the UK regions, it was found that those from London were the top financial planners, with one in six (17%) planning six years or more ahead. In contrast, those from Scotland came out as the least likely to make long term financial plans, with only one in ten (11%) planning more than six years ahead.

To find out more about the nation’s attitudes to planning for the future, Standard Life is launching a UK-wide poll and prize draw and linking up with boutique hotel specialist i-escape.com. Entrants have to vote on which prize they would prefer; a short break this year with accommodation from i-escape.com, or a holiday of a lifetime in five years. The results will show whether people in the UK favour instant gratification or greater long term rewards. This issue of desiring instant gratification presents an on-going challenge for the UK because people are living longer and their financial security cannot be guaranteed. It represents a huge challenge for providers and advisers who are keen to help consumers plan ahead so they can look to the future with confidence and optimism.

Bruce Kelsall, group and UK marketing director at Standard Life, said: “The growth in our ageing population has created a dramatic need to shift from a culture of spending to one of saving. People are completely comfortable making financial plans for a summer holiday; planning and investing in your future is no different. You may have to finance your lifestyle up to the age of 90 or even longer and while planning for this eventuality is essential, it needn’t be stressful. Even the smallest actions now can have a dramatic effect on your long term finances.”

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Northern Rock has announced the launch of its Easy ISA Issue 2

Following the success of its recently launched Easy ISA, Northern Rock has improved the variable rate cash ISA account, which offers a competitive tax-free* interest rate for a minimum deposit of just £1.

Easy ISA can now be opened and administered by post, as well as in branch.

The Easy ISA Issue 2 account provides a variable rate of interest, and easy access to savings funds. With a minimum deposit of £1, a competitive flat rate of 2.65% tax free*/AER** pa, and the option to transfer across any existing Cash ISAs, Easy ISA makes sense. Balances below £1.00 will earn the basic savings rate of 0.10% tax free* per annum and deposits into the Variable Rate Easy ISA will be allowed from all Northern Rock variable rate accounts, instant access and notice accounts. Transfers from online accounts must be made via the nominated bank account. Transfers in from other organisations are allowed.

The product welcomes additional deposits and transfers within HM Revenue and Customs limits (£5,340 pa from 6 April 2011). Interest, which can be added to the account or paid into another account, is paid annually on 30 November and will be available the next business day.

Charge-free and notice-free withdrawals and transfers (minimum £1) can also be made from the account (there is a £35 fee for transfers via CHAPS).

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Northern Rock Plc Launches New Savings Website

Northern Rock plc has launched a new interactive savings website to make it easier for customers to find a Northern Rock savings product from the competitive range available.

The new savings website follows the introduction of Northern Rock’s award-winning Mortgages website, which was launched in April 2010.

The new site offers helpful advice and practical information, as well as full details on Northern Rock’s savings products.

For those customers thinking about investing their savings, at-a-glance guides are available to help them choose which savings product, such as savings accounts or anISA; best suits their needs; whether they’re new to Northern Rock or an existing Northern Rock customer. For those customers who are not sure which savings product they wish to use there is an in depth learning section explaining what Northern Rock’s products are all about, and offering helpful advice and practical information. Customers will also be able to make use of a budget planner to help them plan their finances.

For those looking more closely into applying for a savings product, such as a Cash ISA, the new website contains information about Northern Rock’s entire suite of savings accounts and a selector tool to help narrow down and filter their selection as well as a range of tools which help customers cut through the jargon. Customers will also have the option of being able to use a product calculator for each of Northern Rock’s products to help work out their estimated return on investment.

Northern Rock has also made it easier for its existing customers to find their existing accounts and any supporting information they might need to manage them.

Customers can now select a suitable savings product, which they can save and come back to at a later date, or begin their application online. Or if they feel they need further information, customers can call the dedicated Northern Rock savings team at their UK based contact centre to find out more.

Andy Tate, customer and commercial director at Northern Rock said: “The new website is a fantastic tool, developed for our customers, with the aim of improving the whole process of evaluating and applying for a savings product.

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Northern Rock Further Improves Its Award-Winning Mortgage Website

Northern Rock has further enhanced its mortgage website, less than six months after scooping a prestigious award for ‘best use of digital’, with the addition of a new video guide, to help home-buyers through the exciting but sometimes daunting journey of buying their first property.

Northern Rock’s mortgage website was launched in April 2010, and in September won the ‘best use of digital’ accolade at Communicate Magazine’s Digital Impact Awards 2010, held to celebrate excellence in digital stakeholder communications. The site was also named among the contenders for the Financial Services category of the British Interactive Media Association (BIMA)’s annual awards last year, and highly commended for best use of technology at the Mortgage Finance Gazette Awards.

A brand new, animated video guide has now been added to the website, to help steer customers step-by-step through the house-buying process. Using a simple 10-step format, each of the segments covers a different area of the house purchase journey, from setting an affordable budget at the outset, right through to exchange and completion.

The video guide adds a new dimension to the site which is already populated with useful advice and information for different mortgage customer groups. The site also includes a range of interactive tools such as a jargon buster, budget planner and overpayment calculator to help take the complexity out of selecting a mortgage and buying a home. The new guide should prove essential viewing for anyone facing the daunting prospect of looking for a first time buyer mortgage.

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UK Savers Losing Billions Of Pounds In ISA Accounts Each Year

As billions of pounds of British savers money is being lost in ISA accounts, the government’s consumer watchdog Consumer Focus is due to launch an official complaint on the matter. The move which could potentially ‘shake up the ISA industry’ is a long time coming suggests Matt Spencer, founder of UK based personal finance blog Moneystand.co.uk.

Consumer Focus have highlighted numerous ‘unfair obstacles’ financial providers have put in place for savers to transfer their accounts to other banks, which pay higher interest rates.

The cash ISA market is currently worth around £158 billion, as savers flocked to the tax free service introduced in 1999. Upon its launch rates averaged a healthy 6.32 %, however this figure has plummeted to 0.42 %, a figure that is below the Bank of England base rate.

Mike O’Connor, chief executive of Consumer Focus suggests that a slow ISA transfer process and bureaucracy from the banks has caused many of these problems. He suggests that only 12 % of people have moved their ISAs to a more preferable savings rate, which is costing UK savers millions per year in lost revenue.

As a large consumer group, Consumer Focus can launch a ‘super-complaint’ to the Office of Fair Trading (OFT). This would force the OFT to give an official response within 90 days to the matter and a decision over what action it would take towards the issue.

Common issues that arose include the length of time it takes for transfers to occur when sending funds and information from one bank to another. Official government guidelines recommend a limit of four weeks for this process. Findings from Consumer focus show that a third of people switching their ISAs waiting more than five weeks for funds to clear into the new account.

Customers should be wary when looking for a new ISA provider however warns Matt Spencer, suggesting:

“Banks are offering introductory rates with high interest levels to entice new customers to open new ISA accounts. These short term bonuses often hide very poor interest rates once the honeymoon period is over.

It’s time for savers to get the rates they deserve, so be sure to make your money is working as hard as possible for you. This might mean that you need to change your current ISA provider, despite the long transfer times between banks.”

Personal finance blog MoneyStand provides unbiased personal finance, IVA help and debt related information. Founded in 2008, MoneyStand was created in response to the worsening financial situation of individuals in the UK and across the world. For more information on personal finance, visit www.moneystand.co.uk.

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British Banks Continue To Put Pressure On Customer Finances

According to recent data released by the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), banks are rejecting thousands of requests every month from customers looking for help with their finances.

The Financial Ombudsman Service, which is an independently run service that deals with complaints from consumers and businesses in the financial industry, revealed that 13,053 cases were brought to its attention from consumers looking for more leniency from their banks. Debt management and IVA company Debt Free Direct expect to see this number of complaints increase in 2010 as thousands of individuals sought debt advice with the company in Q1 of 2010.

Derek Oakley, Insolvency Director at Debt Free Direct comments:

“We are continuing to see an increase in debt help enquiries from individuals worried about their finances. For many of these people, overdraft charges are adding to their already stretched budgets. We would always recommend that individuals seek professional debt advice if they find themselves struggling to pay their bills each month.”

Compared with just 2,800 similar complaints to the FOS in 2008, the 360 per cent increase in complaints may indicate the UK banking organisations are responding poorly to their customers needs during the economic downturn. In particular customers concerns include individuals in debt who are being charged fees on their overdraft facilities or insurance policy holders who have not been paid out on their claims.

Although traditional legal routes for reclaiming money lost through overdraft charges have now ended, there are still ways in which individuals can claim this money back if they are in financial difficulties. With charges of up to £35 every time the overdraft limit is exceeded, such fees could be contributing to furthering levels of personal debt for many customers in the UK.

According to the Ombudsman service, many banks will ignore individual’s pleas of hardship and refuse to suspend overdraft charges, renegotiate overdraft limits or restructure outstanding debts, despite this going against the industry lending code for personal banking. In the case of most complaints put forward to the Obmundsman, the customer will have already been refused a refund by their bank on any outstanding overdraft charges.

Debt Free Direct recommends the best course of action for anyone with financial worries is to seek professional, confidential debt advice. Many individuals may feel ashamed of their financial difficulties, but seeking advice is one of the first steps to becoming debt free.

They state, “Our aim is to suggest an effective debt solution for every individual using our Best Advice Model (BAM). BAM quickly and accurately analyses the financial information for each person and recommends the most appropriate, least drastic solution for them.”

Debt Free Direct, the UK’s leading Insolvency practitioners receive thousands of insolvency inquiries each month for debt advice. The company, which was founded in 1997 specialise in providing impartial debt advice and guidance for individuals in financial hardship.

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