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Consumer Loan Market Is Growing

New York, NY, USA, 2018-Jul-03 — /EPR FINANCIAL NEWS/ — During last ten years, there were significant investments in the personal loans market. It was possible due to the inflow of capital and innovative technologies, which caused a doubling of the market.

Although, according to many financial websites, originations of personal loans are falling. It started with refusals to borrowers with a credit rating below 600, which didn’t take place since 2012.

Despite the decline in the origination of loans, all other data shows an increase of interest of the borrowers to this bank product.

The market for unsecured loans grew by 10.8% in 2017. And financial analytics are talking now about a great prospect for the development of this market segment.

According to statistics in 2017, 10% of respondents applied for a personal unsecured loan, a greater interest was shown to credit cards (65%) and auto loans (26%).

Banking CEOs are Concerned About FinTech

The lending market has a long history and now it is experiencing one of the most historical phases.

One of the biggest changes became a rapid development of FinTech (financial technologies).

Several years ago banks and other traditional financial structures were skeptical about online loans. Now 81% of banking CEOs are worried about such fast FinTech development.

Such concerns are reinforced by the fact that financial Internet structures have become quite competitive. Applying to a lender online, via a certain website connecting the customers with the direct service providers, the borrower gets a wide choice: unsecured personal loans, same day loans, debt consolidation etc. In addition to this sophisticated credit models and new anti-fraud mechanisms makes online financial services more attractive than banks.

The Most Popular Loans

According to the last statistic data, the most popular loan products are unsecured personal loans and installment loans. These loans are the most convenient and profitable for the borrowers. Same day payday loans are also popular, but they are most often used in urgent cases when money is needed for a short period of time. In such cases, 24/7 loans are more convenient, since it is easy to get and the money is being accrued to the bank account of a borrower in short period of time.

The thing that makes personal loans one of the most attractive types of financial products is its uniqueness. It can be used for any purpose: making a big purchase, paying for a wedding or vacation, etc. However, the most common reasons for obtaining a personal loan currently are:

1. Debt consolidation (35%).
2. Household expenses (19%).
3. Medical expenses (9.9%).

Statistic data shows that the purpose of the loan doesn’t affect the chances of the borrower to get approved.

Summing up, the consumer credit market is experiencing rapid growth. Personal loans are attractive to the borrowers because of the affordable interest rate and quick receipt of funds. FinTech is developing and expanding, thus the number of lenders increases and the borrowers have a wide choice.

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Payday Loans UK Have Announced That They’ve Added A Further 10 Payday Lenders

If you’ve ever tried to find a good payday lender before then you’ll more than likely know how difficult that it can be to find a lender that suits your own particular borrowing needs as they all have different lending critera and terms. However, instead of going from one payday lenders site to another you can now just use a service like the new one offered by www.paydayloansuk.org.uk to compare multiple lenders at once.

Payday Loans UK compare loans from more than 30 different payday lenders so that you get the best deal but over the last few days Payday Loans UK have announced that they’ve added a further 10 payday lenders to their site.

Speaking on behalf of Payday Loans UK, Russell Beech said “We’re delighted that we’ve teamed up with another 10 lenders so that people have more of a choice to choose from when using our site”. As well as this, Russell also commented that Payday Loans UK “plan to add even more payday lenders in the near future too”. This is great news for consumers as more competition usually leads to more competitive prices so the APR that these companies charge will almost definitely come down very soon.

Not only this, but many of the new lenders that have been added to Paydayloansuk also have a swift payment option which basically means that if you get a cash loan with one of these companies you could have the money that you borrowed within just 15 minutes!

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LoanAdvances-PaydayLoans Reports Spike in New Applications and Reapplications

Loan Advances-Payday Loans has reported a significant rise in the number of loan requests that have been processed and approved over the last 2 years. This was the main gist of the performance report which was presented by Donna Millstone, Division head for short term loans and debts.

In a year to year comparative performance review, the company has posted a 74 percent increase in the number of payday loans that have been processed and approved, and of this number, nearly half of it is comprised by reapplications.

Millstone attributes these positive performance indicators to the strategic positioning by the company in the highly competitive market for subprime payday lending service which was anchored on topnotch customer support and high approval rates.

In a related development, QEC Money, an independent think tank that advocates consumer welfare and proper money management, has reported that the demand for payday loans and other similar short term loans has grown by nearly 60 percent over the last 6 months of the current year.

According to a reliable source within the group, this dramatic jump in the demand for short term loans is a clear indication that an increasing number of Britons are feeling the pinch and are constantly searching for ways to keep their heads above water. “In most instances, they have opted for a pre-payday quick fix,” the unnamed source explained.

LoanAdvances-PaydayLoans.co.uk has had a remarkable 37 percent approval rate since its entry into the subprime lending market. The loan requests are normally approved in less than an hour and borrowers can rely on a quick transfer of funds to their bank accounts. In addition to this, the company has also proven its mettle in providing fast and professional support and assistance to its clients for a wide range of concerns and issues.

“We adopt a cutting edge processing and referral system and we have a solid track record when it comes to our response to loan request of potential borrowers,” Millstone added. Known for its uncompromising advocacy for responsible lending practices, the company has continually endorsed applications and been transparent around costs for appropriate short term need for cash of prospective clients.

Millstone is quick to add that despite the criticisms and negative reports on this subprime lending service, it remains to be a popular and highly
proven financial tool for a significant number of Brits who are going through short term cash crunches.

“Our company and other providers of payday loans and cash advances are actually servicing the cash requirements of the segment of the market that is not actually served by banks and other similar lending entities,” Millstone explained.

Unlike banks and other similar lending institutions, www.loanadvances-paydayloans.co.ukis taking a different tack and assesses loan requests based on the monthly income of potential borrowers. The amount of loan provided by the company will not exceed that which can be paid back by the applicant within the specified payment period.

The demand for payday loans is expected to continue to rise until next year and the company assures its clients that it will maintain its current loan offerings and services and adopt the same approval rates to keep up with the requirements of its growing clientele.

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Recently Launched Site Makes Loans Stress-Free

Most of us go through a time in our lives where you need to get some extra money to pay off bills or other things. It can be extremely stressful to know that you owe money for something when you simply cannot afford to pay it and that’s why payday loans were invented. In the past, applying for a loan was very stressful but thanks to payday loans it made the process easier.

However, a new site that has been recently launched, called QuickPaydayLoans.co.uk has made the whole process even easier than before. This is because they’ve implemented a 1-minute verification form. A spokesperson for the site said that “ever since we’ve added this simple form to our site, we’ve seen a huge increase in the amount of people applying for a payday loan” as well as saying that “the feedback that we’ve got from our customers have been really good, and we hope to improve the site even further in the near future for our loyal customers by making our borrowing terms even more easy for people to understand.”.

QuickPaydayLoans.co.uk is just one of the very few sites that have realised that people that want payday loans don’t want to spend too long filling in forms about themselves, and that’s why they’ve created this simple 1-minute verification form that shouldn’t take you more than 1 minute to fill in! The form only needs you to fill in some basic information about yourself like your name, email address, phone number and so on so it really is very quick and easy to apply for a payday loan.

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Payday-loansuk.org.uk Reveal New Mascot – Jackson the Dog

Payday loans, the often derided side to personal finance, have been gaining in popularity for quite some time in the UK.

What was once a small, niche related business, has now become a multi-million pound industry. The demand for the product seemingly growing thanks to the lending patterns of major lenders and banks.

Established within that market is the company Payday Loans UK. Formed by two ex-bankers, the firm base it’s ethos on delivering cash advances to those refused elsewhere.

In keeping with this innovative spirit they have revealed a new mascot to go along with the usual payday loans product.

The aim of this ‘talisman’ is more of a symbol than a novelty as Nick Cox from the company explains;

“We came up with the concept of Jackson as more of a multi-functional device then an un-purposeful icon.”

“Our initial aim for Jackson is to have him implemented as an online helper on our website. He will be on-hand if the customer runs into trouble with any detail. There will be a knowledge base attached to the interface and an online operator for 2nd level queries.”

“After that the sky’s the limit really, we could have him as the spearhead for ad campaigns or even as acting CEO for the day!”

The company hopes that Jackson will bring some much needed cheer into what can be an often depressing situation.

Cox is under no illusion as to how customers feel when accessing his site;

Payday loans suck. Let’s face it. Nobody wants to take out a loan and when they do they’re not going to be happy about it. Hopefully this will put a smile on their face.”

The company’s aims for Jackson the dog are still be sketched out and he has not yet been implemented into the user experience on the website payday-loansuk.org.uk.

The whole process is being strategically mastered as if re-homing a pet. Payday Loans UK expect the first wave of Jackson mania to start at the end of this month.

Payday Loans UK are a fast online payday loans service aimed at those refused elsewhere. Loans are approved instantly and deposits can be as fast as 15-minutes straight to customers’ UK bank accounts.

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Payday Loans Paid Enter the UK Payday Lending Market

Paydayloanspaid.co.uk has entered the payday loans online market in the United Kingdom. With a team of financial experts who bring with them an inordinate amount of experience in the unsecured loans sector in the UK, they aim to bring something different into the challenging internet, payday lending sector.

Head of online operations, Jenny Statham explained, ‘’Many payday loan applications are declined from a number of the main lenders in the United Kingdom due to their reliance on passing one application. Our payday loans are slightly different in that we can use our strong relationships with some of the payday lenders to ensure the majority of the applications are approved.”.

Payday loans are a somewhat sensitive subject and have featured heavily in the mainstream British press in recent times, but it appears they could be featuring in the UK lending sector for some time. With some APR’s of payday loans surpassing 4 figures, they have – in some quarters – been rightly criticised. Jenny Statham added, ‘’ we try to make sure any potential applicant are fully aware of the associated costs that come with the payday loan agreement they enter into.  Our advice to people who are considering entering into a payday loan agreement with  a lender they have sourced through Paydayloanspaid.co.uk is to primarily focus on the repayment terms, if they are unable to meet the repayments costs then it is important they do not take on the payday loan.”

With a plethora of payday loan operators frequenting the internet it can be difficult to decide what lender to choose from.  Jenny Statham advised, ‘’if you are looking to secure a payday loan, it is important not to use the first lender you find. Spend some time researching the different providers to ensure you get the very best deal. As there are so many in competition with each other now, there could be some great deals to be found out there”.

Paydayloanspaid.co.uk is one of countless payday loan lenders in the United Kingdom in what some commentators are calling a ‘’saturated market”. They hope, however, to hit the ground running with an easy to use online portal, quality customer service and modest acceptance rates for new applications. Jenny concluded, ‘’we hope to attract people to our online portal who may not have used a payday loan, but have the capacity to service the loan, as new applications will typically have a greater chance of being accepted for a payday loan through our approval system”.­­­­­

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Paydayloansavailable.com Aiming to Decrease Application Times

Paydayloansavailable.com is the latest online payday lender to have adapted an online lending portal to service UK residents who may be in need of an unsecured lending facility. With the onset of broker style lending,  payday loans are now being processed online in the UK by many service providers using state of the art ‘’Pingtree” technology, working in unison with the UK’s leading payday lenders, and the application facility now being operated by Paydayloansavailable.com is certainly no exception.

The application harnesses secure technology to enable new and existing applicants to push their details through to a panel of lenders after submitting one application form online. The details are transmitted through to the lenders via the application and the subsequent decision is made by one of the chosen payday loan lenders. Jenny Davis, applications manager at Paydayloansavailable.com explained, ‘’we have decided to integrate a Pingtree style application within the site to give applicants a credible opportunity to access funds. The main advantage we have is that all of our applications are submitted to different lenders. The payday providers will then either accept the loan application based on the data that has been submitted, or it will be declined. Either way there is a reduced time implication which can only serve to benefit our customers”.

Online payday lenders are now entrenched within the UK’s unsecured finance sector and it is evident the increased competition has not always culminated in an improved service provided. But, Paydayloansavailable.com aims to at least serve their customers quicker than ever before, as well as giving them increased opportunity to secure short term, unsecured funding online. Jenny Davis added, ‘’there is still a real need in the UK for short term loans and unfortunately there is not the availability of funding through the mainstream lending channels. Whilst we do not condone irresponsible lending, it is important to acknowledge there is a need for credit and we hope to be able to provide an opportunity for finance”.

Paydayloansavailable.com is aiming to make an impact on the lending sector in the UK. Despite their relatively short time operating online, by implementing cutting edge technology into their service provision, they may well be making a positive statement of intent.

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247 Payday UK Launches New Payday Loans Website with a Conscience

Payday loans website, 247 Payday UK launched at midnight on April 24th 2012. The message is clear that this new online lending facility wants to be ”a little bit different” in comparison to other payday lenders currently operating in the somewhat saturated payday loans market within the United Kingdom.

With a new website fresh out of the wraps, a dedicated marketing team and an ethical approach to lending, it is hoped that the future could be bright for 247 Payday UK.

Richard Painter, 247 Payday UK’s operations manager explained, ”from the outset we have wanted to be clear with our customers around issues such as payday loan repayment costs and implications of taking on this type of loan arrangement”. Although the website is in its infancy 247 Payday UK has focused on transparency, providing a payday loans guide that Richard added, ”will continue to be built upon and developed over time to ultimately create a hub of information for new and existing customers”.

Richard has over 5 years’ experience within the UK payday market and stated that he has seen a shift in recent times to a more competitive sector, but would like ”more transparency and openness between the lender and the customer”.

His involvement with various payday loans operations all over the UK has enabled Richard to see the positive and negative aspects of the industry. Richard is clearly excited at being part of the new team and explained, ”we have sourced some experienced payday loan specialists, with a blend of youth and experience, to hopefully create a winning formula in helping to promote our fresh and innovative payday site”.

With 247 Payday UK coming into an already tough financial sector, it may well be a bumpy road ahead for Richard and his team. It is however evident that they are not attempting to reinvent the wheel, but to be open and honest with their potential customers and this could ultimately be a winning formula.

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Brand New Media Launch For UK’s Quick Term Loan Website

Currently one of the main UK’s short term loan obtaining web sites is very happy to declare the release of its completely new website design to the general public.

Payday Loans UK are actually stoked by the news. Having worked with a leading Midlands based development team in Forme Creative to design a fresh appearance for their site which will render the process of applying for a payday loan easier still and will make the charges involved less complicated for consumers to comprehend whilst, at the same time offering the website an effective new personality and branding.

The web sites manager Russ Beech stated “ We certainly have worked hard to develop the new internet site to be as user friendly as it can be. Our company want to slowly but surely develop into one of the UK’s top information and facts websites intended to help consumers looking to make an application for online payday loans.”

“Working together with Forme has been exceptional. Our previous website ended up being very fatigued and wasn’t so simple for people to work with so we offered the creative artwork team a brief to generally chop all the fuss and hassle out of obtaining a cash advance and now we are delighted with the final outcome.”

The brand new Paydayloansuk.org.uk website is presently exiting development. The soft launch is predicted to go live on the Fifteenth March 2012 together with the final launch which you can follow on the Nineteenth following the short bug repairing stage we will need to undertake.

Pay Day Loans UK provide a no cost financial loan acquiring service. They have access to more than 30 United Kingdom financial lending institutions. Their website engineering compares an candidates requirements to the different considerations of lenders to help enhance a prospects potential for being approved for the money that they require.

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Monthly donations from Payday Express support Build Africa projects

Monthly donations from payday loan company Payday Express to development charity Build Africa have helped to set up two Village Saving and Loan Association (VSLA) groups and will help set up six more over the next 12 months.

The partnership began in September 2011, with Payday Express committing to support the charity in the regular set up of new VSLAs.

Build Africa describes VSLAs as self-managed groups that do not receive external capital and provide people with a safe place to save their money, access small loans and contribute to a welfare fund that members can draw on in emergencies.

VSLAs are currently being set up across Uganda and Kenya , with the help of volunteers from Build Africa as well as funds from Payday Express, as part of an ongoing project to give families the opportunity to save and invest their way out of poverty.

The Umoja B Savings Group and Upendo Savings Groups have already been formed with financial help from the emergency payday loans provider and each already has more than 30 active members. Both savings groups meet once a week to discuss the savings accumulated and to agree on how the money can be most wisely invested. For example, a business that is selling soft drinks in a local village can be extremely lucrative when the nearest town or trading centre is more than 3km away, and such a business can be supported and grown with help from a VSLA.

Sarah Carroll, operations manager at no fax payday loan lenders Payday Express, said: “The donations the company regularly provides to Build Africa are helping communities in Africa transform their futures.

“We look forward to receiving regular updates from Build Africa about the savings and loans groups that have been set up as a result of Payday Express donations. It feels really good to work for a company that is determined to help those less fortunate to save and borrow money to improve their lives.”

The Build Africa VSLA projects have already helped more than 30,000 people in more than 1,000 VSLA groups.

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New Deal Secures Chester Future for Finance Group

An award-winning finance group has signalled its long-term commitment to Chester by signing a new ten-year deal on its premises just outside the city.

The Funding Corporation, which started life in Chester almost a decade ago, employs around 240 full-time staff, 160 of whom are located at International House on Chester Business Park.

Now the group has agreed a ten-year extension of the lease of its headquarters, and has started on a major re-fit of the 14,000 square foot premises to allow for continuing development.

The £150,000 refurbishment project is being carried out almost exclusively by suppliers and contractors from the region as part of The Funding Corporation’s “buy local” policy.

Everything from the carpets to the new air conditioning system – and even the specially created graphics for the walls – will be sourced from nearby enterprises.

According to Managing Director David Challinor, the wide variety of commerce and industry in the area was one of the reasons why the group originally chose Chester as a business base ten years ago.

He says that The Funding Corporation’s decision to remain in Chester was also influenced by the prospect of being able to draw on many different types of locally available skills:

“We’ve built up a fantastic staff team here, from young trainees to experienced finance professionals, many of whom were already based here in Chester,” said David.

“In fact, we have also linked with West Cheshire College to provide training opportunities and work experience for students who would like a career in the financial services sector.

“We are wholly committed to Chester, and that is why we had no hesitation in negotiating a renewal of our lease which will take us to 2020 and beyond,” he added.

The company provides motor finance for people whose credit status might have been damaged by previous loan repayment problems.

It is, said David, a fast-growing sector as mainstream lenders, such as banks, continue to tighten up on their criteria and accept only the very lowest-risk customers.

The cars against which the company lends are supplied by its subsidiary business ACF Car Finance Limited which operates a national network of car showrooms.

The Funding Corporation’s ethical business policies were highlighted May 2011 when it was named Britain’s Most Responsible Lender in the Credit Today Awards.

The title is a top accolade in the prestigious annual award scheme for finance companies, and contenders included major high-street lenders such as Barclays and the Co-operative Bank.

International House is leased by The Funding Corporation from Prospect (GB) Ltd, one the of the country’s fastest-growing property development and investment companies.

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Confused.com’s Car Study Reveals The Vehicles Used By William And Kate

Confused.com has conducted a study to get some insight into the vehicles used by people called William and Kate in the UK.

Drivers called Kate or William (aged 28-40) are more likely to get behind the wheel of a Mini (Kate) or a Rover (William) than the average British motorist, according to a study of 8 million drivers in the UK carried out by car insurance comparison site Confused.com. The traditionally British iconic cars are favoured by Kates and Williams, with Catherines preferring to get behind the wheel of a Citroen. Drivers called William also favour X-type Jaguars, according to Confused.com data.

The research, which was conducted from a database of quotes carried out through the Confused.com site highlighted a number of differences between the driving habits of drivers named William, Kate and Catherine.

The data, which included 28-40 year old drivers in the UK, was overseen by Gareth Kloet, head of car insurance at the company. Kloet commented: “The upcoming royal wedding has increased the interest in the names William and Kate dramatically. With Confused.com data to hand, we have found that William and Kate’s around the UK have very sensible car models, a driving attribute that would expect from the royals.”

Confused.com have also discovered a number of statistics relating to the type of home and family expected for a William and Kate in the UK population, referencing data from 2.5 million home insurance customers. The data showed that only 60 couples were called William and Kate as registered on their home insurance policies.

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Payday Loans Specialist Demonstrate Continued Success in the Battle Against Identity Fraud

Payday Loan Company, Payday Express continue to help thin the number of identity fraudsters operating online with successful fraud prevention and prosecution.

Payday Loans Specialist Demonstrate Continued Success in the Battle Against Identity Fraud

Payday Express, one of the UK’s leading Payday Loans specialists maintains continued success in the war against online identity theft and fraud thanks to their steps taken to help prevent and prosecute cases which may have led to wrongful loan payouts.

Payday Express is a provider of online cash advance loans. Customers can apply for a payday loan on their website and then receive an instant approval decision during the online application. While fraudsters may be attracted to online processes where they don’t have to provide falsified documentation to apply for a loan, Payday Express have mitigated this risk by utilising a number of identity verification and fraud prevention checks both on and off-line. These successfully prevent many criminals from being accepted for credit with misrepresented application details.

Fraud Liaison Officer, Hannah Waters said “We at Payday Express take fraud very seriously and understand how important it is for consumers to feel safe when applying for credit”.

“We investigate every case of suspected fraud, whether funds have been transferred or not”, Hannah went on to say with regards to how suspicious activity is handled at Payday Express.

This investigation process ultimately leads to reporting cases of known and suspected fraud to the Police and the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) to help bring scam artists to justice.

In a recent case in March 2010 Payday Express once again successfully charged a fraudster to court, in this case with five offences of fraud by false representation.

Hannah advised, “we liaise with a number of authorities on a regular basis to assist with investigations where the information we provide could be the missing piece of the puzzle to track the fraudster down. In the instances where the fraudsters are caught we will prosecute”.

With such detailed and thorough checks made for each application and such a serious approach to fraud prosecution Payday Express is proud to do its part in the fight against online identity fraud.

To apply for fast payday loans or learn any more about Payday Express’ services visit their website at: http://www.paydayexpress.co.uk/.

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Are Secured Loans Improving As A Secured Loans Lender Reenters The Market?

Champion Finance, the Glasgow based finance broker, who have been arranging homeowner loans throughout the whole of the UK for twenty six years, now feel that a new glimmer of hope is being witnessed after what has been a very bleak time for the once so buoyant secured loans industry.

During the recession secured loans fell to less than 20% of their position at the start of 2007. Household names such as First Plus ceased trading. By the beginning of 2010 there was less than a handful of secured loan lenders compared to more than twenty before the recession.

Many homeowners who could have benefitted from these products especially for such purposes as debt consolidation could not obtain the homeowner loans they wanted The self employed were especially adversely affected as self certification of income was completely abolished for those requiring a mortgage or a remortgage and two years fully audited accounts are now required by mortgage lenders.

The good news is that Champion Finance can now offer homeowner loans to self employed without accounts, provided that they have been trading for at least six months, can provide three months bank statements and have a maximum LTV of 60% in their property. This is thanks to Link Loans reentering the secured loans sector and offering these loans through respected intermediaries such as Champion Finance who in addition to being in a position to offer a mortgage and a remortgage from the whole of the market also provide debt advice. Link Loans are now strongly funded by RBS and their reappearance must surely indicate the long awaited resurrection of homeowner secured loans.

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Spend Carefully over Christmas

During tough economic times with rising levels of personal insolvency, one UK website is offering consumers reliable, factual and helpful money advice.

Personal Finance weblog MoneyStand.co.uk has been providing information and opinions on personal finance since January 2008. The blog was created for UK consumers facing common financial issues wanting honest, up front information with no hidden agendas. The website will be launching a series of articles on seasonal spending this Friday to help consumers spend less over the festive season and start sensible budgeting.

According to a report released by government body The Insolvency Service at the start of November, personal insolvencies have risen by 28.8 percent in the past year. This figure consisted of consumers who had opted for bankruptcy, IVA or a Debt Relief Order to overcome their debt problems. Although the increase in individuals seeking personal insolvencies may be attributed to a rise in unemployment, MoneyStand.co.uk estimates that this figure will continue to rise during 2010 following excessive spending over the festive season.

Founder Matt Spencer said, “Along with Christmas and seasonal celebrations comes a heavy expense. Thousands of families across the United Kingdom will find themselves with obscene credit card bills during January and face the difficult question of how to pay it back and get out of debt.”

“We have seen a massive increase of personal insolvencies since the economic downturn and estimate the further financial pressure that Christmas brings will be the ‘final straw’ for many people already struggling with debt without careful budgeting. We urge consumers to spend carefully over the holiday season.”

MoneyStand.co.uk is a resource for anyone in the United Kingdom wanting to learn more about debt solutions such as IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangements), bankruptcy, debt relief orders, debt management plans and consolidation loans. The weblog also focuses on debit and credit cards, budgeting and saving. In addition to as becoming a valuable source for information, the website offers practical advice on small changes consumers can make in their everyday life to make the most of their financial situation.

As well as providing information on debt solutions like IVAs and debt management, the authors share their own personal experiences with money, such as problems with banks and opinions on finance news.“MoneyStand is a financial hub for anyone in the United Kingdom who wants practical advice on managing finances and debt problems without the jargon.” Matt Spencer explained. “All articles are written by people with extensive knowledge on personal finance and all facts are taken from government websites so you can be sure the information is accurate and up-to-date.”

Since the beginning of the financial crisis, the website has noticed an increased amount of consumers seeking sensible financial advice in easy to comprehend terminology. During this time the website has committed to providing consumers the latest information on topical personal finance issues.

The website will be launching the new series of articles this Friday on helping people in the United Kingdom avoid overspending during the Festive Season.

For the latest news and advice on IVA, debt and insolvency visit our personal finance blog, http://www.moneystand.co.uk.

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Indiana Campaign Finance – The Online Payday Loan Company

Indiana Campaign Finance is one of the leading payday loans providers, extending instant financial assistance to its customers. The processes at Indiana Campaign Finance are very simple which makes it a trouble free process to acquire loans for emergency purposes. By keeping the formalities as little as possible, we provide fast cash to the borrowers in no time.

Indiana Campaign Finance

One of the best things about our companies is that we do not hold back payday loan online from the borrowers with bad credit. Regardless of the credit history, one can get loans from Indiana Campaign Finance. It is this facility which has leaded us this far in the arena of payday loans. Our services include quick cash advance, personal loan,home loans,student loans and credit card. We also provide car insurance and home insurance to our prestigious customers.

No matter which field of life you may belong o or for what purposes you may require loan, Indiana Campaign Finance fulfils all your requirements in the best possible manner. As it is common to all salaried people to be out of money before fulfilling their financial obligations, we come to aid of such individuals and provide them with fast cash. As the term explains, the payday loans are short term loans which are to be paid back within a few days. When you get your next wages you are supposed to return these to Indiana Campaign Finance, however, with Indiana Campaign Finance, you can also extend the time of return by opting for customized deals.

Indiana Campaign Finance lends you money without require too many detail and information. All we need to know is the simple basic information about you like addresses, occupation etc., and you will be able to get payday loans from us. You need to have a job as a precondition and a current account in a bank as well. The borrower has to be 18 or above to get payday loan from Indiana Campaign Finance.

You can apply for a loan online and our representative will get in touch with you quickly. You can also all us to get the details of different packages and other information you require. The loan you get from Indiana Campaign Finance can be spent for any need; there are no limitations to its usage. However, as the rate of interest in generally more for such kind of loans, you should opt for them only when you are in a fix and have no other alternative. In this situation, you will find Indiana Campaign Finance you best buddy who would extend the best financial services to you.

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Pennsylvania Association of Community Bankers Partner With NLA and SEF

National Lending Associates, Inc. (NLA) and Sterling Education Finance, LLC (SEF) announces their strategic partnership with the Pennsylvania Association of Community Bankers. Through this partnership, a new education financing solution called the Community Education Loan (CEL) will be provided to their member banks. “Pennsylvania Association of Community Bankers is pleased to have the opportunity to recommend to our member banks a turnkey private education product which can be customized to meet the needs of our constituents” said Richard K. Arnold, Senior Vice President/Chief Operating Officer. “Today, students and their families are finding it more difficult to obtain financing for a college education due to the continued financial pressures on traditional lenders because of the instability of the financial markets. This is a great opportunity for the financial institution to offer an alternative loan program, as well as better serve their customer base.”

The Community Education Loan program allows community banks to develop their own student loan offering without additional staffing or resources. This program is completely managed by NLA and SEF including product development, application origination, credit decisioning, disbursement processing, and loan portfolio administration services, with loan servicing being performed by PHEAA/AES. PHEAA/AES is one of the largest and most respected student loan servicers in the country.

“We are delighted that Pennsylvania Association of Community Bankers has chosen to promote the CEL program to their member banks,” said Nancy Chalker, Regional Vice President at Sterling Financial and the relationship manager for this program. “By combining the in-depth knowledge and strength of the Pennsylvania Association of Community Bankers and the private loan expertise of both NLA and SEF, we are able to bring a quality private education loan solution to this marketplace.“

For more information on the Community Education Loan go to (www.sterlingeducationfinance.org), contact Pat Cook at (828) 335-1092 or Nancy Chalker at (570) 899-1595.

About National Lending Associates, Inc.
Based in San Diego, California, with offices in Ohio, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania and New York, National Lending Associates, Inc., is a nationwide specialty service company focused on providing financing solutions, loan and portfolio administration services, and technology options for the education financing marketplace (www.nationallendingassociates.com).

About Sterling Education Finance, LLC
Sterling Education Finance, LLC is an innovative education financing company dedicated to the larger mission of ensuring access to education. Our product suite is designed to offer financing solutions for every private K-12, career and trade institution, college or university based on the institution’s unique needs as well as the needs of the student and families they serve. We have a select group of origination, funding and servicing partners and all of our products are fully supported by our team of industry veterans.

About Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency/American Education Services
Created in 1963 by the Pennsylvania General Assembly, the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA/AES) has evolved into one of the nation’s leading nonprofit student aid organizations. Today, PHEAA/AES is a national provider of student financial aid services, serving millions of students and thousands of schools through its loan guaranty, loan servicing, financial aid processing systems and outreach programs. As a nonprofit organization belonging to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, PHEAA/AES devotes its energy, resources and imagination to developing innovative ways to ease the financial burden of higher education for Pennsylvania’s students, families, schools and taxpayers.

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Financial press releases

Market Conditions Spell Good News For Life Insurance Policy Holders

Homeowners often fail to review their life Insurance when searching for the cheapest mortgage deal, but with both the cost of cover and their mortgage balance having fallen, many could make substantial savings just by switching life insurance providers.

Many borrowers with repayment mortgages are unaware that to ensure there is sufficient life insurance to repay their mortgage, life insurance companies assume an average interest rate for the life of the mortgage, often around 10%.

As many borrowers have not paid anything like 10% recently, and have made overpayments, their mortgage balance may well be significantly below the amount of life insurance cover.

This gives them the opportunity to reduce the level of insurance and save money, or with the cost of life cover now cheaper and competition stiff, get the same amount or even increase their cover for the same monthly outlay.

One L&C customer recently increased their life assurance from £390,000 to £423,000 to cover their new mortgage, but managed to reduce their premium, saving themselves around £130 per month.

L&C’s Richard Morea said:
The UK population is massively underinsured as a whole, so taking advantage of smaller mortgage balances and reduced premiums provides a great opportunity to make better provision for our families, without breaking the bank.

For more information and no-fee advice, life insurance policy holders should call free on 0800 0731932.

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Financial press releases