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Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe artwork tokenized using Sygnum’s Desygnate solution

ZURICH/ MADRID, 8-Nov-2022 — /EPR FINANCIAL NEWS/ — Sygnum Bank and Artemundi tokenize Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe artwork.

Warhol – a leading figure in Pop Art history
Andy Warhol is the creator of some of the most iconic artworks of the 20th Century and has been a top-ten selling artist for over two decades. His works are held in numerous prestigious collections worldwide, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Art Institute of Chicago.

Based on a publicity photograph from her film ‘Niagara’, Warhol’s iconic Marilyn Monroe series has enjoyed long-term price appreciation. Since 2000, this series have generated 17 percent of all Warhol auction sales, despite being only 3 percent of volume, and has consistently outperformed both the Warhol and Artprice Global Indices.

Issuance of 5,000 Art Security Tokens (ASTs) through Swiss-regulated Sygnum bank
Sygnum’s Desygnate platform tokenized Andy Warhol’s ‘Four Marilyns (Reversal)’, currently priced at CHF 5.7 million. The issued 5,000 WHL1 tokens are available for subscription exclusively to Sygnum professional and institutional clients via the Sygnum e-banking portal, and trading via Sygnum’s SygnEX secondary market. All transactions will be settled in Swiss Francs using Sygnum’s Digital CHF stablecoin (DCHF), underpinned with the legal certainty of direct physical artwork ownership under the Swiss DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) framework.

Fatmire Bekiri, Sygnum Bank’s Head of Tokenization, says: “Warhol’s iconic ‘Four Marilyns’ truly immortalises one of the Golden Age of cinema’s most illustrious stars. By leveraging blockchain technology, we’re building a future where owning such world-renowned paintings could one day be as simple as buying a can of tomato soup – like those also made famous by Warhol.”

The art market is complex, and often requires deep technical knowledge, personal connections, and millions of dollars to enter. Sygnum’s tokenization solution, partnered with Artemundi’s art investment experience, lowers financial barriers by enabling fractional ownership and democratises access to pieces of art history by masters like Warhol and Picasso.

Javier Lumbreras, CEO of Artemundi, says: “Artemundi’s strategic portfolio is made of artists’ masterpieces so unique they can be considered ‘monopolies’ of universal recognition. They have a track record of growth that continues for generations.”

About Warhol’s Four Marilyns:
‘Four Marilyns (Reversal)’, 1979-1986, shows the iconic image of Marilyn Monroe repeated four times in black and white. Andy Warhol famously returned to this image of the actress in his works, using different colour palettes and varying the number of repetitions across one canvas. In this artwork, the artist used his signature silkscreen technique and reversed the original colour palette to show Marilyn’s likeness in negative.

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LINCOLN CAPITAL PARTNERS’s Pro-Investools® Launches New Curriculum

Markets demand disciplined and informed investing. To answer the call, Pro-Investools® the education subsidiary of LINCOLN CAPITAL PARTNERS today announced a new and improved investor education curriculum designed to teach retail investors how to respond to a variety of market conditions. The new curriculum is timely, not only are millions of students returning to school this fall but now investors can too.

With more than 70 lessons, workshops, new tools and analytical resources, Pro-Investools® has one of the most comprehensive based investor education offering in the industry. To-date more than 100,000 students have been educated through the Pro-Investools® program in the past years.

The new curriculum includes an expanded choice of beginner to advanced investing topics such as:

•  Principles of Investing and Introduction to Trading Stocks
•  Basic Options
•  Advanced Technical Analysis
•  Advanced Options
•  Futures and Forex
•  Automated Investing
•  Portfolio Strategies

Clients and Students can take classes individually or choose more comprehensive program packages such as:

•  Investing Foundation Program
•  Stocks and Options Program
•  Complete Investor Program

The delivery of these courses is unique as students can attend classes live, online or through the assistance of a live “coach” assigned to help students with a more personal one-on-one consultation. Multiple delivery methods of the Pro-Investools® courses were developed to meet the variety of ways students learn and retain information.

“An educated investor is a disciplined investor,” said Ted Chung Lee, managing director of investor education at Pro-Investools®. “Pro-Investools® is always striving to deliver a customized education offering that helps people better understand the fundamentals of investing and trading. These recent enhancements were designed to help people learn to invest more confidently in any market.”

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Monthly activities included:

•  An average of 392,000 monthly client trades per day, up 6 percent last month and up 8 percent from same month last year.
•  Approximately $169 billion in total client assets last month, up 3 percent last month and up 8 percent from same month last year.
•  Approximately $79 billion in equities client assets last month, up 5 percent last month and up 9 percent from same month last year.
•  Average spread-based balances of $57.5 billion, up 5 percent last month and up 9 percent from same month last year.
•  Average fee-based balances of $72.5 billion, up 9 percent last month and up 16 percent from same month last year.

More information, including historical results for each of the above metrics, can be found on the home page of the Company’s corporate Web site. Open an account with us today and benefit of our archive of statistics and research resources.

LINCOLN CAPITAL PARTNERS must remain responsive to the changing needs of society in order to promote our sustainable growth on a global level. Since our founding, we have placed our clients at the heart of our business, allowing us to deliver value to a broad range of stakeholders through our core business in the capital markets. Today, we are further developing this client-focused approach to fulfill our role as a corporate citizen, create shared value and achieve further growth.

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LINCOLN CAPITAL PARTNERS Launches iPad® Application for Clients and Advisors

Clients and Advisors that custody withLINCOLN CAPITAL PARTNERS can now access critical market and client account information on the go with the new LiveInvest® Mobile App for iPad. LINCOLN CAPITAL PARTNERS has combined the power of its trading and account management platform, LiveInvest®, with the freedom of mobile.

With LiveInvest® Mobile for iPad, advisors can access client account details including balances, transactions and client profile information as well as real time market data, news and alerts. Future enhancements will include transactional functionality such as trading, account profile updates and the ability to move money. Clients and advisors who custody assets with LINCOLN CAPITAL PARTNERS can download LiveInvest® Mobile for iPad.

“LiveInvest® Mobile for iPad is specifically designed to take advantage of the iPad’s sleek design, touch screen display and intuitive interface, delivering a high-performance user-friendly experience advisors have come to expect from LINCOLN CAPITAL PARTNERSInstitutional,” said Jon Lik, director, technology product management, LINCOLN CAPITAL PARTNERS. “Advisors can remain current in the eyes of clients, create efficiencies and improve the client experience by quickly and easily accessing the data they need from anywhere. Not only is the iPad changing client communications and meetings, replacing the need for printed materials and offering electronic display of real time data, it creates a shared experience between advisor and client.”

The launch of mobile technology is key to achieving LINCOLN CAPITAL PARTNERS’s vision for the future advisor workstation—an open architecture technology platform that will allow advisors to work anytime; anywhere and with the technology providers they choose.

“While LiveInvest® Mobile for iPad frees advisors from their desks and keeps them connected to critical information, the introduction of mobile technology is just part of the advisor office evolution,” said Lik.

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LINCOLN CAPITAL PARTNERS Researches the Investor’s Market with the Survey “Rookie vs. Player: What’s Your Investment Type?”

Ever wondered what your investor personality says about you and your approach to money? Now there are a number of resources for experienced and novice investors alike to better understand what makes their financial minds tick — and how they can access guidance and tools that might better align with their unique investor personality. Whether an experienced investor, or just starting out, investors can now take the “What’s Your Investment Story?” quiz to determine their investor personality type, access guidance from independent financial experts and engage in community discussions about various money matters through “The Investor’s behavior ” online series, sponsored by LINCOLN CAPITAL PARTNERS.

“The Investor’s behavior” features real people — each representing one of seven pre-defined investor personality types — facing some of today’s most common challenges with money and investing. The site allows everyday investors to customize their experience based on which cast member they most closely resemble and mirror the actionable lessons the cast learns about investing and money management.

The Investor Types Deciphered:

•  Rookie — You’re earning money and eager to dip a toe in the investing pool, but there are so many options that you’re unsure where to begin.

•  Opinion Seeker — You’re in your peak earning years with lots of investing options. You’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to managing your money, but could use a second opinion to ensure you’re on the right track.

•  Do It Yourselfer — You’re an investor with confidence to spare. Online trading is ideal for you because you like to steer the ship. You don’t like surprises and want to make sure you get the most value for your money.

•  Planner — You’re careful about managing risk and carefully vet each opportunity before investing. You like managing your own money, but find expert advice helpful.

•  Adventurer — When looking at your future, you see a world of opportunity. Investing is fun and you’re diving in headfirst. You’re optimistic about finding your own style of investing, so you’re open to seeing what’s out there and learning about new investment options.

•  Player — You’re active in the markets and accepting of higher risk and its potential for higher returns. You’re not looking for advice; you’re looking for an edge.

•  Semi-Pro — Trading is old hat to you, and you’ve done well at it. Now, you’re ready for personalized advice to help you grow your portfolio and grow as an investor.

•  The most common investor personality type so far? Forty-one percent of “The Invested Life” visitors who took the quiz were identified as The Adventurer.

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Take the LINCOLN CAPITAL PARTNERS’ Shopping or Saving? Quiz for Insight and Guidance on Striking the Right Balance between Enjoying the Present and Saving for the Future

Would you rather spend your money on shoes or stocks? Whether you are a spender or a saver, it’s essential to know if you are striking the right balance between indulging on a whim and putting away money for the future.

“While we all understand that saving for the long term is important, it’s sometimes easy to get caught up in the immediate fulfillment that impulse shopping can provide,” says Diane Kwong, director, retirement and goal planning, LINCOLN CAPITAL PARTNERS, “but if you’ve ever felt a twinge of regret after over-spending, you know the satisfaction doesn’t last long.”

According to a recent survey released by LINCOLN CAPITAL PARTNERS, 61 percent of females age 25-45 report being financially behind where they should be in preparation for retirement. When asked the reason for being behind, 65 percent said they started saving for retirement later in life.

Finding the right balance between enjoying disposable income and building an investment portfolio to pursue long-term goals is key. It’s never too early to start investing, and the earlier, the better, as additional time can allow an investment to grow and benefit from the power of compound interest. Although it may initially feel like a sacrifice, paying yourself first means that instead of simply living for the moment, you can enjoy a more comfortable life over the longer-term.

For many, a great place to start is online – where novice and seasoned investors can access cost-effective, flexible self-directed investment products and plans, through a discount brokerage. Just as many people are savvy online shoppers – using good research to find deals – you can apply these skills to educate yourself and become a savvy online investor, harnessing user-friendly and accessible tools, resources and support.

The Shopping or Saving? Quiz can help to determine if you are striking the right balance between shopping and saving for your future. The quiz is available online on our website in the client section.

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Lincoln Capital Partners Expands Fixed Income Platform

Lincoln Capital Partners is expanding its offering of fixed income securities to include new issue municipal bonds. Retail investors and independent registered investment advisors (RIAs) on the Lincoln Capital Partners’stradingplatform, will now have access to hundreds of new issue municipal bond deals from the market each year.

“Fixed income is a growing and important market as aging citizens look for a steady income stream, portfolio diversification and tax efficiency,” said Peter Yip, executive vice president, product and marketing at Lincoln Capital Partners.

“Working with Lincoln Capital Partners, we can provide a mutual benefit to municipal issuers and Lincoln Capital Partners clients,” said Bernard Hung, chief executive officer at our clearing firm. “Municipalities gain access to a national network of retail investors and RIAs, while investors and independent advisors can benefit from the potential cost-savings of buying bonds directly from municipal issuers.”

Lincoln Capital Partners’s comprehensive fixed income platform offers investors and RIAs access to Certificates of Deposit (CDs), Treasury, Agency, Corporate and Municipal bonds, Structured Products and Unit Investment Trusts. Investors have access to powerful online tools and calculators for researching thousands of bonds and CDs offered from more than 200 dealers.

Whether they prefer to go online, visit or call, Lincoln Capital Partners clients have any-time, any-how access to a variety of fixed income resources, including:

•  Fixed Income Specialists – For one-on-one guidance with bonds, CDs and investment strategies such as bond laddering, clients can consult directly with dedicated, experienced professionals who understand the fixed income markets and each client’s unique needs.

•  Tools & Calculators – Bond Wizard, Taxable Equivalent Yield Calculator, and Quick Search help investors and advisors easily search for bonds and CDs, find readymade bond ladders, build their own bond ladder, calculate taxable equivalent yields, and more. Additionally, third-party research is available to help clients understand the fixed income markets and evaluate investment options.

•  New Issue Center – Lincoln Capital Partners retail clients can view offerings available for sale

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Savvy Self-Employed Seek Little-Known Tax Benefits Provided By The Solo 401k

The Solo 401k is designed for the self-employed and offers powerful features not found in traditional 401k or IRA retirement plans. The Solo 401k offers unique tax benefits to those who open an account before the New Year.

The clock is ticking for taxpayers to secure their end-of-the year tax breaks and many Americans who qualify for a tax shelter are not utilizing it.

“That’s because many people are completely unaware of a special retirement vehicle that offers the self-employed a way to make significant contributions,” said financial expert, Jeff Nabers, CEO of Nabers Group.

The Solo 401k account offers powerful features that are not available to those who invest in traditional IRA or 401k accounts.

“One special feature of the Solo 401k is that it can be run by the accountholder. You don’t have to open it up at a Wall Street-focused firm. That means that you’re not stuck to ordering your investments off of a menu that offers only stocks, bonds, and mutual funds,” explains Nabers.

The volatile stock market and significant losses that many investors suffered have caused them to look for alternative options. Nabers says that’s where the Solo 401k can really be helpful. “Using the Solo 401k, people can invest in real estate, gold, foreign annuities, foreign currency, small businesses, and much more,” said Nabers. Even better, the Solo 401k allows accountholders to make large retirement contributions totaling more than $50,000.

About the Jeff Nabers, CEO
Jeff Nabers is the Chief Executive Officer of the Nabers Group and is a renowned consultant, speaker, and educator. Nabers is an expert in the fields of Self Directed wealth management and personal finance. Nabers teaches seminars on understanding money, free market capitalism, inflation, Austrian economic theory, real estate investing, direct possession of gold and silver, income-producing assets, small business startup funding, and Self Directed IRA and Solo 401k investing. Additionally, Nabers is the chairman of the IRA Association of America and authored the book 5 Steps To Freedom.

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